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AL CORNICHE FITNESS CONVENTION 2014 Date: Thursday December 18, 2014 Venue: Al Corniche Club For the 7th time in a row, Al Corniche proudly announces its annual Fitness Convention 2014 to be held on Thursday 18th December at the Al Corniche Club, sponsored by Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Co. The event is hosted by 4 key international industry experts who will conduct seminars covering a full range of topics. Presenters include: Frank Furness: International Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer and Best Selling Author, Paul Bedford: Retention Guru & regular speaker at IHRSA, LIW and FIA Flame Conferences, Bridget Rosser: Management Consultant in the UK & Certified DISC Tr... read

LEADING BY EXAMPLE ~ Teaching our children by modeling the behavior we want them to learn
Teaching our children by modeling the behavior we want them to learn
Over the last few weeks, I’ve been taking my kids to the Secret Garden Project in Salmiya. Organized by the same folks that created the pop up farmer’s market, Shakshooka, the garden is a community project that... read
Date: November 29, 2014 Venue: Marina Crescent This year RunQ8 will be held on November 29th to raise money for the Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI) non-profit Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC). Register now in order to help improve the quality of a children’s rehabilitation care in Kuwait! FSR... read
JAM ~ “Doing not Talking.”
“Doing not Talking.”
Venue: Sirdab Lab, Dasman Global Sustainability Jam is an international not-for-profit event that takes place every autumn around the theme of sustainability (social and environment and economical). It is being hosted in Kuwait for the firs... read
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Date: Friday, December 12, 2014 Venue: Warehouse No.005, Kuwait International Fair Hall #5, Mishref Since being established, providing entertainment through creativity had been the promise of MadStand Entertainment. MadStand had successfully managed to become a key player in Kuwait’s  entertainment industry by offering a wide variety of events, including stand-up comedy shows, musical shows, children shows, and talk shows. International standards became a must, where all shows organized by MadStand follow the highest criteria for entertainment. The Wayans Brothers Stand-up Comedy Show was one of a kind, being the first international show to be hosted in K-town. Being the vibe at that time, the show was a major success with a new record set of 5,000 in the audience. Being a clean comedy show, the audience left with a huge smile and a great mood. As stated by many,“It’s a night we’ll never forget!” It is time to deliver a heck of an experience again on the 12th of December in Warehouse No.005, starring Godfrey, Will Sylvince, Rachel Feinstein, and the one and only Maz Jobrani.  Do not miss the fun this time and be prepared for many surprises!   read
COVER UP! ~ A solo exhibition by Adel Abidin
A solo exhibition by Adel Abidin

Dates: Opens December 16, 2014; 7-9pm, Runs December 16 – January 8, 2014 Venue: The Sultan GalleryThe exhibition, Adel Abidin’s first in Kuwait, will bring together two video installations Cover Up (2014)and Three Love Songs (2010) with a series of new text-based sculptures related to Three Love Songs (2014). Adel Abidin is a visual artist whose projects, whilst focused on global social, political, and cultural issues inspired by his Iraqi heritage, are playful and ironic. His video and sculptural installations often reference pop culture, racial stereotypes and traditional icons, designing tense situations of confrontation and dialogue that truly engage the viewer. read

Ali Cherri
BIRD’S EYE VIEW - Ali Cherri
Exhibition Dates: November 19 until December 19, 2014 Venue: Contemporary Art Platform (CAP)   A bird’s eye view implies the bigger picture. Ali Cherri describes it as “a technical term as used, for instance, for architectural perspectives, which imply an impossible viewpoint that no one can have.” For years now, this Beirut-born (in 1976) artist has been creating a poetic and resolutely political visual language, as reflected in this exhibition. Cherri revisits recent events, such as the war in Syria in the video installation Pipe Dreams (2011) based on the telephone conversation between the Syrian cosmonaut Mohammed Faris, who was part of the Russian expedition to the space station Mir, and the former President Hafez al-Assad, intermingling archival images and images of the 2011 uprising. Produced between 2010 and 2014, this body of work is an excellent summary of Ali Cherri’s multifaceted practice, equally versed in video, photography and installation. Here he unravels his interrogations about the real and the virtual; taking us towards new territories of fiction. Olivia Marsaud read
The world’s leading curators, designers, artists and art fraternities are flocking to Beirut as the premier contemporary and modern Beirut Art Fair is back with a bang. The fifth edition of the show opens to the public on September 18 and runs through September 21, and it promises to host the most expansive program of events. Considered as the region’s must-attend event for art collectors, connoisseurs and professionals, the Beirut Art Fair will showcase almost every artistic medium ranging from paintings, sculptures, works on paper and photography to videos, installations and performance arts. This month, the Beirut Art Fair will be the place to mingle with artists and art lovers and deep-pocketed collectors from around the world. 50 select galleries and artworks by over 1,500 artists will be complemented by special projects, exhibits, and dynamic cultural offerings. In recent years, the fair has been established as an incomparable springboard for galleries and artists, for the exciting space it creates for thought-provoking dialogue and events. In a grand new departure from the previous years, the fair is also riding a wave of increased visibility for artists from the sub-continent. The genius behind bringing India to the Beirut Art Fair is French critic and curator Fabrice Bousteau. The show, entitled “Small Art is Beautiful – Dharma,” will feature small-format works by Indian artists from the likes of heavy weights Subodh Gupta, known as the “Damien Hirst of Delhi” to young emerging artists. “The exhibition presents, through a selection of small format works, the transformations of an artistic scene which is constantly growing, changing and evolving, expressive and lively, strong and fragile, active particle and constituent power of the world of contemporary art at the same time” says Bousteau. “Body Politics,” a program consisting of a series of art films from the Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, explores how contemporary artists comment on current political and social issues through the human body or those of others and promises to be a highlight. For those visitors wanting to learn from the master himself, an engraving workshop by Fadi Mogabgab will be on the offing. Founded in 2010, Beirut Art Fair has gradually become the region’s most successful fair that provides unique access to the MENASA art market. Out of 18,000 visitors last year, there were notable collectors from Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Asia, and Europe. Laure d’ Hauteville, Founder and Fair Director acknowledges, “Our motivation is to build avenues between cultures, between the Middle East, Europe and Asia.” Beirut is gearing up to host some 20,000 visitors and experts and total sales of US 4 million dollars. This is a huge improvement on its first edition, which saw 3,500 footfalls, 30 galleries and sales of US 800,000 dollars. Among the diverse contingent of galleries, four of the most prestigious galleries, Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Lebanon, Bouillon d’Art Gallery in Bordeaux, France, Sana Gallery (Asia’s first Contemporary Middle Eastern Art online platform), Singapore, and Chicago-based Jennifer Norback Fine Art, took time out of their preparations to speak exclusively with bazaar. Galerie Janine Rubeiz has participated in all the editions of the Beirut Art Fair since 2010 and this year is representing 16 artists, presenting a selection of the Lebanese contemporary art.  “In spite of the different concerns and approaches that the artists take in their creative research, they all belong to the same bigger art family,” notes Galerie Janine Rubeiz. “A choice of sculptures, paintings, photography, drawing... and a divergence in the themes but a collective vision arise, similar concerns, a common exclamation by the artists of the gallery unanimously directed to message of peace for a future, of a changing and growing Lebanon.” Meanwhile, Sana Fine Arts houses Sana Gallery’s private collection and serves as a platform for new images and ideas about the Middle East.  “The Middle East is undergoing an era of unprecedented upheaval, often referred to as the Arab Spring. From Morocco to Iran, societies are in the midst of wrenching transformations. The contemporary art scene has been flourishing in the Middle East, and it is being bolstered by the extraordinary political, social and economic changes under way,” explains Sana Gallery. “The Arab Spring is young and it is but a phase in a long process of change in the Middle East. At Sana Gallery, we anticipate that the explosive creativity we are witnessing across the Middle East will endure for decades, as the Arab Spring evolves and metamorphoses.” Chicago’s Jennifer Norback Fine Art specializes in representing artists from Chicago and Paris with a focus on contemporary art.  “At the Art Fair, we will be representing two artists, South African Vivian van Blerk and Lebanese artist Katya Trablousy – both photographers are debuting new work including two collaborative pieces. But our gallery represents more than two dozen artists in a variety of mediums,” says Jennifer Norback. Bouillon d’art from Bordeaux, France, was born from the desire to promote young artists to the forefront of the art scene. The gallery stands out for its atypical choices. “The gallery will exhibit a range of works by four artists: Amey, Benjamin Carbonne, Clément Loisel and Jean Christophe Fischer, who share a strong identity as a common factor in their work,” notes Sabine Labregere.  Kuwait’s JAMM Art Gallery will also be participating in the fair. So save the date, and get ready for an art awakening. The fair is bound to be a sensory feast for all art lovers. read
CAP Kuwait 

Exhibition and Book Launch Exhibition dates: Opens April 23, 2014, 7pm-9pm. Runs April 24 – June 23, 2014. Project Conceived by: Hayfa Al Jishi Book Published by: Al Bareh Art Gallery - Bahrain Mohammad Omer Khalil is one of the most distinguished art practitioners of the Middle East. He is a pioneer not only in print-making but also in abstract drawing and in wide ranges of paintings that interweave contemporary ideas through the use of classical techniques with ready-made and crass-objects. Born in Burri, Sudan in 1936, Mohammed Omar Khalil studied at the School of Fine and Applied Arts in Khartoum, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Since 1967, he has lived and worked in New York. His work has been showcased in important venues all over the world, including the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, Kunsthalle Darmstadt in Germany, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum, both in New York City. Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) is located in Kuwait Industrial Shuwaikh Block 2, St. 28, Life Center. Ph 2492 5636. read

EXHIBITION: By artist Mohamad Al Ameri  
EXHIBITION: By artist Mohamad Al Ameri  

DATES: March 2 – 13, 2014 Color has a tune, like music; it can be both seen and heard. Jordanian artist Mohamad Al Ameri is fascinated by colors, their brightness and hues. He has adopted abstract-expressionism as his style. This approach surpasses the natural boundaries and the physical reality in pursuit of infinity and absolute. Since 1983, Ameri has held 15 solo exhibitions in Jordan and abroad (In Germany and Dubai). read


DATES: Exhibition runs March 26, 2014 until April, 24, 2014 10am - 4pm. Opens March 25. L’ESPRIT DU MUR is a concept and style of painting created by KRM, the French-German artist duo Chérif and Geza. Together KRM create imaginary walls on wood. Their concept and style ESPRIT DU MUR is a rebel, urban art, based on human tragedy and the complexity of existence. The   ESPRIT   DU   MUR   reveals   a   portrait   of   city-life   and   freely   expresses   interior contradictions, suffering and joy. Their work is iconoclast, based on overlapping images, words and impulsive gests. Working with four hands on the same piece defines the duo’s working process and makes their confrontation authentic. The sacred art doesn’t exist; they overlap each other until fragility is stabilized. The final result is an assembly of color, emotions and different techniques. The work witnesses a contemporary actuality and treats social-political subjects and questions. read
CAP GALLERY ~ Exhibition: Keep an eye on the wall
Exhibition: Keep an eye on the wall

DATES: Opening March 12, 2014, 7-9pm. Runs March 13, 2014 – April 17, 2014  A little over ten years ago, the Israeli state began erecting the Separation Wall. Since then, the lives of Palestinians has further deteriorated: international law has been violated, and free movement has been refused to the entire population, intensifying suspicion, hatred and bitterness between Israelis and Palestinians, who were already profoundly isolated from one another. It is therefore urgent to ‘keep an eye on the wall’. In this exhibition, five photographers look at the wall in unexpected ways. Their views decipher the wall, circumvent it; even shift it, imparting it with another presence in order to resist it. We are convinced that aesthetic subjectivity can lead to new forms of political action. Taysir Batniji, Rula Halawani, Raeda Saadeh, Steve Sabella, and Kai Wiedenhöfer visually interpret the wall in its complexity and its violence, real and symbolic. With acuity of vision, their multiple viewpoints, which transcend the wall’s simple physical presence, question the economic, geographical, social and cultural consequences of the wall. Whether they are exploring the layers and textures of a wall in Gaza, closed gates around Jerusalem or a using the wall in a dream-like setting, the photographers open a space here for debate. read

Presents 3rd
Annual Shakespeare Festival 
Presents 3rd Annual Shakespeare Festival 

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING written by William ShakespeareWHEN: March 13 and March 14, 2014BOOKINGS  AND INQUIRIES: Phone 6091 1712 oremail: read
WHEN:  November 18, 2013, 8pm WHERE: GUST University Amphitheatre, Mishref This November you do not need to go far for a night of live music under the stars. You will not want to miss Nawaf Gheraibah’s “Samsara”. Also featuring a talented orchestra of musicians and vocalists. For more information or to reserve your invitations visit: read
WHEN: November 12, 2013 JAMM will be hosting its 4th, and final, contemporary art auction. The preview will take place on Monday, November 11th at the CAP warehouse in industrial Shuwaikh. The auction will feature 55 works by emerging and established Arab, Iranian and international artists. Tag Heuer will be the exclusive sponsor for the auction. The sale will be conducted by Henry Highly, Head of Under the Influence contemporary art sale at Phillips (London). Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) is situated in Industrial Shuwaikh, Block 2, Street 28. For more information about the auction please visit: read
Creative Conference 

WHEN: November 7 – 12, 2013 Nuqat is a creative consortium involved in bridging all creative disciplines. Their next conferences will be taking place in Kuwait from November 7th-12th. Lectures will be held from Nov 7th – 9th in Al Americani Museum - Dar Al Athar Al Isalmiya, and workshops will be held from Nov 10th - 12th in The Sadu House. The purpose of this year's conference is to challenge and examine the experience of cultural change and its effect on the creative individuals in the region. Nuqat 2013 will explore the role of designers and artists in this field and look into the creative execution and production of cultural changeCONTACT: read
RICHARD CLAYDERMAN ~ Live in Concert at The Regency Hotel
Live in Concert at The Regency Hotel

RICHARD CLAYDERMAN – LIVE IN CONCERT WHEN: October 25 and 26, 6pm. WHERE: Regency Hotel, Kuwait. CONTACT: 6587 3423, 97228568 Richard Clayderman is a French pianist who has released numerous albums including the compositions of Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint, instrumental renditions of popular music, rearrangements of movie soundtracks, ethnic music and easy-listening arrangements of popular works of classical music. He is popular in Asia and is noted by the Guinness Book of World Records as being “the most successful pianist in the world.”  read
The Sultan Gallery

A SPACE FOR NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT - SULTAN GALLERY WHEN: October 1 – 31, 2013 TIMES: 1st Oct, 7 - 9pm; 2nd Oct, 10am - 4pm and 7 - 9 pm; 3rd – 31st Oct, 10am - 4pm (Closed on Fri & Sat) A Space for National Achievement, a group show by the collective “GCC”, calls into question the accumulation of superlatives, and asks us to contend with the disconnect between a lavish award and the achievement it recognizes. This relationship becomes a way to manage image and control perception. In our societies, awards merely reinforce what already exists, rather than mark material gains. This symbolic power is actualized in this exhibition, which asks us to consider how national achievement is situated. In fact, these discourses are part of a systematic framework that organizes our existence. Sultan Gallery is located in South Sabhan, Block 8, Street 105, Building No. 168. For more information, please call 24714325 Ext. 110 or visit    read
PROTÉGÉS ~ Preparing
the youth of tomorrow
Preparing the youth of tomorrow

The time in which our youth are transitioning from kids to adulthood can be a tenuous one, to put it mildly. Between all the concerns about which secondary school to go to and which program to study (perhaps even in which country) often a lot of other opportunities that help students learn beyond just the classroom can be lost, and with them, significant opportunities for growth and the acquisition of skills necessary to be successful in the modern workplace. It is this gap, between formal education and real world application that the Protégé organization seeks to fill. The Protégés is a program designed to positively influence the youth of Kuwait, through an inclusive series of events that combines travel, lectures, group activities, challenges, games and fun. Guided by a team of mentors, The Protégés are encouraged to discover their passions and given the tools to help them excel in their future careers and contribute positively to society. They feel that by nurturing the potential of the youth through all of these activities, it will broaden their horizons and challenge them to discover more about themselves than they otherwise might. It appears to be working too: at this point, they have become one of the leading youth programs in the region, and are making a name for themselves for developing young talents and producing an alumnus of well-rounded, successful adults. As for the mentors themselves, they are a team of well-respected public figures known for their success and achievements in various fields. The role of the mentor is to inspire the Protégés to discover their passion and offer them insights from their own personal experiences on how to achieve them. By providing on-going guidance and support, the mentors and Protégés form life-long relationships, which do not end when the program does. Their goal is to maximize the impact they make on each Protégé and the impact each Protégé will make on the future. The basic format is based around a trip, and all of the collective learning around it. In this, their third generation of these activities, they will be going to London. The Protégés program will take the students on a journey that combines fun, work, wisdom, and personal development. This year, the full program takes place from August 11th to the 31st. During this time, they will take a two week trip to England that will include: Seminars at Kings College, workshops conducted by mentors, entrepreneur seminars on starting your own business, and of course games and group activities until your hearts content. When asked, they say that their main aim is “to strive to achieve the perfect formula that integrates knowledge and life experience to stimulate the minds of the new generation.” By taking advantage of the combined knowledge of their mentors, paired with a trip to the UK and business courses at Kings College, they feel that they truly are delivering a once in a lifetime experience to those chosen to go. By discovering extraordinary potential in the youth and developing it through a unique shared experience, they not only learn the lessons as taught to them by their mentors, but also through the life-long friendships and bonds that are no-doubt built over such an experience.  The application process is open to any 16-24 year old that wishes to apply. All you have to do is go to their site and fill out an application online. In the end, the Protégés are selected based on a thorough screening process aimed to ensure that they meet the organizations standards of excellence. read
Al-Fanar Mall

WHEN: May 25, 2013 – June 26, 2013 WHERE: Al-Fanar Mall (Salmiya, Salem Al-Mubarak Street) read
WHEN: May 28, 2013 – June 5, 2013 WHERE: Exhibition Hall, 360 Mall read
SIK Productions

WHEN: June 5, 2013 – June 8, 2013 WHERE: Live Theater, Discovery Mall, First Ring Road, Kuwait City COST: 7.500 KD read
SULTAN GALLERY ~ Cloud 9 group show
Cloud 9 group show

Exhibition Title: Cloud 9 (Group show in collaboration with Dean Project, New York) Exhibition Dates:    7th – 30th May, 2013              Opening :     7th May, 2013, 7 - 9pm                                     8th May , 10am - 4pm & 7 - 9 pm.          9th - 30th May, 10am - 4pm (Closed Fri and Sat) Included artists: Lluis Barba (Spain) Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers (collaborative, United States) Laurent Elie Badessi (France) Bryan Drury (United States) Michael Dweck (United States) Nicholas Kashian (United States) Brett Murray (South Africa) Reinaldo Sanguino (Venezuela)                            Hunt Slonem (United States)   DEAN PROJECT Gallery is pleased to present Cloud 9, a curated group exhibition that includes painting, photography and sculpture. Expressions of happiness and euphoria are the common theme in this exhibition, though the works explore these ideas using different modes of inquiry. While some feature a literal representation of imagery associated with these concepts, others incorporate historical, social, and spiritual references to evoke ideas of happiness and euphoria. The works by Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers and Reinaldo Sanguino are based on the idea of desire, an emotion typically associated with the search for happiness. Utilizing seductive materials, forms, and surfaces, these artists’ works produce representations of popular culture that serve as signifiers of desire.  Brett Murray, Bryan Drury, Hunt Slonem, and Laurent Elie Badessi treat materiality in their works (either physically or as language) as a vehicle for pondering existential questions, ultimately leading to a sense of euphoria in the form of thought. Lluis Barba and Nicholas Kashian make use of imagery, color, and form to create compositions that activate the viewer’s senses, guiding each in a visual search for rewarding moments of recognition and sensory pleasure in their work. Michael Dweck’s photographs capture moments, people, and places from Havana, Cuba, and take the viewer on a social and historical journey to explore the island’s privileged culture. These postcard-like images call to mind instances of happiness and euphoria. Cloud 9 brings together a sampling of works to explore the differing ways—how, when, and what—that a “Joyful Moment” could be defined in a particular work of art.  read
Part I: A Selection of Arab Abstract Art
Tajreed Part I: A Selection of Arab Abstract Art

Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 27 March – Monday 27 May Under the patronage of the Minister of Information and the State Minister of Youth Affairs: Sheikh Salman Al Sabah, one of the biggest retrospectives celebrating and mapping the abstract movement in the Arab world, and featuring the works of 88 Arab artists during the Modern period.  Covering artists born between 1908 and 1960, the first chapter of the exhibition presents a panorama of selected artists and artworks chosen for their abstract nature. The show sheds light on an artistic production that culminated over 50 years of Arab art, but needs to be revisited and further researched after 3 decades of oblivion and neglect.  This exhibition is curated by Saleh Barakat in collaboration with Contemporary Art Platform. read
DAR AL FUNOON ~ Eternal Love ~ Halim Al Karim
DAR AL FUNOON ~ Eternal Love
Halim Al Karim

Opening: Monday 8 April at 7pm Exhibition Dates: Monday 8 April – Thursday 18 April Iraqi-born artist Halim Al Karim now divides his time between Denver, Dubai, and Colorado. His work is in the permanent collections of galleries and institutions as diverse as London’s Saatchi Gallery and Hong Kong’s Sovereign Art Foundation. In his own words, his “works dwell on the evolving mentality of the urban society. I am concerned with the ongoing and unresolved issues, especially as they relate to violence. I search through the layers of collective memory and my personal experience in that context.  In this process the main challenge for me is to identify and stay clear of the historical and contemporary elements of brainwashing. Through these works I try to visualize an urban society free of violence. The out-of-focus images, sometimes rendered more mysterious under a veil of silk, imply an uncertainty of context, time and place. These techniques which have become the hallmark of my work are means to overcome the effects of politics of deception and, in turn, transform me and the camera into a single truth seeking entity”. read
FA GALLERY  ~ Suhaila Al.Najdi
Suhaila Al.Najdi

Exhibition Dates: Saturday 23 March – Saturday 13 AprilThe award-winning Kuwaiti artist Suhaila Al.Najdi (BS in Fine Arts) has participated in many Art Exhibitions inside of Kuwait, including most recently JAMM Exhibition (Nov 2012); GLOBAL TRUCE (Sep 2012); and The National Day Exhibition/Workshop (2012); as well as many outside Kuwait including Milano - Kuwait Day Exhibition (Nov 2011); Alsharigah - Woman and Art Exhibition (2009); Alriyadh, (2007); and Paris (2006), amongst others. read
GALLERY TILAL ~ Ghada Alkandari
Ghada Alkandari

Exhibition Dates & Timing:        From 3rd to 14th March 2013 Opening: March 3, 2013 at 6.00pm Following Days: 10:00am – 2:00pm                                 5:30pm – 9:00pm Saturday: By appointment Fridays closed. Kiss & Cut Kiss & Cut is a journal-based bipolar collection of works created over a period of eight weeks, spanning early December 2012 to mid-February 2013. As is with many of her works, this series is highly inspired by spells of emotional turmoil. It is an attempt to examine what goes on in our internal organs, which allow us to hurt so much, yet function normally on a daily basis. When we feel emotional pain, how do we not succumb to it and die?  read
Lothan in Kuwait, 9-12 March 
Bayt Lothan in Kuwait, 9-12 March 

The Green Caravan Film Festival will be screening a lineup of award winning films in the open courtyard of Bayt Lothan in Kuwait, 9-12 March 2013  Come celebrate the art of filmmaking while enjoying the wonder of our world and maybe we can all help save the planet one screening at a time FILM: CHASING ICE - SCREENING: Sat 9/3, 7 PM. FILM: IF A TREE FALLS: A STORY OF THE EARTH LIBERATION FRONT -  SCREENING: Sun 10/3, 8 PM. FILM: THE TSUNAMI AND THE CHERRY BLOSSOM - SCREENING: Mon 11/3, 7 PM. FILM: THE CITY DARK - SCREENING: Mon 11/3, 8 PM. FILM: THE ISLAND PRESIDENT - SCREENING: Tues 12/3, 7 PM. read
PRETTY LITTLE THINGS ~ 2013 Show March 9-12
2013 Show March 9-12

The first big Pretty Little Things show of 2013 will be outdoor in Salhiya Plaza March 9-12. With a new mix of brands from the region and exciting new collaborations with visual artists, the show promises to dazzle the senses. The plan is to have you walking on light, literally. Intrigued? Come to the show to find out! While you’re there, enjoy some goodies from the first Magnolia Bakery popup shop.Make sure you check out the hashtag, #PLTSalhiya2 on Instagram for all the latest previews! Event page on Facebook: read
and colour revealed
Form and colour revealed

Exhibition Dates & Timing:        Opening: 6:00pm                 Monday 11th March - Thursday 29th March, 2013 Exhibition Hours           Sunday to Thursday: 10am - 1pm & 4 - 8pm           Friday and Saturday: by appointment   Under the Patronage of The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia Dar Al-Funoon presents a collective exhibition that brings together five distinguished Contemporary Armenian artists. These artists represent generations of artists whose path towards maturation took place in an atmosphere of natural disasters, wars, and total change of political system. Together, their work reveals a fantasy world where forms and colors merge to create diverse expressions in Armenian contemporary art today.   Featuring works by: •        Arkady Pertrossian •        Gabriel Manoukian •        Gagik Ghazanchian •        Lilit Soghomonian •        Vahan Roumelian read
MUNEERA ALSHARHAN ~ First Solo exhibition at Bayt Lothan
First Solo exhibition at Bayt Lothan

A previous fashionality in her own right, aspiring artist and jewelry designer, Muneera Hamed Alsharhan, invites us to join her to celebrate her first solo exhibition!You are cordially invited to Muneera Hamed Alsharhan’s First solo show showing her Contemporary Jewelry works. Also being presented is her latest pieces form the “Mukani Series”, an ongoing project where the artist explores her relation ship with her country Kuwait.Muneera is a Rhode Island School of Design Graduate with a BFA in Jewelry and MetalSmithing.  Opening February 10 Sunday at 7:30pm at Bayt luthan.Exhibition dates 10-12 FebruaryTimings sunday 7:30-9:00Monday and Tuesday 9am-1am, 5pm-9pm Muneera's solo exhibition is sponsored by Bayt Lothan and the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Sabah Al-Ahmed Center For Giftedness & Creativity.  read

Five European Sculptors 
Five European Sculptors 

Date: 4th of February - 4th of March 2013 Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Location: CAP - Exhibition Space  About the exhibition: Body variances presents five European sculptors exposing the discrepancy of the human body, its relation and interactions with surroundings, other bodies, people, events and arts, depicting body's reaction towards a psychological and emotional experiences of self conflicts and/or inner peace. The exhibition is curated by Mark Hachem in collaboration with Contemporary Art Platform. The selected sculptors are: Anne De Vilemejane, Arman, Martin C. Herbst,Mauro Corda and Pollès, depict in over thirty sculptures their view of the body's multiple reactions and actions on daily matters and sudden happenings in five different contemporary visions and approaches.  Body Variances is an opportunity for a unique and international confrontation between perceptions of the body and their significance in the contemporary world.  read

Fine and
Antique Carpets Exhibition
Fine and Antique Carpets Exhibition

Dates:  6th -10th January 2013 Name of the Exhibition: Fine and Antique Carpets Exhibition By: Aydah Merza   Aydah Merza proudly exhibits the fruit of her research, efforts and passion. She traveled the four corners of the globe to create the perfect carpet collection of renowned names in the world of carpet- making such as Seirafian, Mehdee, Haqeeqi and Dardashti. This exhibition which includes Persian and Turkish carpets marks the third collaboration between Gallery Tilal & Aydah Merza in which both sides add to the other resulting in an exhibition worthy of those with escalated sense of Art & high appreciation to this beautiful craft.   read
DAR AL FUNOON ~ Exhibition and Workshop by Bret Webster
Exhibition and Workshop by Bret Webster

Exhibition: Photography by Bret Webster Date & Time: Opening at 6-8pm on Sunday 13th January and continuing through to Thursday 17th January, 2013   Bret's images have become globally popular, particularly in the American Southwest, because of his unique angles and ability to press advanced equipment to the very edge of its capability in gathering the light of natural beauty. His images have been used and recognized in all media (print/electronic) and by publications such as National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Discover, New Scientist, Travel & Leisure, Islands magazine, the US Geological Society and many, many others and numerous galleries and other outlets particularly in and near Utah. He has numerous recognitions and occasionally is "corralled" into being a judge in regional, Utah State and other photo competitions.   Bret Webster Photography Workshop at Dar Al Funoon Date: 14th January 2013 & 15th January 2013 Time: 4-9pm Price: 50KD per day Location: Dar Al Funoon and various desert locations.   About the Workshop In this workshop we plan to teach students to appreciate photography with more depth and develop an understanding of aesthetics in photography.  We plan to lightly discuss the technical aspects of photography, but primarily will concentrate on the forms of the photograph and elements of composition. Artistic use of different lenses will be discussed. Macro-photography will be discussed also. The workshop will help fill the gap between shooting and pushing your artistic boundaries, while developing your eyes to see aesthetically pleasing compositions. The beauty of the desert will be one focus of our discussion. Methods will include lectures, discussions, assignments, and critiques. The course will be somewhat flexible and open to feedback and requests throughout. Equipment (Recommended but not mandatory) Camera, minimum 500-speed aperture/DSLR preferred Lens(s) – f/4.5 or lower preferred. Notepads/writing utensils are a good idea! Registration deadline: 7th January 2013, call 22433138 for inquiry. All attendees will receive a certificate upon completion of the workshop (signed by Dar Al Funoon and Bret Webster).  read
SULTAN GALLERY ~ Humble Shapes by Youssef Aoun
Humble Shapes by Youssef Aoun

Artist Name: Youssef AounTitle of Exhibition: Humble ShapesExhibition Dates & Timing:               11th December 2012 - 10th January, 2013Opening: 11th December, 2012, 7- 9pm                  12th December, 2012, 10am - 4pm & 7 - 9 pm                  13th December - 10th January, 10am - 4pm                  (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)Sultan Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of ’Humble Shapes’, a solo show by Lebanese artist, Youssef Aoun.When something is important, it’ll have been more important said ten times. This is what’s remarkable about Aoun’ s work: his diligence as a painter. When the entire art world seems to have secretly agreed that painting is dead, Aoun insists it’s only just begun.“It’s the wounding of art on the part of the world and on behalf of the domains in art. For the last five years we have been saying painting is dead… On the contrary, I think that as long as there are walls there will be painting”.  read
DAR AL FUNOON ~ A Master and His Students
A Master and His Students

A Master and His Students Curated by Simin Dehghani Dar Al Funoon is proud to host Dr. Parviz Tanavoli and his students for an exhibition of sculptures (small format) and jewelry on the 17th of December 2012. At 6pm Dr. Tanavoli will be present at the opening. Painter, sculptor, collector and scholar, Parviz Tanavoli is one of the most successful artists of the Middle East. He is also an influential teacher and has generously shared his knowledge and craft with a young generation of eager students. This exhibition is the result of that generosity and brings together works of jewelry by twenty-five young artists exhibited alongside the master’s own original creations.   Dar Al Funoon is located in Kuwait City, Behbehani Compound, House No. 28. For more information please call 2243 3138 or visit onto . read

Muneera Alsharhan at PLT
Muneera Alsharhan at PLT

Some people create fashion, while others create art. On rare occasions, however, and to this editor’s delight, art and fashion fuse beautifully in the form of bespoke pieces. That is the work of Muneera Alsharhan, an artist who produces tangible art immersed with untold stories. We’ve previously covered her work, and were so excited when we found out this talented artist is participating at the upcoming Pretty Little Things outdoor Salhiya festival! In her latest series, Mukani, Alsharhan expresses a journey of discovery, or perhaps rediscovery, of Kuwait. Inspired by Islamic architecture and objects, she explored her drawings to arrive with these simple pieces, organically creating irregular shapes that are not quite perfect, yet somehow they are. In their pretty little way. Visit for more information.  read
ART FOR ALL  ~ Gallery Tilal 
Gallery Tilal 

More than 40 artists, galleries, and collectors participate in this special exhibition to present a bouquet of paintings, sculptures and art books up for grabs. This is the golden opportunity for the young art lover to start or expand their art collection. Date: 3-13 Dec. Opening Reception: Dec 3 at 6 pm Timings: 10 am - 2 pm 5:30 pm - 9 pm Saturdays by appointment Fridays are closed read


Art has that magical ability to enrich and enhance our lives. Don’t believe me? Go and visit  the luminaries of contemporary art going up on the auction block and see the transformation!   Back with a bang, JAMM, an independent strategic art advisory, kicked off its 3rd annual auction in Kuwait on 29 November 2012 at the Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait with pre-sale viewing on 28 November 2012. The auction is a clear indication that art awareness has broadened in Kuwait. Driven by rising affluence and petro dinars, there is a definite upswing in interest in buying art. Local galleries like Dar Al Funoon, Sultan Gallery and Boushahri have been cultivating and fuelling the love for visual art amongst the discerning audiences in Kuwait. Last year, the auction sales at JAMM’s second edition of contemporary Arab and Iranian Art, held in February 2011, fetched a staggering $774,785, as reported on their website. This year, over 63 eclectic works in a variety of media by contemporary Arab, Iranian and international artists, will be auctioned with the majority of lots estimated under $10,000, providing an opportunity for young collectors to start or to add to their collections of contemporary art. Garden Party, 2011, by acclaimed Iranian painter, musician and performance artist Reza Derakshani is expected to be one of the most desired pieces to be sold at the auction. Spectacularly rendered, the large oil painting in vibrant shades of red and pink is estimated to fetch $65,000–$95,000. Other JAMM highlights include Amira Behbehani’s recent oil painting Study of Francis Bacon (Men in Blue). Inspired by a series of 7 deep-blue canvases that the British artist painted in 1954, this work seeks to engage a debate on the political and religious views of wearing the Abayya and is expected to fetch $9,000–$10,500. The captivating work of Iran-born artist, Shiva Ahmadi, whose Brown Veil, is a mixed media work on aquabord, is expected to go for $17,000–$18,500 while Golnaz Fathi’s untitled piece, an intense diptych masterfully combining Arabic calligraphy and strong brushstrokes, is estimated at $17,000– $18,500. Another interesting auction highlight is a hand painted photograph of the glamorous Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdou by Youssef Nabil, entitled Fifi Smoking. Its estimated sale price is $15,000–$16,500. Meanwhile, Lalla Essaydi (Morocco), Takashi Murakani (Japan), Farideh Lashai (Iran) and Simeen Farhat (Pakistan) are other noteworthy artists at the auction. Farhat’s works, Twisted Melody, 2010, Intent, 2011, and Red Spill, 2012, are estimated at $12,000–$13,500 and $8,500–$10,000 respectively. Other notable offerings that go under the hammer are Leila Pazooki (who mainly works with digital media), Shurooq Amin , and Mohammed Rahimi. TAG Heuer, one of the finest brands in the luxury watch industry, is the exclusive sponsor for the auction. Q and Art with Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah, a leading art connoisseur, an avid art collector, art journalist and founding partner of JAMM shares her thoughts on the upcoming auction with bazaar. This marks the third edition of JAMM Art Auction. How is it different?  It is different in many ways. I have been far more selective with the artworks, which makes this auction much stronger in terms of quality. I have selected a wide variety of styles and mediums so that there is something for everybody. The vast majority of works are by Arab or Iranian artists. I have a total of 6 works by international artists. Who will be conducting the art auction?  Alexander Gilkes, former global marketing director and auctioneer for Phillips de Pury and co-founder of Paddle8, will conduct the auction. What does it mean for Kuwait to host internationally acclaimed artists?  Kuwait still has a small community of art collectors but their tastes are very sophisticated so I felt it was important to include internationally acclaimed artists. It is great for Kuwait.  How is the art market in Kuwait, as compared to say Abu Dhabi or Qatar?  The art market in Kuwait is an emerging one with an underdeveloped infrastructure and we believed that an art auction was an excellent way to help it grow. Having a strong market is necessary to promote art and artists. Moreover, Middle Eastern collectors prefer buying art in auctions for a number of reasons: there is more variety, it is a more simple and less time-consuming way of acquiring works of art, they also feel that they are buying art at a fair, “market” value.  It is interesting to see some prominent Japanese and Chinese artists debuting at the auction. Does that mean there is a surge for Asian artists, besides the usual Iranian artists who rule the roost?  Absolutely! Next year I hope to include works by artists from Central Asia as that is a new, emerging market. There are a large number of women artists being represented at the auction. Who are some of the rising stars?  The rising stars include Amira Behbehani, Simeen Farhat, Jowhara Al Saud and Shiva Ahmadi.  Amongst the diverse offerings, whose works are you most excited to have at this year’s auction?  I am very excited to have the last edition of Farideh Lashai’s video projection on Canvas entitled El Amal. The work is a commentary on power of art, its grandiose and eternal character, and how it influences identity of nations. The work was made by using 2500 still images that were cut from The Great Dictator and animating a photograph of Um Kalthoum taken from the Internet to sync her lip movement to her song “El Amal”.  In your opinion, which artwork is one of the top lots of the upcoming auction? What are some of the highlights?  Some of the auction highlights include Youssef Nabil’s portrait of the Egyptian actress and belly dancer Fifi Abdou (Fifi Smoking, Cairo 2000). It is a beautiful print that the artist colored by hand – a technique that recalls old hand-colored family portraits one can still see in people’s living rooms in Cairo.  Al Braithwaite’s Hearts & Minds, 2012, is an intricate piece consisting of nine ‘heart-grenades,’ each having at its core a measure of soil drawn from sites of contemporary geopolitical significance such as Helmand, Cairo and Manhattan and acting as a receptacle for the history of these places.  Mashrabia Cabana, 2011, a 4 x 4 x 4 meter cabana inspired by traditional mashrabiyas, by Swiss architect and designer André C. Meyerhans blurs the boundaries between art, design and architecture. Garden Party, by acclaimed Iranian painter, musician and performance artist Reza Derakshani is a large (182 x 304 cm) oil painting in vibrant shades of red and pink executed in 2011. Derakshani’s luminous colors and complex compositions footnote miniature paintings.  There is also a unique print of Marilyn Monroe from Bert Stern’s Last Sitting with hand applied semi-precious stones.  There is a general perception that art auctions are for the rich and discerning. Is there anything for buyers with modest budget?  There certainly is. We have 5 works under KD 1,000 ($3,500). The majority of the works are under KD 4,200 ($15,000). I will always include a wide price range so that buyers with modest budgets can also participate.  How can you encourage young and nouveau art buyers? What would be your advice to the young generation of collectors?  To train your eye, it is important to see as much art as possible. Visit art galleries, art fairs and view art via the Internet.  As one of the finest cultural ambassadors of this region, you have helped to bridge the Middle East with the rest of the world, what are your final thoughts?  We try to advance and promote Middle Eastern artists in the West (we organized a group show of Arab and Iranian art in London two years ago) and bring Western, but also Asian, South American and African artists to the Gulf. Geographically and historically, the Middle East has always acted as a bridge between the West and the East, yet it has been the locus of several major conflicts in recent history. Whilst art is certainly not omnipotent and cannot resolve alone these conflicts, it can contribute to furthering mutual understanding and collaboration. read

Little Things is back with the Sadu and Textiles edition! 
Pretty Little Things is back with the Sadu and Textiles edition! 

This November, PLT will be celebrating the national treasure that is the AlSadu House - the home of textiles - for a third installment. For that special reason, PLT has created a way to include an element of the beautiful venue in the theme of the show. Enter the "Dolls & Textiles Edition", as PLT have commissioned a group of regional designers to dress fabric dolls in their signature creations. These fabulous creations will be sold to benefit the main cause which continues from last spring’s PLT: building a second Pretty Little Things house in the orphanage. Come see their progress on the first house, celebrate their successes, and contribute to the new house! PLT reports, “We will of course have our outdoor seating area, serve pots of complimentary tea, and have delicious burgers, grilled pizzas, crepe and frozen yogurt from Munch and Milk.” Check out the live event page right here: As for the lineup of brands taking part: Hettabretz, flying in from Italy with the most divine leather and fur creations. Their creations are around the world in stores like Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Loewe in Madrid, Fortnum & Mason in London, and Neiman Marcus Dallas, among others. Hettabretz has been worn by Hollywood royalty like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor and has collaborated with Prada, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few. Trickponi showroom, based in Saudi Arabia which represents regional favorites Fyunka and L'Atelier Nawbar, as well as New York-based brands Shosh, Shui Chen, Giles & Brother, among others. Maians, a Barcelona-based brand of men and women's shoes. The original Spanish plimsoll. Greet Touch Hydroponics, a Kuwait-based supplier of all you need to grow your own indoor herbs and vegetables without messy soil. Jars, a houseware and home decor shop that produces its own line of hand-painted bowls, boxes, trays and containers. Maze, a dazzling line of furniture and home accessories designed by Bibi Al Ghanim. Ivy, a line of leather handbags, hand-crafted in Lebanon. Lina Jewelry, a line of crochet metal  jewelry dipped in precious metals. Oleana, a Kuwait-based baby and maternity store that sells the latest and most stylish essentials. So Lulu, a line of handmade jewelry by Lubna Al Naqeeb using semi-precious stones. Amna Alsalem: A local line of feminine clothing inspired by architecture. Event Schedule: Saturday November 3rd , 3-10pm.  Sunday closed Monday November 5th, 3-10pm.  Tuesday November 6th, 3-10pm.    Follow @PLTQ8 on Instagram or search hashtag #PLTSadu. We can’t wait to see you all there!  read
MAIANS ~ Yet another Pretty Little Thing
Yet another Pretty Little Thing

All the way from the lively maritime district of Barcelona to the esoteric site of the Sadu House, we witness the fruits, or stylish soles, of what was once a barrier island called Maians, which over centuries became a peninsula: the Barceloneta. Artists, fishermen, travelers, bar flies, and local merchants have built a unique community here that combines a laid-back Mediterranean beach culture with the cosmopolitan style of one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. From this colorful setting comes Maians, a thoroughly unique line of plimsoll that fulfills the Spanish requisite of casual yet chic:100% hecho a mano en España. PHILOSOPHY Detailed craftsmanship meets urban street style: this is the Maians formula, and it’s what characterizes each deftly assembled pair of our unabashedly good-looking shoes. Created by one of Barcelona’s most consummate designers, Alfonso De La Fuente Rey, each pair of Maians is handmade locally using regional material and vulcanized rubber: a painstaking process that results in a unique brand of footwear that is dashing, durable, and incomparably comfortable. HIGHLIGHTS Our local ‘zapatilleros’ marshal generations of skill and knowhow to handcraft our products. The names of each model are those typical of the residents of Barcelona’s coastal ‘barrio’. Sisto, Domingo, Jacinto – these are the people of the Barceloneta to whom each pair of Maians is dedicated.The best part of it all? Maians will be at the Pretty Little Things show in Bait AlSadu from Saturday November 3rd, 3-10pm. Follow @PLTQ8 on Instagram or search hashtag #PLTSadu to see previews of what else is to come. RSVP here: read
JARS ~ One of the Pretty Little Things 
One of the Pretty Little Things 

Jars carries an eclectic mix of houseware and home decor from around the world. From paintings, ceramics and throw pillows, to tableware, vases and nut bowls, a hand-picked selection awaits. What is most special is their in-house line of hand-painted boxes, bowls, trays and containers, produced locally, making each find a treasure. Jars is located at the Creative Design Center in Shuwaikh and will be at the Pretty Little Things show in Bait AlSadu from Saturday November 3rd, 3-10pm. Follow @PLTQ8 on Instagram or search hashtag #PLTSadu to see previews of what else is to come. RSVP here:   read

A Self-Touring Experience
A Self-Touring Experience

Dates: 7th – 22nd November 2012 Artist: Suhail Baddor Exhibition   Suhail Badoor’s exhibition of works is the first at the Tilal Gallery. He is here to share with us his adventurous escapade, breaking the walls and delving into the frightening world of boundless modernism; he is nevertheless, seems fully confident of his strong arms that eventually navigates him back to the safety of the cognitive and more familiar world of his own originality.  The first impression that the visitor gets when looking at Badoor’s paintings, is the striking contrast between his smooth and calm gradation of colors and shades on one side, and on the other, are his sharp and tense lines that are unwavering in showing firmness and roughness of what he sees and feels. His blend of colors appears to be fairly well crafted and reflects the hands of a skilled artist; but his lines tend to reveal the shyness and purity of the originality of his own vision, setting the tone for such impeccable divergence of the richness and fusion of colors. Badoor’s universe then comes alive, floating in the midst of transparent waves that permeate his entire work, once again, revealing a clear yet reticent artist’s personality.   read
SULTAN GALLERY ~ The Founding Years
The Founding Years

ArteEast, in collaboration with The Sultan Gallery hosts a research residency with Beirut-based researcher Kristine Khouri. Ms. Khouri’s research work is grounded in interviews, archives, and a variety of other resources and focuses primarily on modern art history in the Arab world in addition to working with artists who have a research based practice. As part of its mission to cultivate and support critical discourse around contemporary Arab art, ArteEast is undertaking a Research Residency with Kristine Khouri that will permit us to locate Kuwait at the crux of regional art production and exhibition. As a society where art patrons and collectors have long cultivated the art community, Kuwait holds an important place in the history of Arab art. This residency has been generously funded by The Sultan Gallery with gifts in kind by Sheikha Paula Al-Sabah, ATELIER AZIZ ALQATAMI and the Alzaid Family. EXHIBITION: The Founding Years (1969-1973) A Selection of Works from the Sultan Gallery Archives.   Opening : 6th November, 2012; 7 – 9pm   7th November: 10am – 4pm & 7 – 9pm 7.30 – 8.30pm “From Archives to Collectors: Some Stories from The Sultan Gallery”, talk by Kristine Khouri & moderated by Barrak Alzaid (a Residency in collaboration with ArteEast) 8th – 29th November: 10am – 4pm (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays) read
Perhaps better known in the art world for her more ‘conventional’ works of acrylic on canvas, three years ago artist Ghadah Alkandari opened up a new window to the way she looks at the world. Since that time her blog,, has become an outlet for her creativity, eccentricity, and neurosis. Once a year she takes the blog to a gallery. On November 5th (and for one night only) it’s the turn of The Arabana Project to host PGB3. What: PrettyGreenBullet : TheThirdExhibition When: November 5th, 2012, 6:30-9:30 Where: The Arabana Project, Shuwaikh, behind The Al-Ghanim Showroom, 4th Ring Road. read

The countdown begins
The countdown begins

Abu Dhabi Art brings together under one roof internationally renowned and emerging galleries. bazaar takes a look at some of the highlights ahead of the opening. The mood is upbeat and Abu Dhabi is on a new high. Art lovers the world over are waiting with bated breath for the bigger and better 4th edition of Abu Dhabi Art, a four-day event that opens on November 7 at the Saadiyat Cultural District, also famed for being the future home of Louvre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. The 2012 edition includes the world’s top 50 galleries, including 10 new galleries. The event features paintings, sculpture, photography, installation and multi media art works of over 400 artists. The program promises to include a schedule of talks, discussions and book launches featuring renowned artists, curators, art historians and gallerists. “You can see from the caliber of galleries we have again this year that it was a difficult decision to select a small number from the exceptional submissions, to fit with our boutique platform. We think the line-up reflects our goal – to show museum-quality work in an iconic setting,” says Rita Aoun-Abdo, Executive Director. “We are delighted to be hosting the fourth edition of Abu Dhabi Art at the UAE Pavilion and Manarat Al Saadiyat on Saadiyat Island. Having launched the unique venue last year, this space, located in the heart of the Saadiyat Cultural District, showcases the dedication and integrity that Abu Dhabi maintains in cultivating the country’s cultural landscape, and welcomes leading and innovative galleries from the art scene again this November,” remarks Nicola Ure, Senior Project Manager, Abu Dhabi Art. Exciting elements such as an integrated and expansive design program and the Abu Dhabi Art Community initiative as well as the return of the dedicated children’s art zone enhance this year’s cultural event.   Signature, the section presenting emerging artists in a solo show is back again and Beyond returns to show large sculptures, site specific installations, public art works and performance art. Displaying the most interesting new finds in contemporary art to discerning international collectors and art lovers is Abu Dhabi Art’s initiative entitled Bidaya, which has on display CDA projects from Istanbul. Shen Po Chen, Senior Project Manager, Abu Dhabi Art remarks that Bidaya is one of the most exciting elements of Abu Dhabi Art offering galleries less than three years old, the opportunity to showcase their artists and program on an international stage. “This year, we are delighted to introduce the works of Adel Abidin as well as Turkish artistic contributions to Abu Dhabi, the region and our international audience.” “A rich and diverse program is integral for Abu Dhabi Art to evolve. We are cultivating a platform to stimulate an exchange of ideas between some of the world’s most influential artists, collectors, gallerists, writers and curators. Our myriad of events includes film-screenings, design and art-based workshops, performances and talks, which are open and accessible to all visitors. We encourage interaction as a key facet for education and have developed the comprehensive public program to satisfy the creative needs of our audience,” emphasises Tairone Bastien, Head of Public Programming, Abu Dhabi Art. Explaining the objectives of Abu Dhabi Art to the Emirati community, Bastien says, “The objective of the Design program is to recognise and re-ignite understanding of the innate aesthetics of the UAE through the study, exploration, experimentation and promotion of the roots of Emirati creativity - a design aesthetic based on transient states, freedom of movement, mobility, and constant change.” Bastien further adds that this program supports and promotes UAE artisans and designers in the context of art and contemporary culture by connecting them with local, regional and international figures and institutions through innovative programming. Make sure to catch the sculptural installation by Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata , who is known to work in the midst of demolition and construction. The fascinating sculptural installation entitled, Chairs for Abu Dhabi from exhibitor Kamel Mennour, is constructed from hundreds of chairs stacked in layers, forming a six metre-high structure. Also keep an eye out for Saudi artist Nasser Al Salem (Athr gallery), whose pop installation work entitled God is Alive, He shall not Die is an interesting contemporary work comprising of neon light on a reflective mirror, a testimony to his artistic diversity. Some other artists to watch out for include Abdulnasser Gharem, a talented Saudi artist whose wonderful work, The Stamp (Inshallah) is inspired by the rubber stamps used by the officials in Saudi Arabia. Also on view are some remarkable works of Sami Al Turki (Athr Gallery), namely The Postman from the Cartoon Series, 2012 in lambda print. The line up continues with the celebrated contemporary artist and activist from Cameroon, Pascale Marthine-Tayou, known for his eclectic work that is linked to the idea of travel and migration and he will also be speaking at the event. Finally, the audience will be offered a rare opportunity to attend Art Conversations with high profile Indian artists Subodh Gupta and Bharti Kher (Hauser and Wirth Gallery). The artists are known for their significant installations and outstanding sculptural works using every day objects that indicate juxtaposition of art with day to day life. Gupta has been nicknamed the Damien Hirst of India by British newspaper The Guardian. In addition, there are a host of lectures, panels, interviews, book launches, and interactive design along with screenings, live performances and interviews with leading and popular names from the art world. read
GALLERY TILAL ~ Mohammad Al-Shaikh Al-Farisi
Mohammad Al-Shaikh Al-Farisi

Opening reception: October 7th, 2012, at 6 pm. Following Days: 10 am - 2 pm, 6 pm - 9 pm Saturdays: By Appointment only Fridays: Closed About the event: The dominant mood of this exhibition revolves around women. The artist teases melancholic shades of black, with light and bright reds, bringing his paintings to life. Moreover, he merges Calligraphy and adornments adding music to his work, taking his vision to undiscovered dimensions.  read

A group exhibition where proceeds go to the Hayatt Breast Cancer foundation.  read
Perhaps better known in the art world for her more ‘conventional’ works of acrylic on canvas, three years ago artist Ghadah Alkandari opened up a new window into the way she looks at the world. Since then her blog, , has become an outlet for her creativity, eccentricity, and neurosis. Once a year she takes the blog to a gallery. On November 5th (and for one night only) it’s The Arabana Project’s turn to host PGB3. Here we learn a little about the blog and the forthcoming show. When did you start PrettyGreenBullet? I used to be a major blog hoarder, authoring blogs with different names, testing different servers. So in 2006, I started PrettyGreenBullet but didn’t really commit to it until 2009, as I gradually weaned myself off a previous blog which was quite well-visited but one I wasn’t completely happy with. Why did you start it? Was it in response to something your ‘other’ art wasn’t delivering? I started it because I missed showing my work on a daily basis, like I did in high school and university. Having an audience really drove me to work. I was never as prolific as I have been in the past four years. Has your work on PrettyGreenBullet changed the way you approach your major gallery shows, too? It hasn’t affected my more ‘serious’ shows, like ‘Stories of Eves’, but it has created an opportunity to create the PrettyGreenBullet exhibitions which allow me to cut loose and have a little fun. The PGB exhibitions are also more interactive and involve my visitors. So on that night, anyone can be the focus, not just me and my works. Do you feel freer to express thoughts or images online that you wouldn’t (or couldn’t) deliver in other ways? I don’t know. As open as I like to be, I’m a little hesitant about going all the way with what I show online. My opinions, on the other hand, I like to be completely honest about. How much interaction is there between you and those that follow PrettyGreenBullet? Not as much as I like. One of the things I hoped to achieve with this blog is a forum for discourse. I have received it with my more opinion-centered posts but unfortunately, not with my pen sketches which address a wide array of topics. You post something new virtually every day. Is that something you deliberately set out to do, or is it a compulsion that developed within you? It’s a bit of a compulsion, but I’m also turned off when I visit a blog and it hasn’t been updated for a while. And I’m hard on myself like that. I’ve eased off a lot though, but I think that’s just because I’m so busy preparing for my upcoming show in November. What can we expect to see at this year’s show? More postcards and drawings. I’ll also be exhibiting my prettied-up lanterns and furniture. And of course, the red polka dots will be featured, too! You’ve chosen an unusual venue. What appealed to you about Arabana? I’ve always loved spaces not intended for exhibitions. This one is perfect because it lends itself to invention and has never been used to host an art exhibition. Which is also the downside of exhibiting in a space like this. In a way, it has become part of a large PGB installation. The online world is constantly evolving. Is there a place for PGB through other social media channels, and how important have they become? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about a little thing called Instagram. I am a total Instagram maniac (I’m trying hard to avoid the many portmanteaus used to describe us Instagram addicts) and hopefully, this show will make you want to go, ‘Hey, I want to Instagram that’.     What: PrettyGreenBullet- The Third Exhibition When: November 5th, 2012, 6:30-9:30 Where: The Arabana Project, Shuwaikh, behind The Al-Ghanim Showroom, 4th Ring Road. read
JABER ALWAN ~ Fa Gallery
Fa Gallery

In cooperation with the Fa Gallery, Mrs. Fatima Al Sayed, renowned for coordinating abstract art exhibitions, will be hosting Iraqi artist Jaber Alwan in unveiling a special collection of his abstract pieces on the 14th of October, 2012. Born in the historical city of Babylon in 1948, Alwan graduated from the faculty of Arts in the beautiful city of Baghdad in 1970, he then moved to Rome in 1972 where he is presently resides. The established artist’s works have appeared in many exhibitions around the world; Alwan’s works are currently on show at international modern art spaces and his pieces are the object of desire for many art collectors.   FA Gallery is located in Sharq, Block 2, Gulf Road, Villa 76, Kuwait. For more information please call 2249 8999.   read

Judith Leiber X Razan Al Azzouni: A first in the Middle East
Judith Leiber X Razan Al Azzouni: A first in the Middle East

A First in the Middle East This October will play host to a dazzling affair in the world of fashion. And what better way to dazzle than to combine fashion and charity? Renowned American handbag designer Judith Leiber has teamed up with Saudi Arabian label Threads by Razan Alazzouni to produce an exclusive collection of clothing and bags to benefit children's charities in the region. For a preview of just how special this collaboration will be, a little background on both brands is in order. Threads by Razan Alazzouni is a limited edition line of women's ready to wear clothing coveted for its whimsical yet edgy combination of beading and textured fabrics. As for Judith Leiber, for decades she has ruled the world of high fashion handbags, with each bag lauded as a unique work of art. Her handbags have been clutched closely by many a perfectly manicured starlet, socialite, and First Lady. In addition, her pieces are included in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, The Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Corcoran Gallery, amongst various others. The Event This first collaborative event, which will take place on October 6th and 7th, will be presented by Pretty Little Things' Noaf Hussein, at Gallery IIXX in Salhiya. Not only will it mark the beginning of a charitable affiliation, it will also mark the debut of Judith Leiber's Fall 2012 collection in the Middle East. The Charities If that isn't exciting enough, a generous 25% of the night's proceeds will go to Pumps 4 Kids, the first project belonging to the non-profit organization, Businesses Supporting Charities, in collaboration with the Kuwaiti Red Crescent and the Dasman Diabetes Institute to raise funds to provide insulin pumps for children with Type 1 diabetes in Kuwait. Event goers will also be able to pledge an item from Khair Al Kuwait Foundation's wishlist to rebuild the Kuwait orphanage. Khair Al-Kuwait Charity Foundation was established in 2007 with the goal of providing financial and moral support to the sectors of society most in need of assistance due to their negative social conditions. Their latest project involves a complete overhaul of the orphanage compound in Sulaibikhat. The Guiltless Indulgence So there it is, fashionable ladies of Kuwait. This is your chance to indulge without an ounce of guilt. Add a piece or two of art to your wardrobe and strut with confidence, knowing that you've contributed to making a child's life better. A chunk of every purchase goes to Pumps 4 Kids, and every pledge goes to rebuilding the orphanage. Look great and feel even better this October. Summary of event details: Place: Hosted by Pretty Little Things in Gallery IIXX. Salhiya, above the outdoor restaurants. Date: Saturday October 6 & Sunday October 7 Timing: Opening Saturday at 7pm, Sunday from 4pm-11pm read
OUT OF BRITAIN ~ The exhibition 
The exhibition 

The exhibition Out of Britain brings together, for the first time in Kuwait, over 50 key artworks selected from the British Council Collection, spanning a period of almost one hundred years of creativity by major British artists. The works on display take as a common theme the landscapes of Britain. Visitors to the show – physical or virtual – will be taken on an artist’s tour of parts of this island-nation, not only viewing urban and rural scenes, but also gaining a sense of the encircling coastline and how artists have responded to, and drawn inspiration from, the places in which they have lived. The art reflects how the people of the UK have been influenced by their landscape, what the landscapes say about them, and how in turn they have seen and influenced their surroundings. read
Contemporary Art Platform and the British Council Kuwait, in partnership with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, are pleased to announce "Landscapes Expanded", a one month residency program that aims to support artists from different backgrounds to explore landscape art in their own practice. The residency program is part of the "Out of Britain" exhibition that will be held at CAP from 17 September 2012 − 25 October 2012. It explores hundred years of British landscape and examines the ways in which artists have engaged with landscape and addressed timeless and fundamental questions about man’s place in the world. The works in the show illustrate individual artist’s attempts to find their place amongst an ever-changing environment where they are often driven to challenge traditional ways of interpreting and framing the landscape.  UPDATE: A NOTE FROM THE ORGANIZERS Landscapes Expanded will support artists to explore contemporary issues intrinsically related to site, space, and place in their field of work. The residency will begin with a three-day workshop that will support artists to develop concepts for their research in the weeks that follow. Throughout the programme participants will benefit from group and individual reviews of their work and guidance from the residency facilitator and visiting contributors.The residency programme will be led by artist and curator Alia Farid Abdal, who explores personal perspectives of public space and constructed landscapes in her own art work and academic research. The programme will also benefit from insightful contributions from visiting artists and art critics such as British Artist David Rayson, whose work is featured in Out of Britain. Rayson is currently the Professor of Painting at the Royal College of Art, London.Participants’ work produced during the residency programme will be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMArt Kuwait) at the end of October 2012.  Chosen works may also be exhibited at a British Council Visual Arts exhibition that will showcase artists from the Gulf at the Brunei Gallery in London in 2015.  Eligibility: This residency is open to practicing artists and creative practitioners (from all disciplines) who are keen to develop the concepts of landscape art in their practice.Applicants must reside in Kuwait.Applicants must commit to participate in a three-day workshop (18th – 20th September 2012) and closing presentation, which will take place on 18th October 2012.The workshops will be hosted in English, however translators will be available should they be required.ProcedureDEADLINE: 9th September 2012 (10am)Please e-mail the following (in English or Arabic) to nadia.elsebai@britishcouncil.orgArtist C.V.Up to 10 images of your work with an appendix stating the title, medium, and year the work was executed.*A statement of intent (up to 500 words) explaining why you are applying to the programme and what you hope to obtain from it. Please briefly state what themes you are interested to explore during the residency programme.*Please note that large images will have to be submitted via or any other host site in which your images can be downloaded directly. Alternatively, you may wish to submit a link to your work online. For videos, please provide links of uploaded material either on YouTube or vimeo.You may elaborate on any of the suggested topics below, or propose your own topic of research.Suggested topics for research:-          Urban Tribes-          The politics of dress-          Geopolitics-          Landscapes created by advertising-          Monuments in the construction of Landscapes and History-          The demolished landscape, erasing history, and recuperating memory-          Imagined landscapes, futuristic and fictitiousWe will expect all applicants to make a considerable commitment to producing art work throughout the month long residency, and contributing quality finished pieces to the closing exhibition at MoMArt Kuwait (end of October 2012). read

The Art Salon, Kuwait, is proud to present an art exhibition for Global Truce 2012, in support of Peace One Day, which will be held at CAP Kuwait (Shuwaikh) on September 21st 2012 from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Peace One Day is an international peace day approved by the United Nations. This is the first time POD will be celebrated in Kuwait. Please join The Art Salon on this special day to raise awareness and bring peace, tolerance and global unity to our part of the world.  read
MARGO VEILLON  ~ Gallery Tilal
Gallery Tilal

Title of Exhibition:  Margo Veillon Dates: May 27th - June 7th 2012   A typical Margo Veillon line: she was never less than forthright and in life, as much as in her art, she avoided sentimentality like the plague. Her aim was clarity. Fortunately she possessed the requisite skills, and honesty, to avoid any tawdry claims on the emotions. Born on 19 February, 1907 in Abbasiya, she was the second child of a Swiss businessman. She attended several schools in Cairo, at least five different primary schools, and the Lycée Français, from which one might deduce she was, at the very least, a spirited pupil. Eventually she was sent to Switzerland, to school in Zurich, returning in 1924 determined to become a professional artist. Throughout a long life Margo Veillon travelled extensively: work survives from Italy, Greece, Guatemala, Spain, Mexico, Sudan, Ethiopia and Switzerland. Throughout the sixties she would spend at least one month a year in London, and sometimes New York. Yet, she would regularly insist, "I have never travelled for the sake of travel." All the time she drew, painted, photographed. Eventually -- at which point she was well into her nineties -- Margo confided that she no longer felt the need "to capture, capture, capture". Having spent much of the previous century doing precisely that, and mostly in Egypt, the comment was less a reduction of that enterprise than an intimation (she would, typically, allow herself no more than this) that the project was as complete as it would ever be. With the passing of Margo Veillon June 9, 2003, Egypt lost one of its most ardent chroniclers. Few could ever, will ever, match her passionate objectivity. read
Dar Al Funoon

Artist: ABDULLA AL AWADI Title of Exhibition:  Anmatt 2 - The Clash of the Icons Opening:Sunday June 3rd at 7pm Date: June 3rd to 21st, 2012   The dialogue continues between poetry, story, geometry, society, iconography and color in the work of Abdulla Al Awadi. Although in this collection the whole concept of icon has been challenged. What characterizes an icon? What gives it its significance? Is it size, color, meaning, myth or purely personal association?   In various artworks there may be more than one icon competing for visual supremacy although in most cases the battle is clearly won by the stronger icon. In some cases, the line that divides the icon from other objects is blurred or even, for emphasis, highlighted.   Al Awadi is a trained architect and currently teaches in the Department of Architecture in Kuwait University. He also designs contemporary clothes, theatrical costumes, jewelry, accessories, indoor and outdoor installations and plastic art. He is also a photographer, a makeup artist, an art director, a choreographer and a lover of poetry.   This is the second collection of Abdulla Al Awadi that shows here at Dar al Funoon about the subject of patterns: behavioral, cultural, or geometrical. Come and enjoy this clash of the icons.     Dar Al Funoon is located in Al-Watiah, Behbehani Compound, House No.28. For more information please call 2243 3138 or log onto . read

Reviving the traditional crafts of the Gulf
Reviving the traditional crafts of the Gulf

To this day, Laila Al-Hamad is still amazed by how her desire to recover and modernize the traditional crafts of the Gulf region, such as Bedouin Sadu weaving and woodwork carvings, has taken her on an astounding journey to distant locations across the globe. One would naturally imagine that the great craft of Sadu weaving is a prized heritage that our region naturally excels at, yet Al-Hamad comments, “With only 7 master weavers in Kuwait, expert weavers who can execute the most complicated Sadu designs, it is obvious that this art is lost to new generations.” The founder of design brand Zeri Crafts, Al-Hamad wishes to revive and modernize the iconic symbols and traditional crafts of the Gulf region by enhancing the quality of craftsmanship involved, as well as the materials employed. Zeri, the traditional form of embroidery using gold thread, is a central feature in traditional regional attire, also inspiring Al-Hamad to consider the cultural symbols that define our region. From her recent experience in social and cultural development with her previous job with the World Bank, she traveled to developing regions of the world where crafts formed a viable economic aspect of the society. She adds, “I was especially impressed with the artisans in East Asia and I learned to appreciate that, and it would be nice to revive and modernize the traditions of crafts in the Gulf region as a source of identity. We really need these ties to our culture. It would be interesting to create an organization focused on uplifting the art of crafts in the GCC." Instead of working with artisans from the region, who were in essence a diminishing breed, Al-Hamad decided to involve talented designers and artisans from different parts of the world. Taking a typical Gulf icon, like the mabkhara, or the traditional vehicle for burning incense, she comments, "The mabkhara is something we all love, we grew up with it and we love the smell, yet I cannot go anywhere and find one that is of high quality and appeal. That’s when I met Nada El Asmar, a talented Palestinian-Belgian designer, who redesigned this icon. She expertly beautified something so traditional, uplifting its standard. After that, I focused my energy on modernizing the Sadu.” Al-Hamad describes her journey with the Sadu as rather serendipitous, after her effort to find local weavers didn’t pan out the way she planned, she met with textile expert Keireine Canavan, and created a final year design competition for students at the University of Wales Institute of Cardiff. Their goal? Turning the traditional Sadu symbols into textiles that were wearable, light and airy. She adds, “I wanted to lighten the Sadu to bring it back into our homes, and wished to focus on recreating the design on silk.” After selecting her winning designer, Al-Hamad then went on to consider the implementation of these remarkable designs. Interestingly so, she was back to where she was initially impressed with the talent pool of local artisans, Eastern Asia. "In Laos, weaving is a thriving business and an art form that is passed on through generations. Oddly enough, I was back where I started." Currently working with a specialized team of weavers, she is happy to report that three of the women at the studio have now learned how to recreate the Sadu pattern, all done by hand, with silk textiles. In doing so, Al-Hamad discovered a cross-cultural exchange of expertise, technique and craft. “I’m hoping to work with artisans from different parts of the world, any beautiful work that is executed by the hands of a skilled artisan deserves my utmost recognition.”  read
CAP Kuwait 

Title of Exhibition:  Method to Madness Dates & Timings: April 18 – May 9, 2012, 7- 9pm   CAP Kuwait showcases the works of artists Jowhara AlSaud, Noor Al Suwaidi, Nadine Kanso and Jaffar Al Raibi, focusing on their evolution. read
HASSAN ABD ALWAN ~ Gallery Tilal 
Gallery Tilal 

Artist: Hassan Abd Alwan Date: 6th-17th May 2012   The visual texts of Alwan heads towards a selection of heritage items, wherein his works and paintings are displayed in the Tilal Gallery to restore to the minds the glory of a world that has been lost, whether in terms of imagination, folk tales or even the retrieval of memories from the tradition of narration, by the use of various amazing contemporary techniques, not devoid of imagination. read
NADIA AL FOUDERY ~ The Sultan Gallery
The Sultan Gallery

Artist: Nadia Al Foudery (Kuwaiti artist) Title of Exhibition:  Savage Donkey Dates & Timings: 22nd - 31st May, 2012 Opening: 22nd May 2012, 7- 9pm 23rd May, 10am - 2pm & 7 - 9 pm.  24th May – 31st May, 10am - 2 pm (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)   "Savage Donkey" features black and white photography combined with embroidery.  Al-Foudery's "Savage Donkey" exhibition follows two dynamic prior showings at the Sultan Gallery. Her first exhibition in Kuwait, "Yazd: A Thread of Light Through the Bazaar," showcased abstract photo-embroideries froEm the bazaar in the mud brick town of Yazd in Iran, and her second "A Requiem for Old Kuwait," highlighted the heritage buildings that have been knocked down in the last fifty years to make way for new commercial developments. Al-Foudery's work has also been widely exhibited outside of Kuwait, including at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Greece. read
Title of Exhibition: Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence Collection Date:May 22 - June 11, 2012   The Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence (MoMRtA), in response to the absence of a minority group of Palestinians that were in Kuwait from before 1948 until 1990, 28 works have been commissioned to be "manufactured" to fill a void. These objects do not exist, they are manufactured imagining the “what if” element. This imagined museum installation is an intervention in the Museum of Modern Art, in Kuwait. In the absence of documentation, memory has become the document. Memory is fragile, accumulated, dismantled, reassembled, and sometimes lost work. None of the objects exist as is, some are disfunctional, all of them were made from scratch, from conception to execution. *Museum collection project curated by Ala Younis, produced by MinRASY Projects. read

 Sound installation by
Tarek Atoui at the Museum of Modern Art
 Sound installation by Tarek Atoui at the Museum of Modern Art

Title of Exhibition: Sound installation by Tarek Atoui (In collaboration with MinRASY Projects) First installation between Basra and Kuwait, May 19, 2012 Date:May 22 - June 11, 2012 Tarek Atoui recreates the sounds from the novella, Men in the Sun, by Ghassan Kanafani, of three men and their desperate attempt to be smuggled into Kuwait via Basra in the summer of 1958 in an empty water tanker. Atoui challenges the desert by recreating the sounds drowned by the echo-less vastness of the desert. The debut will be in the desert somewhere between Basra and Kuwait. This will be recorded and reproduced to create an installation in two sound proof rooms of a portacabin, with a monitor on loop of the visuals of Atoui’s challenge. The intensity of the sound, and heat, in the installation rooms remind the viewer who is the ultimate survivor in the challenge of man vs. desert. read
SULTAN GALLERY ~ Reinaldo Sanguino: New Works - New York City - Kuwait City
Reinaldo Sanguino: New Works - New York City - Kuwait City

Artist:          Reinaldo Sanguino (in collaboration with Dean Project gallery, New York) Title of Exhibition: Reinaldo Sanguino: New Works - New York City - Kuwait City Dates & Timings:           17th April - 10th May, 2012 Opening:                        17th April 2012, 7- 9pm                                        18th April, 10am - 4pm & 7- 9 pm.                                        19th April–10th May, 10am-4 pm.                                       (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)  Based on the practice of using Meissen Porcelain as diplomatic exchange gifts by European Courts during the eighteenth century, this body of work is a contemporary and personalized reexamination of the diplomatic gift exchange tradition as a form of relationship building. The exhibition highlights the role ceramics played in gift exchanges to form relationships, and Sanguino creates groups of ceramic works that range from utilitarian shapes—pitchers, bowls, plates, cups, containers, etc.—to decorative forms such as vessels, sculptures, and figurines. The ceramics are simple shapes and have little to no recognizable painted-glaze imagery; instead the surfaces are abstract and graffiti-like with elements of collage and assemblage. Organized into groups based on type-style, the ceramics will be displayed on wooden shipping crates at different levels to resemble the unloading of shipping cargo. read

Artist:          AbdulRasoul Salman Title of Exhibition: Rythms Date:              15th -26th April 2012   AbdulRasoul Salman describes his work: My relationship with reality is not a direct portrayal, but meeting that exceeds reality in an attempt to connect transcendence with unconsciousness, freedom and bringing uncustomary symbols from life with my interest in idea and colors. I believe that freedom in art does not shatter everything and brings mere thoughts. However, it’s the free commitment which accepts personal aspects in their own adjectives, and addressing more attention to what is human. Painting for me is an aesthetic and a formative human experience, which usually starts with the self, reality, near and far events, and I’m usually attracted to things which inspire me, whereby I have an intimate desire to produce something… In this phase, I’m very interested in translating such feelings and events into visual image, whereby I’m searching for all favorable conditions which complete the success of this experience. Upon each experience, many questions complete together in connection with the topics of my artwork, ideas and colors, and other artistic values, in which I must find answers that depend on my experience, formed through viewing the expressions of others, as well as their creative processes. Here, at this exhibition I’m giving attention to the inputs of heritage, the concept of modernism and significance of producing without alignment with any of them at the account of the other. Art is a reservoir of images and signs which imagination provides with a relative status and value. To me, it is a mere dictionary from which I select whatever I want and formulate it according to my style, feelings and imaginations. read
SADU HOUSE ~ Gulf handicrafts: new interpretations, new horizons
Gulf handicrafts: new interpretations, new horizons

Opening :                   7 May 2012, 5pm-8pm Exhibition Hours:         8 May, 9am - 1pm & 4- 8pm                                      9 May, 9am - 1pm   For its launch exhibition, Zeri Crafts presents the richness of Gulf handicrafts, blending traditional and modern design to create unique and expertly crafted contemporary pieces. An exquisite limited collection of hand-woven textiles inspired by the bedouin art of Sadu weaving, and award-winning designer/silversmith Nedda El-Asmar's take on the modern mabkhar, the Gulf's iconic incense burner, will be unveiled. Join us on this cultural journey from Kuwait to Laos and Brussels in the brand’s quest for new interpretations of our Gulf heritage. read
"The Event-Art & Fashion"

"The Event-Art & Fashion" Date:            April 28-May 1 The Event will be sponsored by Goji Boutique and Qumar14 and will be filled with an eclectic mix of designers who compliment each other, providing the visitors with an inspiring and unique shopping experience. To add to excitement Join them and feast your eyes! read
DAR AL FUNOON ~ Iranian Contemporary Art
Iranian Contemporary Art

Iranian Contemporary Art Date:              23rd April to 10th May, 2012 These are images of conflations and juxtapositions. Sabzi's paintings signify the crossroad of cultures and evoke one of the most pertinent signs of the multiculturalism that has been the hallmark of the arts in late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. His art represents that humanized perspective where in memory persists across cultural zones, even when and where it has no relevance. So many of his works speak of conditions where values and perspectives seep through the chinks of any culture's shield of protection. They are about the kind of interconnectedness that can no longer be undone; they are about the end of purity and the end of searching for origins and essence. In Sabzi's paintings spaces of one world are filled with images from another. Forms circulate with irresistible energies even though they have risen from diverse psychological grounds. His Marilyn inimitable Warhol image, is now redefined through nineteenth century Iranian images and vice versa. It is a stream of consciousness where two alien spheres of consciousness have coalesced and within which unfamiliar thoughts and forms are allowed to cohabit. The nineteenth century late Qajar images of "Wait until Tomorrow," superimposed over a Google satellite photo of modern Tehran, likewise tells us of the perseverance of the past in an age of technology. It tells us of memory's persistence to live on into our many days yet to come. It also gives rise to a new consciousness regarding our identities, as they are formed by the many streams of doubtful value and doubtful relevance. His FedEx, for example, bespeaks of how individuals, like commodity, are transported across cultural zones. It points out the abstract and the non-antic nature of individual identity in our globalized world. I should also say a few words about his "Encyclopedia of Natural Knowledge" where images of bugs, mirrors and a razor blade are juxtaposed. The work benefits from a plentitude that intensifies the contrasts and tensions of his imagery. It has a creatural realism that is wholly threatened by devices, by man's insistence on dragging everything into its own sphere of activity and beliefs. Here, almost all concepts arrived at are as easily deconstructed. read

Pretty Little Things has gone regional, and with a
charitable cause.
Pretty Little Things has gone regional, and with a charitable cause.

The first Pretty Little Things took place last December, and we fondly remember the twinkling light-strung trees, trays of floral ceramic pots filled with aromatic tea, flickering tea light candles and baby yellow roses enchanting visitors, who cozied up with checkered blankets on golden park benches. Inside the venue, a hand-selected group of vendors showcased their wares in an intimate and friendly setting. This social event was started by Noaf Hussein as a way for creatives, the curious, and those who appreciate the smallest of nuances to get together, shop, chat, and network with bloggers and each other in a beautiful setting. It's about the small details, the ones that make you smile—the pretty little things. The next Pretty Little Things, taking place April 28th - May 1st will take place at the hertiage site that is Bait Al Sadu. A collaborative project with the help of Abyat, the effort of this PLT edition is aimed at renovating the local orphanage already taken on by the non-profit organization Khair Al-Kuwait Charity Foundation. In addition to the materials donated by Abyat, event-goers will be able to take part in the charity installation or pledge items from a wish list to complete the renovation. The second Pretty Little Things will also see an exciting lineup of brands by the likes of Saudi Arabian labels Razan Al Azzouni, Fyunka, Sotra Boutique, Bahrani-produced and packaged Green Bar Inc, and local brands like May Jewelry, Peices By Farah, Th'haba, Paper Design Nest,. A project by Noaf Hussein: Noaf Hussein has previously done work for Closet Candy, Bazaar Interiors, Haifa Kaftans, Goji Boutique, Nbar, Tatami, and numerous print publications. PLT is a personal project. About Abyat: Abyat's exceptional showroom, considered the biggest retail store of its kind in the Middle East, carries over 30,000 reasonably priced, high-quality products. Abyat is a closed shareholder group. The idea, concept, and brand identity were developed 100% locally, with the ambition of becoming the market leader across the GCC. With the highest of international standards, Abyat aims to provide all a homeowner may need from materials to services.   read
DAR AL FUNOON ~ Karim Ghidinelli
Karim Ghidinelli

Artist:          Karim Ghidinelli Date:              2nd to 20th April, 2012   Born in Brescia, Italy in 1976, Karim spent his childhood in this city. He received his Bachelors and Masters degree from Savannah College of Art & Design, where he also received the Excellence in Painting award. He has exhibited widely in the United States, France, the UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland and Kuwait and has participated in several art fairs including the Puerto Rico International Art Fair, and Art Miami Basel. His body of work consists of a central iconic image, that of a finger print, within each thumb print he has formulated a pseudo-calligraphic narrative of life experiences on luminous and luxurious enamel weaves. He uses mixed techniques on metal with hues that are intense and vibrant. Karim manipulates the tradition of abstract expressionism and action painting with skillful and subtle knowledge. The hand carved fingerprint is enlarged and delineated with the twists and turns that are unique to each individual.   read
GALLERY TILAL ~ Tagreed H. Albagshi
Tagreed H. Albagshi

Title of Exhibition: Tagreed H. Albagshi Date:        4th - 15th March 2012 In the words of Dr. Mohammed Fadhl, Saudi artist Tagreed al-Bagshi is one of the few artists who has made her way into the world of painting “with quiet confidence and unassuming determination.” Standing out among her contemporaries, al-Bagshi depicts women beyond stereotype. With her vividly coloured backdrops and her abstracted portraits of women, al-Bagshi has won multiple awards and exhibited across the Gulf and the Arab world, Far East Asia, and Europe. Also a writer and art education supervisor, al-Bagshi has had works exhibited in the UAE 2010 Art Biennale, and also has exhibited at the Musée du Montparnasse in Paris. read
Title of Exhibition: Aram Chaled Date: 25 March – 5 April 2012                                  “Light is the secret, the secret of life,” says Khalid al-Riz, otherwise known as Aram. It is also the secret of color, of passion, of darkness, as it is also his own secret, whereby he “disappears entirely in light.” At the age of forty, Khalid al-Riz discovered that he truly loved himself. That discovery alone prompted him to realize that, up until that moment, he had forgotten to emerge from the stage of childhood; he had forgotten to grow up. In this period of discovery and understanding, moving between stages, al-Riz discovered what it meant to play with paint, and in experimenting with canvas, he explains that he found he meaning, the essence of light, the light that had drawn him in from the start, which he had longed to penetrate. In discovering what he describes simply as light, he distinguished between two approaches to painting, which is to depict simply what is in his mind that he intends to represent, and to take down, in the form of a visual text, what is in his soul, his convictions, and his philosophy. It is, to Aram, the vital but delicate line between “one who is simply rich, and wealth itself.”  read
Artist: Ali Omar Ermes Date: 19th - 29th March, 2012 Born in Libya in 1945 Ali Omar Ermes was educated both in Libya and England. He skillfully fuses Arabic Script and contemporary Art, in doing so he has created new aesthetics. The Arabic letter is his source of inspiration, he also paints inscriptions from Arabic Poetry. He describes the poems as the medium between the visible movement of his painting and the cultural space, where these lines were created.   With many publications and over 70 solo and group exhibitions worldwide his works have been acquired by both public and and private collectors in the Middle East, Europe, USA and the Far East. read
CAP KUWAIT ~ Let There Be Night - Film Screening
Let There Be Night - Film Screening

Let There Be Night - Film Screening Date:        Wednesday, 14 March 2011 Time:       7pm Let There Be Night is a 15-minute documentary which narrates the change in Kuwaiti architecture following the discovery of oil and the consequential construction boom of the 1940’s - 70’s. The documentary also tackles the issue of “architectural eyesores”, which the country has been witnessing from the 90’s to date. The documentary presents footage of Kuwait taken by Qabazard’s late father. Let There Be Night, was produced and presented in October 2010 for NUQAT Foundation’s first conference “Visual Pollution in the Arab World”. The screening at the Contemporary Art Platform is a part of the ongoing program showcasing JafarIslah and his peers. Tours of the exhibition will be available before and after the Let There Be Night showing.   Old Footage of Kuwait (1948 - 1978) – by the late Mohammed Hussain Qabazard Written & Narrated – by Architect Abdullah M. H. Qabazard Director – Architect Hamid A. M. Qabazard  Director of Photography & Editor – Abdullah Awadh read
AL M. GALLERY ~  It’s a Man’s World
 It’s a Man’s World

Artist:      ShurooqAminExhibition Title of Exhibition:    It’s a Man’s World Dates and Timing:    Opening on March 5, 2012 at 7-8pm. Exhibition ongoing until 1st of April, 2012. Shurooq Amin an artist who needs no introduction, as in past few years she has established herself as the absolute leader of Kuwaiti art vanguard. In her previous show Society Girlz she unveiled scenes from a much-hidden aspect of society; the strength of which resonated quite strongly with the public. It’s a Man’s World explores many issues of society previously untouchable and undiscussable for their moral and social integrity - its focus is the Man, his habits, his lifestyle and his dreams. read
Artist: Mohammed Abou El Naga Date: 5th - 16th March, 2012 Mohammed Abou El Naga is a multidisciplinary visual artist, art professor, curator and developer. Throughout his colorful career, he created award winning art projects, fulfilled his responsibility towards his community and brought up new generation of young artists with his teaching, workshop and his multitude of practices.   Born in the Egyptian city of Tanta, Abou El Naga graduated with honor in 1983 from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University then received his Master's Degree in 1992.   Abou El Naga is currently the curator of Qatar Visual Art Center. Earlier in his career he taught at the faculty of Specific Education in Cairo University where he teaches painting using nontraditional techniques that integrate different materials with the imaging and printing methods. read
SULTAN GALLERY ~ Take me to this place: I want to do the memories.
Take me to this place: I want to do the memories.

  Artist:      Atfal Ahdath - Vartan Avakian, Hatem Imam and Raed Yassin Title of Exhibition: Take me to this place: I want to do the memories. Dates and Timing:         13th - 29th March 2012 Opening :                       13th March 2012, 7- 9pm                                        14th March, 10am - 4pm & 7 - 9 pm.                                                                                     15th - 29th March, 10am - 4pm Take me to this place: I want to do the memories is a multimedia installation by Beirut-based collective AtfalAhdath, comprised of Vartan Avakian, Hatem Imam, and Raed Yassin. The work lays out a constellation of forms and reproduction procedures around photographic studio practices in the digital age. Take me to this place explores and manipulates the techniques that have fashioned a culture of reproducibility and standardization and accelerated the Arab world’s fascination with fame. read
SULTAN GALLERY ~ Reinaldo Sanguino: New Works - New York City - Kuwait City 
Reinaldo Sanguino: New Works - New York City - Kuwait City 

Artist:      Reinaldo Sanguino (In collaboration with Dean Project gallery, New York) Title of Exhibition: Reinaldo Sanguino: New Works - New York City - Kuwait City  Dates and Timing:         27th March - 12th April, 2012 Opening :                       27th March 2012, 7- 9pm                                        28th January, 10am - 4pm & 7 - 9 pm                                        29th January – 12th April, 10am - 4 pm Based on the practice of using Meissen Porcelain as diplomatic exchange gifts by European Courts during the eighteenth century, this body of work is a contemporary and personalized reexamination of the diplomatic gift exchange tradition as form of relationship building. The exhibition highlights the role ceramics played in gift exchanges to form relationships, and Sanguino creates groups of ceramic works that range from utilitarian shapes—pitchers, bowls, plates, cups, containers, etc.—to decorative forms such as vessels, sculptures, and figurines. read

Free Kuwait 
Free Kuwait 

Artist: Group (Jassem Bu Hamad, Ibrahim Ismail, Ayoub Hossein Al Ayoub, Issa Saqer, Abdul Rida Baqer)Exhibition Title: Free Kuwait Opening on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 7-8pm. Exhibition ongoing until 1st of March, 2012Free Kuwait brings together a collection of works created between 90`s and 2011by artists Jassem Bu Hamad, Abdul Rida Baqer, Ayoub Hussein Al Ayoub, Sami Mohammed, Ibrahim Ismail, Issa Saqer and others.Exhibition is dedicated to the 21st Anniversary Liberation of Kuwait. Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991) started with Iraqi invasion and concluded with liberation of United States led coalition forces had deep influence on the local artists.The artists worked on memories of the tragical moments of the history of Kuwait, creating a collective sense of national identity exhibition explores the complex emotional field ranged from the dark military scenes, human crisis and destruction of the country to the moment of happiness with symbols of Freedom.Exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue. read
GALLERY TILAL ~  Abdel Moein Saleh Exhibition
 Abdel Moein Saleh Exhibition

Date:   12th - 23th February 2012 Title of Exhibition: Abdel Moein Saleh Exhibition Artist Abdel Moein Saleh reveals that no Artwork can be born without a stimulant or an idea that possesses his thoughts and feelings. These ideas will then be explored and studied in an artistic manner while taking into consideration mass, void and surface. Once that is accomplished; Abdel Moein begins to translate and transform the idea from a concept into a physical work of art that may be observed or touched! With simple lines, Abdel Moein masters the idea that he wishes to convey. With the use of a hard metal, as bronze, he captures the softest of feelings and relations. His sculptures’ titles may provide an idea of his exhibition, Day Dream, Anticipation, Compassion, Night resistor, Awakening, The Cat, Mother and more.     read

and Mixed Media classes with Thuraya Al-Baqsami
Mono-print and Mixed Media classes with Thuraya Al-Baqsami

Date:February 6, 7, 8, 9. Monday – Thursday 11 am - 1 pm Thuraya Al-Baqsami was born in Kuwait in 1951 and is a dedicated artist and writer. She is best-known for her colorful paintings and prints that tackle many themes including women's issues and include folkloric elements from a number of cultures. She studied for two years in the College of Fine Arts in Cairo, Egypt (1972-74) and completed her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Master's degree in Book Illustration at the Surikov Arts Institute in Moscow, Russia (1974-81). She also completed several courses in silk painting, batik and ceramics in Dakar, Senegal and has exhibited her work all over the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the US. The classes at the Contemporary Art Platform are a part of the ongoing program showcasing Jafar Islah and his peers. Participants will learn to how to creatively use a number of materials and to create prints without the use of a press, making it easy to continue art practice at home. Thuraya Al-Baqsami has previously taught classes at the American University of Kuwait; Bayt Lothan; Kabul University in Afghanistan; Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Mauritius; in Brussels, Belgium; and in Essen, Germany; among others. For class fees and registration please email or call 24925636. read
BOUSHAHRI ART GALLERY ~ Private Collection 
Private Collection 

A private collection showcasing the works of Dali, Matisse, Margo Villon, Amin el-Bacha- Paul  Guiragossian and others...Not to be missed!!! Date:Sunday, January 29 – February 9, 2012 read
Mendeel Um A7mad (N x I x S x M) ~ CAP Kuwait
Mendeel Um A7mad (N x I x S x M)
CAP Kuwait

Artist:   Fatima Al-Qadiri & Khalid al Gharaballi Date:    January 25 - February 9     Exhibition Title:            Mendeel Um A7mad (N x I x S x M)  Mendeel Um A7mad (N x I x S x M) is a multimedia installation by New York-based artists Fatima Al Qadiri and Khalid al Gharaballi, to be exhibited at Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) in Kuwait from January 25 to February 9, 2012. The Arab Fund for Art and Culture (AFAC) grant-winning project presents the tissue box as an unlikely Kuwaiti national icon. The two-part installation consists of a film projected inside a monumental tissue box–created in collaboration with Kuwait-based designers Aziz Alqatami and Nanu Al-Hamad. In this project the artists investigate the notion of “gendered space,” by uncovering the role, context, design and discourse present in the Kuwaiti ritual/space of Chai Dhaha. Chai Dhaha is the ritual of pre-noon tea amongst middle-aged Kuwaiti women–an informal female forum that exists parallel to the Diwaniya (the male forum). The artists interpret Chai Dhaha through creating a film, shot in Kuwait at a hotel ballroom and featuring four middle-aged female characters played by a cast of younger men. Al Qadiri and al Gharaballi pay homage to the legacy of Abdul-Aziz Al Nimish, the legendary actor who for decades performed the roles of mature women when it was viewed as unseemly for women of that age group to perform in public. The film is set out-of-context in a hotel ballroom, as opposed to a residential living room, to illustrate the absurd spatial conditions of post-oil boom Kuwaiti interior aesthetics–where designing to human scale took a backseat to supersized ostentation.   read
Furniture is the Servant of Fantasy ~ CAP Kuwait
Furniture is the Servant of Fantasy
CAP Kuwait

CAP II – Warehouse Space   Artist:           Al-Hamad Design Date:            January 11 - 18   Exhibition Title:            Furniture is the Servant of Fantasy The debut design collection by Al-Hamad Design, this line of furniture and design objects is a light-hearted reflection on innovation and luxury. Raised in Southern California, the Kuwaiti designer has produced his line on a foundation of new concepts. With a focus on interactive user experience, the collection includes modular pieces, stone and leather chairs, and glow-in-the-dark garden furniture for the contemporary collector. read
Jafar Islah - Retrospective exhibit ~ CAP Kuwait
Jafar Islah - Retrospective exhibit
CAP Kuwait

CAP – Main Space Jafar Islah - Retrospective exhibit   Date: Sunday, January 15, 2012; 7pm   Jafar Islah was born in 1946 in Kuwait and has most recently lived in Turkey and India. His work is not limited to drawing and painting--he engages with the world around him via a number of mediums, including large-scale sculpture and tapestry, and even designed a series of stamps commemorating Kuwait's national independence in 1991.  In this art retrospective CAP narrates the career of Jafar Islah, a cornerstone of the 1970s Kuwait art movement. The exhibition includes autobiographic materials, fifty never-before seen drawings and thirty paintings from the collections of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development among others. Jafa rIslah has previously exhibited his seminal sculpture and art work in Jakarta, Bali, Seville, Florence, Kuwait and Cairo. read
SUBLIME and HIDDEN ~ Al M. Gallery
Al M. Gallery

Artist:                            Hameed Khazaal Exhibition Title:            SUBLIME and HIDDEN   Opening on January 9, 2012 at 7-8pm. Exhibition ongoing until 2nd of February, 2012. This three-week long exhibition celebrates the work of Kuwaiti artist Hameed Khazaal. The exhibition will feature several paintings from two different periods of the artist’s career (80’s and 00’s) and it will be his first solo exhibition in 8 years. United by a common idea, all paintings are an exploration of symbols and forms, an intimate trip inside human emotions, subconscious or unconscious, caught and reinterpreted by Hameed. Narrative works where Man and Woman are the main protagonists as fluid silhouettes, separated in canvases and separated in emotions. Well-known for his experimental dramatic surrealist expressive style in earlier works and with abstractionism in his later works, Hameed Khazaal represents one of the biggest figures of Kuwaiti art history. read
Hussein Madi ~ Dar Al Funoon
Hussein Madi
Dar Al Funoon

Artist:          Hussein Madi Date:            30 Jan - 23 Feb 2012   Hussein Madi, painter, sculptor, and printmaker, is revered among the Arab world’s foremost artists. Born in 1938 in Chebaa, Lebanon, Madi studied painting at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in Beirut. In 1963 he traveled to Rome to pursue his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti, the Accademia San Giacomo and a number of the city’s free ateliers. Madi resided in Rome for the next twenty-two years. In 1987 he returned to live permanently in Lebanon. He has had more than ninety major exhibitions all over the world. Over the course of a fifty-year astounding career, he has brilliantly covered all the major fields of endeavor in fine arts. read
Dar Al Funoon

Artist:          Khaled Farhan Date:            16 - 26 Jan 2012   Khaled Farhan is a young artist with international fame who represents the line of modern sculpture in its global dimensions. Farhan works on the plurality of raw materials such as stone and wood, iron and bronze. This exhibition contains a variety of artistic pieces in a variety of topics that combines his three-dimensional sculptures and two-dimensional paintings. In fact, Farhan seeks to find a continuous dialogue between these artistic dimensions within his artwork. The work of the sculptor highlights also the poetic and the aesthetic aspects of each artwork in a simple and artistic way. read
Marsam Al Hur ~ Gallery Tilal
Marsam Al Hur
Gallery Tilal

Date:           22nd January -2nd February 2012 Title of Exhibition: Marsam Al Hur   When documenting the formative Art movement in Kuwait, it is evident that the Establishment of the Free Atelier in 1959 marks a milestone of this movement, creating the infrastructure of the current Kuwait formative Art. Sprouting from the Annual “Spring – Exhibitions” held between 1968 and 1995, then branching to the inauguration of the Kuwait Society of Formative Art in 1967, and later holding Exhibitions by the National Council for Culture, Art & Literature since 1973. The steady progress of accomplishments of these Art Activities contributed in building the youth and supporting young talents in a healthy and fertile environment. This era witnessed the birth of the leaders of the Kuwaiti Formative Artists of all fields of art, sculpture, photography, pottery …. On the 50th Anniversary of establishing the Free Attiler “Gallery Tilal” takes pride to celebrate the pioneer artists and some of those who followed during those memorable times. read
 Dates:                                4th -15th December 2011   Name of the Exhibition :      Adel Bujbara   A silent Photography Exhibition that speaks a thousand words of freedom and speech and space…. Abdo Khal, Saudi Arabian writer and winner of the 2010 'Arabic Booker', reflects on Adel’s Exhibition with those words. Life is a prison, nothing is joyful… This notion in apparent form conception. Beginning in the womb, tethered to a placenta, constrained in movement and surrounded by pitch blackness. As soon as we escape the confines of this womb into the bleak world, we are confronted with more cages that haunt us and imprison us eternally. Even the physical human form hinders our spirits from soaring into nirvana… Look around you carefully and see these cages clearly; they are countless: The atmosphere surrounding he earth, the forces of nature, our homes, our offices, the endless decrees, prohibition and restrictions. What is left? A boss who bosses, a ruler who rules, an education that fails to educate. Loans and worries of the future consume our days with hard work and misery. Even the lover who strives to capture your heart does so with unconditional malice. Imprisoning you through your lust and affection enslaving you through yourself. Everything deconstructs you while you live your imprisoned life, waiting for your certain death: Nothing is Joyful! Adel my friend: shall I say to you what has been said to Bader Shaker Al-Sayyab: Hold on to your death! Shall we face reality or move on with our life naiveté pretending we are free? No – Adel – growl and cry: Nothing is Joyful! read
The Colorful World of HAMID AL HUMAIDHAN: Celebrated 12-Year-Old Artist Holds Show for Charity. Dar Al-Funoon and Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait (CAP Kuwait) collaborate to showcase the talent of virtuoso painter Hamid Al-Humaidhan.   Date:                           14 - 28 of December 2011 Title of Exhibition:      Colorful World Location: Shuwaikh, Block 2, St. 28. Life Center: Top Floor. (Across from Shuwaikh Immigration Office, same building as Eureka & Midas).   Hamad Al Humaidhan is a young boy of 12 and has been painting since the age of 7. His early exhibitions were in England; the family lives in the United Kingdom where his mother is seeking a doctorate in Microbiology. Hamad paints his world with youthful emotions—his characters, some real, some legendary and others just imaginary are composed with mastery. His paintings are vivid and youthful expressions, which today can be compared to any established artists developing their subjects on society. Hamid Al Humaidhan placed third in Top Tenz list of Exceptional Children and Teenagers and has been featured on the BBC, amongst other major media outlets. Proceeds from Hamad’s exhibition will go to the Kuwait Dream Centre for autistic children. Public Programs: Painting Class for Children Ages 12 and under. Along with the exhibition there will be painting events on the 18, 19 and 20 December whereby young children can join Hamad to paint from 4 to 6pm. CAP Hours: Morning: 10am-1pm, Evening: 5-9pm. Sunday-Thursday. Saturday by appointment.     Meditative Calligraphy: Writing as Worship, Contemplation & Reflection Salon: 8 pm Thursday, December 1 Workshop: 3 pm Saturday, December 10 Taught by FareedAbdal Class fees will be donated to Kuwait University’s organic gardening program, run by Althat group. For more details:    read
SHAY - MAIYAT  ~ Gallery Tilal
Gallery Tilal

Date:   13th -24th November 2011 Title of Exhibition: Shay – Maiyat (Shayma’a Ashkanani) Shayma’a Ashkanani The idea and subject of her artwork is figurative abstract and particularly of women’s anatomy. This collection is an evolved version of transforming figures into cubes using transparent water colors and reflection the soul of a dreamy woman. Her artwork captivates the heart and speaks of deep hidden emotions all set into letting loose to your wildest imaginations. It is a reflection sensual and past experiences embedded in the sublime. Those paintings are the art burst of sincere sensational feelings of the inner soul exposed and put under the viewer’s disposal. read
JAMM EXHIBITION ~ Contemporary Art Platform, Exhibition Space 2
Contemporary Art Platform, Exhibition Space 2

Date:   November 20th - December 10th Title of Exhibition: How I Learned to Stop Fearing and  Love Exotic Art, Text in contemporary Arab and Iranian art    by JAMM Highlighting the use of writing in the field of contemporary Arab and Iranian art, JAMM”s exhibition will feature artworks that incorporate text in its various forms- calligraphy, graffiti, quotations, poems and sometimes just a single letter. Featuring works by both emerging and established Middle Eastern artists, the participating artists include Parviz Tanavoli, Hassan Hajjaj, Farideh Lashai, Katya Traboulsi, Fareed Abdal, Amira Behbehani, Shezad Dawood, Nargess Hashemi, Susan Hefuna and Farhad Moshiri. read
MASHREQ VS. MAGHREB ~ Contemporary Art Platform, Exhibition Space 1 
Contemporary Art Platform, Exhibition Space 1 

Date:   October 19th - December 4th Title of Exhibition: Mashreq vs. Maghreb Abstract Art by Modern Masters From October 19 through December 4 2011, the Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait, unveils Mashreq vs. Maghreb: Abstract Art by Modern Masters, a quintessential collection of 80+ pieces of modern abstract artwork. The luscious works are gathered from Algeria to Iraq—from where the sun rises on the Arab world to where it sets—and collects these colors in Industrial Shuwaikh, Kuwait. The Mashreq vs. Maghreb exhibit, curated by acclaimed curator and gallerist Claude Lemand, will be comprised of large-scale paintings, sculptures and engravings. The exquisite set of works will be available for sale. CAP will also sponsor a series of workshops, inviting budding artists to experiment with the colors and textures of daily life. read
DAR AL FUNOON PRESENTS ~ Bader Al Bassam - Pulse, Snap and Beyond...
Bader Al Bassam - Pulse, Snap and Beyond...

Opening at 7pm on Monday 17th October and continuing through to Thursday 27th October, 2011   Since the age of eight, Bader has been drawn to painting and music. He studied piano and guitar at the Music Institute of Kuwait for five years. Time spent in the Navy provided an opportunity for travel. During his journeys he developed a passion for photography and almost compulsively captured images of people in motion and static landscapes in natural light. Included in this exhibition are works showing images captured of street scenes in Yemen, Cuba, Russia and Turkey. Recently he has been invited to demonstrate and teach his special techniques of potography in Issum, Germany and Sasneham in the Netherlands. “Photography talks and it is a powerful tool” says Bader. “What we see is the moment when the eye freezes, but the pulse continues and the sequence of the image pulsates in one’s mind interminable dialogues, renewals and rediscovery”.   Exhibition Hours Sunday to Thursday: 10am - 1pm & 4 - 8pm Friday and Saturday: by appointment     The artist expresses his gratitude to Sheikha Intissar Salem Ali Al-Sabah for her ongoing encouragement for his work. read
ARAB_ FALL ~ the Sultan Gallery
the Sultan Gallery

Title of Exhibition:  Arab Fall  Exhibition dates & Timing: 4th – 20th October, 2011 Opening (in the presence of 'Bokja Design' - Hoda Baroudi & Maria Hibri)   :     4th October ; 7 – 9 pm5th October ;  10am – 4 pm & 7 - 9pm6th – 20th October ; 10am - 4pm (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)Venue:    South Sabhan, Block 8 , Street 105, Building 168About Arab Fall:        Recognizing as always its deep roots in the region and the wider Levant, and inspired by the wave of social and political developments sweeping the Arab world, ‘Bokja Design’ will show a series of globes and two installations at an event entitled “ Arab _                                                                               Fall” at the Sultan Gallery in Kuwait during the period from 4th – 20th October, 2011.   ‘Bokja Design’ chose to represent solely Arab countries, and to stretch them out on a complete globe - challenging an instantly recognizable icon. By presenting the map of the Arab world in different colorfully upholstered designs, the series of globes essentially aim to draw attention to the region as a seething macrocosm of change and to express the extent of its sweep and diversity.   The globes are complemented by two installations; one of which shows the Arab world as-is. Another parallel and facing wall-hanging will show the map through according to Bokja; interpreted through the prism of what will come. About Bokja Bokja* was established in the year 2000 by Lebanese designers Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri who brought a similar passion for detail and history to the furniture, which they create under the same name. Baroudi and Hibri source furniture designs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, unearthed in Beirut’s flea-markets and antique dealerships, and then cover them with exuberant tapestries and textiles from the Levant and the legendary Silk Road countries of Central Asia. Combining ancient culture with repurposed modern design, Bokja is creating one-of-a-kind pieces that offer an explosion of color, pattern and a richly textured sense of history. In 2009, Bokja was chosen to be featured in Li-Edelkoort’s (founder and former director of Eindhoven School of Design) retrospective, where she highlighted what she judged to be the most important themes that have influenced trends in fashion, photography, and design. Other designers in the exhibit included Marcel Wanders, Christian Lacroix, Studio Job, the Campana brothers and Philippe Starck, to mention a few. Li Edelkoort is one of the world’s most renowned trend forecasters. In 2003 TIME Magazine named her one of the world’s 25 Most Influential People in Fashion, and in 2004 she was listed in Icon as one of the 21 Most Important People in Design. At Salone 2010, they presented the “Conversation Sofas” 2 curved sofas positioned face to face in an “S” shape and boasting beautiful vintage and contemporary fabrics from around the world. The project celebrates the narratives and experiences that make up a sofa.  The idea is that the object – in this case the sofa – is the moment from which conversations between time and place emerge, and that these narratives and stories don’t cease to exist with the object, but go on to live beyond it. The Sotheby’s Material Worlds Exhibition 2011 brought together cutting-edge, one-off and limited edition works in strikingly different materials by 11 artists and designers. Among which Bokja’ s duo Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri presented the giant Queen Bees that were made from recycled metal and vintage fabric and were designed to highlight the plight the rapid depletion of the world’s bee population. The juxtaposition of these overtly 21st century works in the medieval setting of Sudeley Castle created a dramatic impact.Bokja has always been an active commentator on the Lebanese social and political situation, so it is only natural that the scope be extended. Following the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and in the wake of the demonstrations that ensued, ‘Bokja Design’ created a series of furniture commemorating those events. Similarly, in the wake of the Israeli invasion of 2006, a special salute was given to displaced citizens, by upholstering pieces in the colorful fabrics that were seen piled up on cars fleeing the south.   *Bokja is a Turkish word that describes an intricately worked fabric created to cover a bride’s dowry.                                        read

The FA Gallery is proud to invite you to its exhibition of “Hurrem Sultan” Date: Tuesday, September 27th 2011; 7pm to October 6th, 2011 Hurrem Sultan exhibition will celebrate the different tastes of Turkey and Ottoman culture with fashion, furniture and accessories, with a complete selection of top designers and artists that portrait the spirits, traditions and creativity of Modern Turkey through its heritage and history.   The exhibition will pay tribute to Hurrem Sultan, the renowned Queen of the Ottoman Empire who has embodies for several century the image of Women and Power.   read

Date: 23rd October – 3rd November, 2011 Title of Exhibition:    Ahmed Abu Adas Exhibition A Jordanian artist born with a talent and a sensitivity towards colors, shapes and movement. He learned to decipher the codes of Art drawing to be a mature young artist. He became infatuated with the horse’s movements, moods, powers and panache, which were vividly reflected in his paintings and became his signature in succeeded Artwork. He emphasized on the perfection of the horse’s conformation then his passion of horses escalated to include to the poetry and literature of horse related subjects.By now he has reserved himself a prominent state in the Art scene.   read
WHAT'S ON ~ Gallery Tilal
Gallery Tilal

  Date:         4th – 29th September, 2011 Title of Exhibition: Photo Frenzy Gallery Tilal sheds light on “PHOTOGRAPHY” as Art. If elements of Art are line, shape, form, space, value and color; equally, the elements of PHOTOGRAPHY are light, shade, depth, composition, technique, exposure and subject. Some Artist create Art using brushes, paint, chisels, clay, bronze, wood. Other Artists (Photographers) manipulate “Light” to produce Art. Photo Frenzy sums four exhibitions that reflect four different types of Photography: Fine Art Photography: September 4-8, by Faisal Al Bisher & Jamal Al Ayoubi. Sports Photography: September 11-15, by Faisal Hamada, Ali Al Zaidi, Saad Al Farhan & AbdulAziz Al Asousi. Female Photographers: September 18-22, by Zainab Abdal, Heba Al-Jad'aan, Duha Al Mutawa. Underwater Photography: September 25-29, by Ammar Al Fouzan.   · In cooperation with Tahani AlAyoub.     Date:         25th – 29th September, 2011 Title of Exhibition: Underwater Photography & Marine – Ammar AlFouzan A passionate underwater photographer with desire and a vision. With dedication and imagination he is able to create magnificent underwater images. Into the Deep he dives to retrieve images of a silent yet vibrant world full of colors and creatures. Underwater Photography is a challenging area of photography as it requires very specialized equipment, diving skills and techniques. In addition underwater photographers must master correct exposure, accurate focus, controlled movement and equally overcome the extreme loss of color and contract resulting from significant depths. This Exhibition will be the first of its kind in Kuwait and it will continue to be an annual event as it is of artistic and environmental importance. *A group of companies related to Underwater Photography will be present to complement the event such as Dive Centers / Marine Equipment Companies / Environment Activists / An Underwater-Camera Company / Scientific Center. read
Napket restaurant, located in The Avenues mall, launched an exhibition this week to support and encourage the work of young Kuwaiti photographers. The exhibition, which was launched this week, is part of the restaurant's social responsibility plans. Napket is seeking to empower Kuwaiti youth by providing a powerful platform for expression through creativity and art. The restaurant's chic and busy location is ideal for providing exposure for the young photographers and turning the spotlight on their work. The exhibition includes eight rising stars of Kuwait's contemporary photography scene and will continue for two weeks.   read
Lahd Gallery is celebrating its first year in London with a review exhibition showcasing artworks from Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.Launching on 8 July 2011 and coinciding with the Shubbak festival the exhibition will feature a rolling programme of its best pieces highlighting the breadth of the region’s talents and communities, often rejecting stereotypes and providing an eye-opening view into the lives and thoughts of people within Arabic countries.The featured artists will include contemporary Pop Art duo Hamad & Ali; Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin who shows us the secret world of the Gulf’s society girls where each image is shot with a bullet from a M16 sniper rifle; Nabeela Al Khayer from Bahrain with her daring use of colours and Arabic poetry; and Tagreed Al Bagshi from Saudi Arabic whose self portraits combine mediation, rebellion, stillness and weakness. read
KTAA ~ The 2011 Annual Kuwait
Textile Arts Exhibition and Bazaar
The 2011 Annual Kuwait Textile Arts Exhibition and Bazaar

Name of Presentation: The 2011 Annual Kuwait Textile Arts Exhibition and Bazaar Venue: Majeeb Al Dorsori Center in the Mishref Co-Operative Area . Block 4 Date:Opening Day is Wednesday, 18 May at 6:30 pm. for 7 pm. Ribbon cutting. Exhibition Hours: Wednesday, 18 May from 7-9 p.m., Thursday, 19 May 10-1 p.m. and 5-9 p.m., Friday, 20 May 5-9 p.m., Saturday, 21 May 10-9 pm. The Bazaar will be held on the 21st of May from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Details: This exhibition will be a showcase of our members’ creativity displaying textile arts, fiber arts and Sadu weaving. The bazaar will display many lovely handcrafted items available for purchase from our KTAA members. This is an event NOT to be missed! read
KHALID AL-SHATTI  ~ Exhibition

Venue: GALLERY TILAL Title of Exhibition: Khalid Al-Shatti Exhibition Date: From the 8th, until the 17th May, 2011.Details: Khalid al-Shatti – the developing artist Al-Shatti began his artistic explorations in 1986 with his first solo exhibition, which he considers his first real step into the world of formative arts, and the local art circles. Of his artistic development, the artist says: “My first painting was a collage of various textiles I had been working with, and the idea behind it was to showcase the skills I had developed at the time. “As an artist, I continually undergo constant evolution and dynamic changes, exploring various genres, techniques, mediums, and philosophic concepts. My solo exhibition in 2009 exemplifies one of these stages of change where my series was predominantly abstract. At this point, I feel things are just beginning, and I am more driven than ever to continue to experiment and adapt and explore. read
NEITHER HERE NOR THERE ~ Curated by Simin Dehghani
Curated by Simin Dehghani

Venue: DAR AL FUNOON Title of Exhibition: Neither Here Nor There, by Various Artists Date:  2nd - 19th May, 2011Opening Times: Opening at 7pm on Monday 2nd May Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 1pm & 4 - 8pm Details: How do we as humans deal with displacement, culture shock and denial? Historically this region has suffered or experienced events which have led to its people immigrating without knowing beforehand the serious effects and consequences of their decision on their lives. In some cases drastic changes within a country can cause a sense of alienation even though these individuals still inhabit the same space. Neither Here Nor There brings together the work of seven Iranian artists - Peyman Houshmandzadeh, Nima Alizdeh, Shantia Zakerameli, Adel Younesi, Rosita Sharafjahan, Afshin Chizari and Hamed Sahihi - Who each express the above-mentioned psychological reactions to the environment in which their subjects have suddenly found themselves. read
ZAN'IT AL SITTAT ~ In collaboration with The Third Line
In collaboration with The Third Line

Venue: SULTAN GALLERY Title of Exhibition: Zan’it Al Sittat by Huda Lutfi Date:  3rd - 19th May, 2011Opening times: 3rd May, 2011; 7 - 9pm 4th May, 2011; 10am – 4 pm & 7 – 9pm 5th - 19th May; 10am - 4 pm(Closed on Fridays & Saturdays) Details: Both historian and artist, Lutfi is a bricoleur. She collects disparate iconic images and manipulates them to re-invent her vision of Egyptian culture, its histories and events. In doing so, Lutfi simultaneously comments on the political relevance of her social context, lifting old feminine icons from history and giving them new life by re-contextualising historic time lines, creating hybridised, timeless female figures. read
A Time Capsule of Monochromic Moments
A Time Capsule of Monochromic Moments
Venue: Kuwait Arts Association Title of Exhibition: The First Novel, Photography Exhibition and book debut by visual artist  Hamad Al-Sarraf Date: From the 17th April, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. until the 28th of April 2011. About the Artist:"The power of expression, lies within simplicity & silence. Through a time capsule of monochromic moments, I express." - Artist Statement“The First Novel” by photographer Hamad Al-Sarraf embodies the experiences of the human soul and the varied metamorphoses of self-discovery, where he presents a visual journey of personal growth through a magnificent series of black and white photos accompanied by simplistic yet captivating prose.  read
Please, Touch.  ~ Art for the soul
Please, Touch. 
Art for the soul

Venue: Fa Gallery, Sharq, Block 04, Gulf road, Villa 76. Opposite Al-Amiri Hospital Title of Exhibition: PLEASE, TOUCH Date:  From Sunday, April 17th, at 07:00 p.m until April 21st, 2011. Upon opening our invitation, the barely readable lines immersed in harmonious shades of lilac pose as a beautiful mystery.  We squint carefully to read "An eye-blinder will be handed to all guests". The boggling confusion is quickly brought to an end with an even more powerful statement “if you find any difficulties with reading it, please consider those who can’t see this invitation at all.”"You don’t need your vision to stimulate your emotions Let your hands take the lead into your imagination Feel the pure light flourishing out from Cristina Portella’s butterflies in the art exhibition dedicated to the blind through the senses of touch and smell  "An art experience dedicated to the empowerment of the visually disabled community by exploring the world through the senses of touch and smell, The Fa Gallery is hosting this special exhibition under the patronage of her Excellency the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Moudhi Al-Humoud and with the collaboration of the Brazilian Embassy in Kuwait represented by his Excellency, the Brazilian Ambassador in Kuwait, Mr. Roberto Abdalla. The touring exhibition by the Brazilian artist, Cristina Portella, will be accompanied by the works of members of the Kuwait Blind Association.  Looking at nature as a definition of her identity, Cristina always looked at colors as an expression of her soul. Life only expresses when the soul comprehends the story line of existence. Purely sensorial at the base, the stimulating work of Cristina Portella invokes emotion and imagination by physically creating a relationship between the viewer and her artwork. By allowing one to touch, art is felt at a very basic level and emotions flow through the hand. The innovative approach of directing her work at the visually disabled is groundbreaking- lack of vision is not an obstacle because art is feeling. When Cristina created “Please Touch”, she was inspired by the Amazon and the fascinating migratory flight of butterflies, which gave her the liberty to work in paintings that represented the Brazilian regions, adapting the sensorial art and diverse techniques to each piece produced. She brought from the Amazon leaves, rocks, aromas and seeds, creating the educational scenario.The Exhibition represents the phases of these species, from the egg to the natural movement, each and every act of touching the painting allows one to find shelter in the imagination. A refreshing break from modern existence, the dire business of one's day has lead us to deviate away from enjoying the basic and most natural sense of all, touch. “Please Touch” represents the world of colors surrounded by magic and dreams. They are pigmentations that produce in their universe the gift of calm; these paintings are like a rainbow of emotions that confidentially transmit to each spectator living aquarelles in butterflies shape.In this mosaic of sensations, the five senses are improved, giving life to the pieces. The work of visual artist Cristina Portella gives shape to sensibility, creating the private symphony that only the soul experiences.In this fascinating exposition, colored paintings are created with personal mixed techniques. Conceived around tactile cellular sculptures and sensorial installations, Cristina sheds the light on the lives of butterflies in Braille and our 'usual' language. In addition, visually disabled persons were hired to guide the visitants, who have the option of wearing a blindfold to explore the exposition.See with the eyes of the soul, and enjoy an exhilarating art experience by visiting the Fa Gallery tonight at 7 p.m.Don't forget: Please, touch.      read

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SULTAN GALLERY Artist: Monira Al Qadiri Title of Exhibition: The Tragedy of Life Date:   12th - 14th April, 2011 Opening: 12th April; 7 - 9pm  13th April; 10am - 4pm & 7 - 9pm  14th April; 10am - 4pm  (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays) When defining the temperament of the modern age, the concept of the ‘Self’ is an important one. The Self, and the Self only, is taught to be glorified and worshipped, creating a system that renders it indifferent to others. During this process, it finds itself becoming more and more isolated from the world that surrounds it, and comes to experience a certain emptiness, an emptiness that arises from staring too long at an unattainable exaggerated reflection of itself.   Artist: Hamad & Ali Title of Exhibition: Reminiscing Kuwait II Date:   Tuesday, 19th April, 2011 The second installment of the Reminiscing Kuwait series launched in December 2007. The collection features mixed media paintings with the subject Kuwait and Arabic culture in the 1950’s and 1960’s as well as video installations. Hamad & Ali’s aim is to bring back memories of the past and conserve them for the future generations. The art work presented by Hamad & Ali invites the viewer to experience history and Arabic traditions from a playful and yet very detailed point of view. Using the history as a path to the future the artists’ work involved many contemporary and traditional painting techniques combined with digital imagery and photography.   Further this year Hamad & Ali’s eighth solo exhibition will be held at Lahd Gallery in London on May 26th, 2011.   Sultan Gallery is located in South Subhan, Block 8, Street 105, Building No. 168. For more information please call: 2471 4325 Ext. 110.   GALLERY TILAL Artist: Alaa Hegazi Title of Exhibition: Alaa Hegazi Exhibition Date:  Sunday, 10th April, 2011 Until:  Tuesday, 19th April, 2011 Alaa Hegazi: From expression to reality  Born in a rural Egyptian village in 1963, Hegazi recalls that his life was calm and tranquil until he moved to Cairo to pursue higher education. It was here that he was exposed to the frenzy of city life and the radical change associated with urbanism and politics. These energetic images provided the inspiration for his art: the creation of portraits that freeze his characters and figures in deliberate, passionate strokes of color. Artist: Abd-Rida Baqer Title of Exhibition: Abd-Rida Baqer Exhibition Date:  Sunday, 24th April, 2011 Until:  Tuesday, 3rd May, 2011 Abdul Rida mixes the current surrounding environment with the past experiences in his memory to rephrase the two images into a fresh Artistic impression far beyond tradition. Baqer indulges in the abstract method without concealing the original identity of the Artwork. The exhibition includes 39 paintings using Pastel / Oil and Canvas in a series titled “Baqer’s Work of Art”.   Gallery Tilal is located in Shuwaikh, Jahra Road, Tilal Complex, M3-M4. For more information please call: 222 56101 or email You can also check out their facebook page.  TIES CENTER TIES Ladies Club Moroccan Cuisine Date:  Thursday, 7th April, 2011 Until:  Thursday, 28th April, 2011 between 5:30 - 8:00pm TIES Ladies Club invites all of you to come and join in the preparation of the Moroccan cuisine, the “perfumed soul of our culture” a unique blend of African, Arab and African influences resulting in a cuisine characterized by its subtle scents, delicate flavors and elegant presentations. Come and learn the preparation of Moroccan food! TIES Ladies Club International Bazaar Date:  Saturday, 16th April, 2011 9:00am - 4:00pm Stop by and have the opportunity to see and even own some international antiques on display and taste the delicious foods on display. Also have your name inscribed in Arabic calligraphy at no cost and have a taste of Arabic Ice Cream. Various items will be available for sale, such as pashmina shawls, accessories, jewelry, Mexican food, Indian food, Cosmetics, Cookies, Handbags, Traditional Kuwaiti - Style dresses and many more. And there will be a lot of entertainment for kids such as Bouncy Castle for Kids. All Are Welcome   For more information please contact TIES on 2523 105/6 or 9722 8860 or visit A.W.A.R.E. CENTER AWARE Fun Day Date:  Saturday, 23rd April, 2011 10:00am - 5:00pm Join us for a leisurely day together! A day to socialize, engage in friendly sporting competitions or test your cultural knowledge of Kuwait.   Buffet lunch will be included. * *Open to the Western-Expatriate community. Reservations Required.   For further details or tickets; Contact AWARE Tel: 2533 5280. Log onto or email them at read
what's on?
what's on?
GALLERY TILAL Title of Exhibition: Marking International Women’s Day Date:           Sunday, 6th March, 2011                         Until Tuesday, 15th March, 2011 A bouquet of Artists. Join together to celebrate “Life of a Woman” in a unique exhibition utilizing acrylic, photography, ink, calligraphy to set the mood for an artistic expressions of gratitude for a blessing set on earth called “Woman”. Medium:    Multimedia on Canvas   Artists & their artwork:  Jabor Alwan; an Iraqi artist, his paintings capture different moods of a woman. Rama Al Kanawati; a Syrian artist. Portraits joy ornamented with poetry. Shurooq Amin; a Kuwaiti artist. Personifies the strength of a woman through her paintings. Amira Behbehani; a Kuwaiti artist. Expresses female nostalgia in her work of art. Walid Al Agha; a Syrian artist. Outlines women with poetry. Riyadh Neamah; an Iraqi Artist. Reflection of a mother in a child eyes.           Title of Exhibition: Stories of Eves. Date:           Sunday, 20th March, 2011                         Until Tuesday, 29th March, 2011 Ghadah Alkandari has been exhibiting her work both locally and internationally since 1994. Locally, she has had solo exhibitions at the Boushahry Gallery, Dar Al-Funoon and Sultan Gallery. Internationally she has participated in several Biennales, including Sharja and Florence. She has also exhibited at the Institute Du Monde Arabe in Paris and The Third Line Gallery in Dubai. Ghadah Alkandari describing her works Stories of Eves;   A year ago, I did four small pieces to be exhibited at the Dar Nur boutique. I called the mini-collection Stories of Eves, simply because the women in these works were all called Eve (imagine the confusion in their lives!) and each Eve had her little story. However, I had more than four stories to tell, so I decided to paint my narratives on larger canvases. This exhibition is a collection of these tales.   Gallery Tilal is located in Shuwaikh, Jahra Road, Tilal Complex, M3-M4. For more information please call: 222 56101 or email . You can also check out their facebook page.   SULTAN GALLERY Title of Exhibition: The Children of Gaza Date:                8th - 17th March, 2011 Opening:          8th March; 7- 9pm                          9th March; 10am - 4pm & 7 - 9pm                          10th - 17th March; 10am - 4pm                          (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays) Last year, three international photographers with the support of Al Madad Foundation and Save the Children entered Gaza. For nearly two weeks the award winning photographers photographed children and their families; victims of the Israeli incursion on December 27th2008. The images are extraordinary, they tell of what happened and the damage done, physically and psychologically but they also tell of a people particularly the children, bright, intelligent and full of hope.   The exhibition hopes to define the process in which art can bring understanding to seemingly intractable political conflict as well as to highlight the terrible consequences long and short term of such conflicts. Proceeds from the exhibition will go to Save the Children projects in Gaza particularly its outstanding work with conflict traumatized children.   Sultan Gallery is located in South Subhan, Block 8, Street 105, Building No. 168. For more information please call: 2471 4325 Ext. 110.   AL SADU HOUSE Name of Presentation: British School of Kuwait with a Parade of Theater Costumes. Date:           Tuesday, 8th March, 2011                     Doors open at 6:30pm for 7:00pm This presentation will be a highly interactive parade of costumes from the drama students of the British School of Kuwait and will be moderated by Patricia Whelan, PR and Marketing Manager at BSK; Beverley Ross, SCC of Art and Design and Gina Thorpe, Costume Designer.   The evening will close with a cameo performance from the forthcoming BSK production of Dreamcoat. Music from previous BSK Productions such as My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera, Evita and Blood Brothers will be an enjoyable backdrop to the evening.   Al Sadu House is located next to the Kuwait National Museum, Arabian Gulf Street. For more information please email: or   read
American singer-songwriter David Gates has a lot to answer for. Whilst with the ‘easy-listening’ band Bread and penning numerous interminable dirges, he coined the line ‘If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you’. Back in 1971 it probably made a whole lot more sense than it does now. Ask Ghadah Alkandari to explain her work to you, and it’s unlikely you’ll get a thousand word story in return. It’s not through any rudeness or pomposity, but because she genuinely feels those artists who so readily deliver a ‘meaning’ for their works are providing an unnecessary service to their viewers. Typically when Alkandari creates the portraits of her women (as she did for her Yellow Tapes Portraits show as The Sultan Gallery in 2009), there is no engagement, nothing happening, they are just staring out at the viewer. Her works characteristically represent a state of being. But the ‘Stories of Eves’ works are different. There is some action. “To me it’s a lot about what happened before and what will happen after the moment that is captured in the painting,” she explains. “The most obvious example in my mind is the painting with the chicks. Eve is just sitting there playing with the chicks. But in my mind, right after this painting was done, she killed them all. I don’t think it’s funny, it’s just what I see happened.” So, when people ask her these questions, is she really going to tell them to just think for themselves? “What’s wrong with saying that?” she states. “I’m going to ask what is it they think when they look at it. Why does an artist have to have the answer? Shouldn’t people be able to think for themselves? Why should there be limitations or specifications as to what an artist can or can’t be?” Ok. That seems clear enough. Alkandari’s show can be seen as her reaction to how Arab women are often simply referred to as ‘Hawa’, or ‘Eve’. “I’ve always hated it,” she says. It may be seen by some as a poetic way to refer to women, but to Alkandari it is quite simply “cheesy”.  The show had its beginning in a short series of works she created for Dar Nur earlier this year and that simply happened to focus on women – not wanting to bother with names she called each of them ‘Eve’. Of the ‘Eves’ in her latest show she is keen to point out that they are different women; they are just all called ‘Eve’. Only two male characters feature in this show, one of whom Alkandari named ‘Adam’. Interestingly though ‘Adam’ is not actually a man, so perhaps even Adam is Eve as well. The second male features as the key element in her work ‘Flash Mob’. This sees the solitary male surrounded-one imagines much to his surprise and consternation-by a crowd of Eves. “I love flash-mobs”, she says, whilst insisting she is not trying to inspire or incite a flash-mob. Yeah. Right. Not much. read
SEE ART, LOVE ART, BUY ART ~ As contemporary art hits
the auction block in Kuwait, bazaar brings you some highlights and behind- the- scenes glimpses of this much
awaited auction. 
As contemporary art hits the auction block in Kuwait, bazaar brings you some highlights and behind- the- scenes glimpses of this much awaited auction. 

For anyone passionate about art, the contemporary art auction in Kuwait, hosted by JAMM will be a transformative experience. The auction on February 9 at the Avenues will present a superb offering of over 90 works by celebrated Arab and Iranian artists and a select number of international artists.   The art auction, now in it’s second edition provides an unparalled opportunity for collectors and art enthusiasts to view the largest and most diverse showcase of contemporary art. The auction has indeed started a fresh wave of contemporary art in the country. The art auction bears ample testimony to Kuwait’s broadening of art taste, a frenzy for buying high-quality artworks and the continous growing enthusiasm with which the country welcomes quality works.  JAMM is the brainchild of Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah and Lydia Limerick. It is an independent strategic art advisory. Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah,co-founder of JAMM, is a woman of many talents and accomplishments. A journalist, a consultant for Christie's International, and a former Middle East Director for Phillips de Pury & Company, success seems to follow her wherever she goes and whatever she applies herself to.  The primary goals of JAMM include helping corporate and private clients with their art collection, curating and maintaining it and representing artists, besides a wide range of other responsibilities. The thrust is also on nurturing a more cohesive art community in the region. JAMM also conducts exhibitions across the globe- London, New York, Turkey and Dubai.  “We hope to continue to provide a platform for Kuwaiti artists and to foster links between the East and the West through various art events and cultural exchanges,” emphasises Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah. “JAMM will host its second auction in Kuwait on 9 February featuring over 90 works by emerging and established Arab and Iranian artists and a select number of international artists as well. We expect over 400 in attendance, over 40 people (collectors and art enthusiasts) will be flying in from abroad,” says Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah.   She further adds that a public exhibition of the artworks will take place on 8 February, ahead of the auction. JAMM hopes that the preview will provide an opportunity for the public to visit and enjoy the art that will go under the hammer on the 9th.  The art auction is fast becoming a highlight of Kuwait’s art events calendar that brings together some of the finest local, regional and other international artists. Last year, the sales notched more than half a million dollars and the event was a huge success. Taking top honors were “The Rabbits” by the Iranian artist Farideh Lashai that sold for 37,000 US dollars. The art lots are dominated by Arab and Iranian works .This year, some top names include Rahim Sharif, Farideh Lashai, Rokni Haerizadeh, Nabil Nahas,Ibi Ibrahim, Afsoon , Reza Derakshani , and Ahmed Alsoudani to our very own Shurooq Amin and Amira Behbehani. Adding lustre to the auction are some international artworks, including Damien Hirst’s “Psalm Print” and Andy Warhol’s “Cow Pink on Yellow ”-art print. Hirst’s Psalm print draws directly from the butterfly collages of his larger gloss paintings. The undisputed highlight at the auction would be a limited-edition vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe (from her last photo-shoot in 1961), adorned with Swarovski crystals, by the legendary American photographer Bert Stern entitled “Jeweled Roses in Pink”, estimated between $18,500 and $20,100 18,500. One of the several works that connoisseurs will probably chase will be “Dark Ruby, Red Pearl” of Derakshani. Another visually-arresting canvas is, “Washing the Coffee House” by a very talented Iranian artist, Rokni Haerizadeh. This amazing artist’s work –“Washing the Coffee House” is estimated to fetch between $ 55,400- 56,800. Another interesting piece that goes under hammer is by Shurooq Amin.She is well known for her satirical depiction of the world around her and is a very sought after artist. Her painting entitled “My Louboutins” is estimated between $ 11,360 and 12,100.  Talking of her piece, Shurooq says. “It is the last of the Society Girls series. “It's a satirical depiction of modern Arabian Gulf society. The depiction of the woman is based on an exaggerated truth, where she seems to be in her own personal bubble of happiness, a state of happiness reliant solely on the fact that she has succeeded in upstaging her girlfriends with the her trendy designer shoes-of-the-moment – the infamous red-soled Christian Louboutin pumps.”    “As with the entire “Society Girls” series, there is a controversial juxtaposition of traditional elements with contemporary elements; namely, the polarity between East and West”. Other pieces of note include, Bahraini artist, Rahim Sharif’s painting titled -Hat and bathtub, (Oil on Canvas) estimated between $ 15,620- 17,050.  The sale also includes groundbreaking work of twenty-something, Ibi Ibrahim , a Yemen born photographer. His work has garnered widespread acclaim. In his series“Habibi Habibti”, Ibrahim portrays a love story that undergoes many trials and tribulations. Bursting with creativity, Amira Behbehani’ s captivating piece entitled “Power ” (mixed media) is a tribute to the artist’s beloved aunt. “To me painting is a nine to five job like any other... sometimes nine to midnight when under pressure ... you work and discard and discover,” says Lebanese-American artist Nabil Nahas, whose “ Untitled ” is also on sale. Another star attraction would be Simeen Farhat, Pakistan born, US based artist and academic whose stunning works will also be featured at the auction. The artist says, “ I pose questions for each culture to examine from their own perspective.” After the last year’s success and growing demand for good art grows, it is clear that Kuwait as an art auction centre is on its way to becoming second to none! Keeping in mind the fast-growing appetite and appreciation for quality artworks at the right price, all pieces at the auction will be under 14,000 KWD (50,000 US dollars), assures Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah.  Part of the proceeds from this sale will benefit KAACH, the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital. The auction will be conducted by renowned auctioneer, Aileen Agopian. The JAMM auction is sponsored by HSBC Private Bank. Also lending their support are the sponsors, Intishar Holdings and Va Va Voom cosmetics. read
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what's on
  DAR AL FUNOON Title of Exhibition: Book Launch and Exhibition of Artist : Dia Al-Azzawi Artist : Parviz Tanavoli Date:           Monday, 31st January, 2011                         Until Thursday, 10th February, 2011                         Opening at 7:00pm Dia Al-Azzawi: Retrospective is a complete monograph highlighting the artist’s oeuvre, displaying over 200 color plates of his art from the 1960s to his most recent paintings. It includes essays, in English and Arabic, by Dr. Nada M. Shabout, As’ad Orabi, Buland Al-Haidari and Nadine Descendre. It also includes an extensive bibliography, listing over 140 titles on Al-Azzawi, exhibitions list, and rare photographs from the artist’s personal archive. Parviz Tanavoli: Monograph is the most extensive catalogue raisonne on the artist to date, including over 250 color plates displaying his sculptures from the early 1960s to his most recent work. In English and Arabic, this publication includes essays by academics and personal accounts by the artist’s friends and family, as well as passages from Tanavoli’s memoirs. Exhibition Hours:                         Sunday to Thursday                         10:00am - 1:00pm                          4:00pm - 8:00pm Friday and Saturday: By appointment Dar Al Funoon is located in Al-Watiah, Behbehani Compound, House No. 28. For further information call 2243 3138.         LAHD GALLERY, LONDON, UK Shurooq Amin will exhibit in London at the Lahd Gallery (92 Heath Street, NW3 1DP) on the 3rd of March 2011. The solo show will comprise the newest series by the Kuwaiti artist, entitled The Bullet Series. The paintings pose various controversial religious and political questions, with each painting being shot with a rifle and a Hornet bullet. Each bullet represents the artist’s physical and kinetic connection to the painting, and symbolizes the murder of human rights, and freedom of speech and choice. The two central works in the show are “My Country is Ill” and “Take Me To Heaven”.         GALLERY TILAL Artist : Mahmoud Ashkanani Exhibition Date:           Tuesday, 1st February, 2011                         Until Tuesday, 8th February, 2011 Mahmoud Ashkanani has taken a plunge into various schools of Art. From impressionism, expressive, abstract and onwards. Ashkanani says, “I do not belong to a particular Art School in my work, I glide between absolute abstract to symbolic abstract where I find myself more.” In this exhibition he presents “Human Interaction” which unfolded from the human need to interact on this “Global Village” called earth eliminating distances and borders. Geometry over shadows his work transforming any scene into lines, curves, triangles and squares which results in a rhythmic reflection of bodies and shapes. Using his free-style mixed with acrylic and oil tubes to emphasize certain areas. Mahmoud introduces us to a new land of Art. Artist : Ebrahim Habib Date:           Sunday, 13th February, 2011                         Until Tuesday, 22nd February, 2011 Ebrahim Habib. A perfectionist who climbed the ladder of Art starting mainly with available collection of portrait. Gradually he moved to the Rulers of Kuwait ornamentations and capturing history using water colors and later Ebrahim found his strength in calligraphy on wood blocks. Creating the most elegant between calligraphy. Acrylic ornamentation and gold leaves. Mastering all schools of calligraphy allows Ebrahim to be volatile and creative. He incorporates Quran Verses and prayers to his work creating Artwork hard to resist. Gallery Tilal is located in Shuwaikh, Jahra Road, Tilal Complex, M3-M4. For more information please call: 222 56101 or email You can also check out their facebook page.       AL SADU HOUSE Name of Presentation: ”Textile Art as Body Adornment” by Lubna Saif Abbas and Bettina Al Bakhit, Co-Creators LB o J’zazz. Date:           Tuesday, 8th February, 2011                         Doors open at 6:30pm for 7:00pm Ever since 1990 when Lubna and Bettina met in Washington, DC, they both discovered they had a love for craftsmanship and the value of objects that were triggered by a conversation over a bead magazine in 2003 that led to the creation of LB o J’zazz in 2005.Creating beaded objects of adornment, offering raw materials and most importantly sharing a passion and love for beads. Al Sadu House is located next to the Kuwait National Museum, Arabian Gulf Street. For more information please email: or       SULTAN GALLERY The show 50/20 is a group show which divided into 2 parts –the openings of which are on 1st February and 15th February. Artist : Hamad Khalaf Title of Exhibition : 50/20 Date:            1st - 28th February, 2011 Opening: 1st February; 7- 9pm                          2nd Opening: 15th February; 7-9pm                 (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays) Artists here explore a number of topical, socio-political issues that analyze how argument [tradition] shifts over time in response to the changing conditions of market and state [flux]. How was Kuwait culturally affected by a financial grown spurt with the discovery of petroleum? Is the country’s social and cultural development up to par with the Dinar? What is art to a society like Kuwait? Sultan Gallery is located in South Subhan, Block 8, Street 105, Building No. 168. For more information please call: 2471 4325 Ext. 110.   read
AN EVENING OF SOULFUL MUSIC ~ For him, music is a
universal language and global musician Dr. L Subramaniam showed this by
breaking barriers with his repertoire at a music concert held on December 11. 
For him, music is a universal language and global musician Dr. L Subramaniam showed this by breaking barriers with his repertoire at a music concert held on December 11. 

Dr. L Subramaniam, one of the greatest classical Indian violinists wielded the bow and kept the audience enthralled with his breathtakingly expressive repertoire sans frontiers. The musical rhapsody created by the maestero’s magical fingers on violin strings was mesmerizing as he took his audience through an unforgettable global journey in rhythm with fusion music pieces. Experiencing the exhilarating music of one of the living legends of Indian classical music and his his prodigious son Ambi Subramaniam was a real treat. This concert was part of the‘Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival’ Series. The performance, organized by the Indian Business Council, took place at the GUST Auditorium and was an unprecedented opportunity to showcase the cultural vivacity of incredible India and listen to wonderful Indian classical music. The program was inaugurated by the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Ajai Malhotra, in the presence of members of the diplomatic corps, government officials and distinguished guests who attended the event. The violin maestro was accompanied by his wife, Kavita Krishnamurthy, one of India’s most celebrated Hindi film singers, daughter Bindu and violinist son Ambi .The vocals by his wife Kavita were sublime and soul stirring, and daughter Bindu was equally strong in her vocals. Ambi has the discipline and the skill to make as big an impact as his legendry guru-father and has been steadily establishing his name. During the concert, Ambi displayed extraordinary musicality for his young age and performed with technical brilliance. It was a great evening of memorable music.The perfect understanding between the father-son violin duet had the audience in raptures. One of the highlights of the evening was when the Subramaniam family came together to engage in soulful Raga Mohanam.The violin and the percussion instruments also blended beautifully. Particularly striking were the wonderful rendition of Gipsy Trail, Grasshopper and Ganga from his albums Indian Express and Global Fusion.. Subramaniam was ably supported by outstanding musicians on Mridangam, morsing, drums, keyboard and guitar. The artist Satya Sai on the morsing did an excellent job. The smooth rhythmic exchanges between Subramaniam’s violin and the percussionist were thoroughly appreciated by the audience. The mesmerized audience with their standing ovations and loud calls for encores certainly did not want the evening to come to an end. Subramaniam notes that “the philosophy of ‘global fusion’ is promoting peace and harmony through music.” He has established an international reputation of a passionate performer.Subramaniam is the only musician who has performed/recorded Carnatic Classical Music, Western Classical Music, both Orchestral and non-Orchestral. In the past, critics around the world have praised Subramaniam for his extraordinary technical command. Subramaniam has performed with jazz artists Stephane Grapelli, Herbie Hancock, and Jean-Luc Ponty, as well as the New York Philharmonic; written film scores for Salaam Bombay and Mississippi Masala; has earned a Grammy nomination; and the Padma Bhushan, Padma Shree and the Sangeet Natak Akademi award. In addition, he has written and created works for the worlds greatest orchestras—The New York Philharmonic Orchestra and Zubin Mehta, “Fantasy on Vedic Chants”, the Swiss Romande Orchestra, “Turbulence”, The Kirov Ballet, “Shanti Priya”, The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, “The Concerto for Two Violins” and The Berlin Opera (Global Symphony). Subramaniam has performed at the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, the Royal Albert Hall, London, the Champs Elysees Theatre, Paris, and the Lincoln Centre, the Madison Square Garden and the United Nations in New York. read
REUSE 4.0 10 MODULES, 3 DAYS, 1 MISSION Promote Eco-Friendly Living - en.v Announces the REUSE 4.0 Exposition The en.v Initiative (en.v), an organization dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world, announces the launch of the REUSE exposition. In its fourth year, REUSE 4.0 will be held on January 11th -13th, 2011 at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) from 4pm to 9pm daily. REUSE 4.0 will serve as an opportunity for non-profit organizations, companies, professionals and aspiring creative talents to showcase their accomplishments in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability via a range of artistic mediums and interactive activities for the general public. REUSE’s organic growth over the recent years has led The en.v Initiative to position this year’s event as Kuwait’s premier creative exposition for sustainable (eco-friendly) thought. Supported by a Title Partnership from Dow Chemical EMEA, a host of private sector partners and 150+ international and local participants from diverse disciplines, REUSE 4.0 will serve as an interactive means for dialogue and action amongst the private sector, public sector and civil society. In accordance with The en.v Initiative’s ethos towards environmental responsibility, REUSE is devised, executed as a “Carbon Neutral” event. Accordingly, en.v ensures environmental concerns are addressed and documented during every phase of the exposition. Upon completion of the exposition, en.v conducts an internal carbon footprint audit and offsets all emissions by investing in a “Climate Friendly” project.   Read the REUSE official blog: Join en.v online: Join the en.v Facebook Fan Page and Follow them on Twitter:     DAR AL-ATHAR AL-ISLAMIYAH December 2010 01             Music Circle Concert 04             Excursion: Visit to the Camel Races 06             Juan Souto                 Lecture: The Aljaferia of Saragossa: between                 Cordova and Marrakech. 08             Book Club                 Discussion: Arabic Novel in Translation. 13             Emil Ibrahimov                 Concert: Improvised Western Jazz with                 Oriental Mugam Style Music. 20             Souad T. Ali                 Lecture: Focus on the Egalitarian Messages of                 the Qur’an. 22             Music Circle Concert   All events take place at 7pm at the al-Maidan Cultural Centre (T: 2563 6561 / 6528), located in the Abdullah al-Salem School in Maidan Hawally; are in English; and on Monday or Wednesday, unless otherwise noted. Please visit our website for more information:   GALLERY TILAL Artist : Ayda Mirza Exhibition: Luxury Carpets Date:        Sunday, 12th December, 2010                 Until Wednesday, 15th December, 2010 Artist : Sabhan Adam Date:        Thursday, 9th December, 2010                 Until Thursday, 28th December, 2010   Tilal Gallery is located in Shuwaikh, Jahra Road, Tilal Complex, M3-M4. For more information please call: 222 56101 or email You can also check out their facebook page.     FA GALLERY Artist : Mohammed Al Shammarey Title of Exhibition: Rain Song (Paintings & Prints) Date:        Sunday, 28th November, 2010                 7:30pm - 10:00pm*                 *The Exhibition will continue through Wednesday, 15th December, 2010.                 Fa Gallery is located in Sharq, Block 2, Gulf Road, Villa 76 (next to Al Amiri Hospital). For more information please call 2249 8999.     SULTAN GALLERY Artist : Manal Al Dowayan   Title of Exhibition: And We were speaking through Silence* Date:        Monday, 20th December, 2010                 Until Thursday, 6th January, 2011 Opening in the presence of the artist :                              Sunday, 19th December, 2010                 7:00pm - 9:00pm                 Monday, 20th December, 2010                 10:00am - 4:00pm                 7:00pm - 9:00pm                 Tuesday, 21st December, 2010                 Until Thursday, 6th January, 2011                 10:00am - 4:00pm                 (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays) Manal Al-Dowayan was born and raised in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and works out of her hometown Dhahran. Over the course of her education, she partook in a range of courses in differing art institutions in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain and London. In 2009 she was a resident artist at the Delfina Foundation in London and attended the Clore Leadership program and in 2010 she was a resident artist in Dubai in the Cuadro Fine Art Gallery program. She is currently part of the British Council International Cultural Leaders program.   * Photos courtesy of Manal Al Dowayan and Cuadro Fine Art Gallery.     THE BRITISH SCHOOL OF KUWAIT Title : Blood Brothers Date:        Sunday, 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th December, 2010 Location: The Shakespeare Theater   The story of twin brothers, separated at birth, who meet and become Blood Brothers. As they grow older, their relationship results in heart-breaking consequences.   Tickets are available at For more information please call 2562 1701.                 read
SULTAN GALLERY     Artist : Ghadah AlKandari Title of Exhibition: PrettyGreenBullet|The Exhibition Date:           Tuesday, 9th November, 2010                         7:00 - 9:00pm                 Wednesday, 10th November, 2010                         10:00am - 4:00pm & 7:00pm - 9:00pm                         Thursday, 11th November, 2010                         10:00am - 2:00pm As soon as my hands were dexterous enough to hold a pencil, I have been drawing almost every single day of my life. And my need to draw daily was never as satisfying and fulfilling as it was the moment I discovered the easy world of blogging. So about a year ago, I launched It provided me with an instant platform for exhibiting my daily doodles, notes, drawings, paintings, photography and experimentations. It allowed me to be an artist to just myself, with an added bonus of having 20 or 30 people viewing my works at the end of the day. And at the end of the day, I’m just a girl who wants to show the class the picture she drew. Sultan Gallery is located in South Subhan, Block 8, Street 105, Building No. 168. For more information please call: 2471 4325 Ext. 110.       GALLERY TILAL   Name of the Exhibition: Society Girlz Date:           Monday, 1st November, 2010                         Until Thursday, 11th November, 2010 Society Girlz art exhibition by Dr. Shurooq Amin, a creative multitalented Kuwaiti Artist. Nominee to the “Pushcart Prize”. Known for her modern photography style interwoven with acrylic and poetry. Society Girlz is based on the exploration of the greatest honor in the Arab Gulf to speak about and to open a metaphorical truth. The concept of the entire series reflects a glimpse of the unrevealed reality.   ELEMENT 8 MARKETING & MANAGEMENT     Just Like Us Comedy Tour Location : Gulf University of Science & Technology Date:           Wednesday, 10th November, 2010                         Until Thursday, 11th November, 2010 Ahmed Ahmed is touring once again with a different line-up. This time however, is a little different. He is promoting and celebrating the release of his movie, Just Like Us which has premiered in many film festivals one of them being the Tribeca Film Festival. Let’s see sit back, relax and enjoy the comic relief found in their new skits shaped by their many new experiences and accomplishments!   For more information please contact them on 2572 0578 or 9999 1008.     RED BULL 2ND FLUGTAG   Date:           Friday, 5th November, 2010 Dust off your sequined jumpsuits and grab your water wings, because Red Bull Flugtag is launching on the 5th of November in Kuwait. For months the teams have been preparing for the awaited day. A number of these have their eye, or nose, on breaking the record registered in Kuwait (13m) in 2007 or maybe the world record which currently stands at 63m set in 2010 at Red Bull Flugtag USA.   There will be flight bays for the Flying machines to park, while a special Red Bull Flugtag on-ground crew will guide the invitees to their designated areas. On the ramp there will be a Runway traffic controller officer who will guide the teams while on ramp, also a judging tower is built to host 5 of well known figures in art, aviation and sports.       Have your boarding pass ready because Red Bull Flugtag is set to launch soon and one of the teams will be the brave successor of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Wright Brothers! read
TIES CENTER ~ October 2010 Activities
October 2010 Activities

TIES Center announces its classes for Winter Arabic Course which will begin fromOctober 29, 2010 to December 23, 2010. The classes are offered for the following levels:- Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4                                                                    The Arabic courses at TIES Center are designed according to the students’ needs and requirements. These courses are intended for all expatriates who wish to learn the Arabic language and culture.   Upon completion of these courses the student will have - Confidence in conducting basic Arabic communication (speaking, reading & writing) - A basis for developing Arabic as a second language - A better understanding of the Arab culture - Ability to interact with their classmates and learn about their background and culture    Arabic Course Schedule (7 Weeks Per Level) Level Fees Days Time Dates Level 1 KD 20 Monday 6pm – 8pm 01/11/2010 – 20/12/2010 Level 1 KD 20 Thursday 6pm – 8pm 04/11/2010 – 23/12/2010 Level 1 KD 20 Friday 9am – 11am 29/10/2010 – 17/12/2010 Level 1  KD 20 Saturday 10am –12pm 30/10/2010 – 18/12/2010 Level 2 KD 20 Sunday & Tuesday 6pm – 8pm 31/10/2010 – 21/12/2010 Level 2 KD 20 Monday & Wednesday 6pm – 8pm 01/11/2010 – 22/12/2010 Level 3 KD 30 Sunday & Tuesday 6pm – 8pm 31/10/2010 – 21/12/2010 Level 4 KD 30 Monday & Wednesday 6pm – 7pm 01/11/2010 – 22/12/2010               TIES Center International Bazaar Drop by and enjoy the free activities, delicious food, good company and international items for sale!  Free activities include henna painting, having your name written in Arabic and trying out Arabic ice cream. Various goods will be available for purchase, such as Bashima shawls, accessories, Mexican food, cosmetics, cookies, handbags, traditional Kuwaiti-style dresses, Kenyan clothes, Kenyan food and more. Everyone of all ages is welcome. DATE: Saturday, October 30, from 10 am to 5 pm. LOCATION: TIES Center ( For more information, call 97144138/97798222 or e-mail .               read
Shape of Light and Ancestor's of Dust
Shape of Light and Ancestor's of Dust
Artist:       Reem Al-Faisal Title :        Shape of Light Date:        Tuesday, 16th February, 2010                 Until Thursday, 11th March, 2010                                 Tuesday, 18th February, 2010                 Until Thursday, 11th March, 2010                 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM                 (Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)   Al-Faisal’s first show took place in 1994 in Jeddah (the first public exhibition of black and white photography in Saudi Arabia) and since then she has exhibited worldwide. Reem is a Muslim artist, sprung from her native Saudi culture and history. She seeks to reveal signs of the Divine in nature and in Man. For her, “light is one of the many manifestations of God, which He casts in our path through life to remind us of His constant presence in ourselves and in every place. Every photograph is a pattern of light and shade”.   Artist:       Norma Isa Figueroa Title :        Ancestor’s Dust Date:        Tuesday, 23rd February, 2010                 Until Thursday, 25th March, 2010   Norma Isa Figueroa is a registered architect, research historian and visual artist; disciplines that she derives from when expressing her art with clay. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she came to Kuwait in 1983 with her husband, architect and visual artist Fareed Abdal, and together developed a private practice. Her passion for ceramics started when studying architecture in Puerto Rico and evolved in Kuwait, where she participated in several group and solo exhibitions. Her work has been exhibited in Switzerland, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, and Japan, and has been honored with awards including the Kuwait International Biennal, the Casa Candina Biennal in Puerto Rico, and the Kutani International Competition in Japan.  read
“Works From Contemporary Egyptian Graphic Art”
“Works From Contemporary Egyptian Graphic Art”
Title :        “Works From Contemporary Egyptian Graphic Art.” Artists:      Medhat Nasr, Salah EL-Melegy, Hazem Fateh Alah, Sabry Hegazy, Moustafa Al- Razaz, Saeid Hedaya, Farouq Wahba, Farouq Shehata, Haytham Nawar. Date:        Monday, 15th February, 2010                 Until Tuesday, 2nd March, 2010                     7:00PM read
Tuesday, 2nd March 2010 Diwaniya: “Differences and similarities between marriage in the West and in the Arab World.” By: Sharifa Carlo 7:00 PM   Tuesday, 9th March 2010 Diwaniya: “Counseling Psychology; the context of counseling psychology.” By: Allen John 7:00 PM   Wednesday, 10th March 2010 “Peace Circle Taster” a gathering for women. By: Asiya Mohammed 6:00 PM   Thursday, 11th March 2010 Documentary Film -”Muhammad:Legacy of a Prophet.” 7:00 PM   Sunday, 14th March 2010 Arabic Language courses begin.   Tuesday, 16th March 2010 “Diwaniya: “Challenges facing interfaith dialogue.” By: Dr. Ebrahim Al-Adsani 7:00 PM   Wednesday, 17th March 2010 “Azerbaijan Night: Centuries old Novruz traditions and celebrations.” For a cultural evening prepared by the Azerbaijan Embassy. 6:00 PM   Tuesday, 23rd March 2010 Diwaniya: “Unique Poetry Night with Kazeh.” By: Abdul-Hadi Mohammed, KAZEH 7:00 PM   Tuesday, 30th March 2010 Diwaniya: : “Kuwaiti Youth: aspirations and challenges.” By: Dhari Al-Huwail 7:00 PM   read
Sophie Taubert Gehan 
Sophie Taubert Gehan 
Sophie Taubert Gehan received a Bachelor of Science in Art and Communication from the University of Wisconsin. Madison/ USA. She continued her studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC and The Atelier Michele Belliard Staikovsky in Paris. She lived and worked as a free-lance photographer in Port au Prince., Haiti, Paris, France, Beijing, China and San Francisco, California. Since 1990 she has focused on painting and photographic collages most recently in New York, Boston, Normandy, and Kuwait. Artist:      Sophie Taubert Gehan  Title :      Visible Signs                 between ice and earth Date:      Wednesday, 3rd February, 2010  Until Sunday, 14th February, 2010 Time:      7:00PM read
PAPPINI: An Extraordinary Brand for Children ~ Pappini 2010 Collection
PAPPINI: An Extraordinary Brand for Children
Pappini 2010 Collection

Animalia is a collection of animal decor and toys designed by artists from all over the world, each inspired by their unique individual geographical location that illustrates the country’s history, cultural traditions; the individual animal’s inherent biological characteristics and colorful and vibrant aesthetic.   Kuwait Limited Edition Collection In commemoration of our incredible relationship with Zahed Sultan ( and El Boutique Creative Group (, we have developed a Kuwait Limited Edition Collection. All pieces from this line are individually signed, packaged, and specially dedicated to Kuwait, a spectacular country that stands as a leader in design, style and child education in the Middle East. Date:      Monday, 8th February, 2010                 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM                 9th & 10th February, 2010                 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM                 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Collection: Entire 2010 Animalia collection will be showcased along with Kuwait Limited Edition Collection. All items on display for sale (cash / check only) read
Deema Al-Faisal
Deema Al-Faisal
Reem Al –Faisal is a Jeddah born photographer who graduated from Manarat High School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and studied Arabic literature in King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah. Later, she went on to pursue a photographic career in Paris, France. She also studied photography at Speos School in Paris. She now divides her time between Paris, where her photographs are developed, and Jeddah. Artist:      Deema Al-Faisal Title :      Shape of Light Date:      Tuesday, 16th February, 2010 Until Thursday, 11th March, 2010 read
Nasser Nassan Agha 
Nasser Nassan Agha 
Boushahri Art Gallery cordially invites you to attend the opening ceremony of the Art Exhibition by Syrian Artist: Nasser Nassan Agha  Date: Tuesday, 19th January, 2010 Until Tuesday, 4th February, 2010 Time: 7:00PM read
The works presented combine the traditional contemporary and bring about a whimsical quality to today's panorama. Preview on Wednesday the 16th at 7pm the exhibition continues through the 31st of December 2009. EXHIBITON HOURS 10:00am - 1:00pm and 4:00pm - 8:00pm (Sun. to Thu.) Closed on Friday - Saturday by Appointment   read
Nadia Al-Foudery is a Kuwaiti artist, currently based in Athens, Greece. Al Foudery has been traveling and experimenting with different art forms for the past four years. In the winter of 2007, she initiated a photographic enquiry into her own past which led her to Iran and the bazaar of Yazd. This journey led her to develop a personal and expressive style of work, which can be seen in the pieces displayed in this exhibition. Parallel to the exhibition in Athens she is preparing the material from Yazd for a show at the Sultan Gallery, Kuwait, where part of the proceeds from the exhibition will be offered to a charitable organization for Palestine. Date:  December 1-3,2009  Opening Timing: 1st December :  7.00 - 9.00 P.M. 3rd December: 11.00 A.M. -  2.00 P.M Venue:  Sultan Gallery South Subhan, Block 8, Street 105, Building No. 168, Kuwait Tel: + 965 2 47 14 325 Ext. 110 Fax: + 965 2 47 14 301 read
A new solo exhibition of Syrian artist Sara Shamma will take place in MALL 360 in Kuwait between the 7th and the 17th of December 2009, organized by Mrs. Fatina Al-Sayed. The artist will present 19 new large paintings (oil on canvas) in the exhibition that is entitled “Love.” This exhibition is the artist’s third solo exhibition in Kuwait, the first was in 2004 in Karisma Art Gallery entitled “Sara Shamma 2004”, the second was in 2007 in Cornish Club Event Gallery entitled “Music 2007” and both exhibitions were successful and obtained the admiration of the Kuwaiti public. Sara Shamma has won many national and international prizes such as the 2008 First prize in Painting in Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, at the South Australian Museum, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. She has held many solo exhibitions and participated in many collective ones in Europe, America, Australia and the Arabic Countries, her last participation was in the international art fair “Contemporary Istanbul 2009” in Istanbul, Turkey. read
2 December 2009 DAI Music Circle presents Kuwait Sea Songs with Selman al-Amaari and Mohamed al-Mutairi Al-Maidan Cultural Centre 7 P.M. 5 December 2009  Children’s Art Workshop (ages 8 – 12) Poetry of the Region Al Americani Cultural Centre 9:30 A.M. 7 December 2009 Recital by Razek-Francois Bitar Music for Countertenors Al-Maidan Cultural Centre 7 P.M. 8 December 2009 Arabic Lecture by Ahmad Foaad Basha “Islamic Scientific Heritage: The Memory of Culture” Al-Maidan Cultural Centre 7 P.M. 9 December 2009 Arabic Lecture by Mustafa Moualidy “Islamic Scientific Contributions to Humanity” Al-Maidan Cultural Centre 7 P.M. 9 December 2009 Forum Book Club: Unfortunately It Was Paradise Al Americani Cultural Centre 7 P.M. 12 December 2009 Children’s Art Workshop Young Collectors (ages 6 – 8) Traditional Arab Music with Dr. Lisa Al Americani Cultural Centre 9:30 A.M. 12 December 2009 Children’s Art Workshop (ages 8 – 12) Traditional Arab Music with Dr. Lisa Al Americani Cultural Centre 9:30 A.M. 14 December 2009 Lecture by Gilles Kepel “The Middle East in the World System: a long-term historical perspective” Al-Maidan Cultural Centre 7 P.M. 16 December 2009 DAI Music Circle presents Organ in Orchestral Colours by Valentina Baginska Al-Maidan Cultural Centre 7 P.M. read
Indian exhibition
Indian exhibition
Monday, 28th December 2009 Until Saturday, 16th January, 2010 at 7:00pm Cordially invites you to attend the opening ceremony of the Indian exhibition by Shabnam Hussain   read
Artist:     Deema Al-Ghunaim  Title :     Tæ’boõq Date:     Tuesday, 5th January, 2010 Until Thursday, 7th January, 2010   Opening Reception: Tuesday, 5th January, 2010 7:00PM - 9:00PM Wednesday, 6th January, 2010 9:00AM - 4:00PM 7:00PM - 9:00PM Thursday, 7th January, 2010 9:00AM - 4:00PM   This exhibition is a starting study to trace architectural conceptions in Kuwait through a series of screens photographed around Qebla, Merqab, Dasman, Hawalli and Jleeb Shyoukh. The buildings studied are standing from the 1960s as time sensors of placement, displacement and improvisation. read
That Night
That Night
Artist:     Saleh Al-Jumaie Title :     That Night Date:     12th – 28th January , 2010   read
Artist:     Deema Al-Ghunaim  Title :     Tæ’boõq Date:     Tuesday, 5th January, 2010 Until Thursday, 7th January, 2010   Opening Reception: Tuesday, 5th January, 2010 7:00PM - 9:00PM Wednesday, 6th January, 2010 9:00AM - 4:00PM 7:00PM - 9:00PM Thursday, 7th January, 2010 9:00AM - 4:00PM   This exhibition is a starting study to trace architectural conceptions in Kuwait through a series of screens photographed around Qebla, Merqab, Dasman, Hawalli and Jleeb Shyoukh. The buildings studied are standing from the 1960s as time sensors of placement, displacement and improvisation. read
Date: Thursday, May 19th, 7:30 p.m Director: NURI-BILGE CEYLAN Country: Turkey Release: 2002 Genre: Drama Running time: 110 minutes Language: Turkish | English Subtitle A... read
Get on twitter today and follow @Cinemagics for your chance to win your VIP invitation to the swanky Cinemagics Cinema! Fancy winning some snazzy VIP invitations to the Cinemagics VIP Cinema for you and your friends? Imagi... read
Date: Thursday, May 12th, 7:30 p.m  Director: LARS VON TRIER Country: Denmark Release: 200 Genre: Drama | Musical Running time: 140 minutes Language: Danish | English Subtitle Awards: Palm D,or and Best Actres... read
Date: Saturday, May 14th, 7:30 PM Director: PEDRO ALMODOVAR Country: SPAIN Release: 2006 Genre: Drama Running time: 121 minutes Language: Spanish | English Subtitle Awards: Nominated Palm D'or, Winner Best Act... read
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