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bookworms, unite!
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A WORLD ELECTRIC ~bazaar goes cruising
A one-stop site for all your motoring needs

By bazaar staff, June (2012) edition of bazaar
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Back in September 2011 Michel Al Kazzi started a Facebook group called YabeelaMotor. Within no time he had 5,000 members and is currently well on his way to 15,000.

The group was set up for the purpose of buying and selling cars in Kuwait. This is something that Al Kazzi has a wealth of experience in. He has been dealing in cars for years as a hobby, buying them and then selling them on, usually around one or two cars per month. He would hunt down cars himself during this period, going around the garages and checking the cars over, paying attention to all the small details before laying down his own hard-earned cash to buy them.

He must know his stuff though, as he bought and sold more than twenty-five cars over a two year period! He spread the word between his friends that he was a car dealer with a little ulterior motive - when it came time for them to sell their own cars, they would, of course, think of him first. He loves dealing in cars though and from the Facebook page the website was born.

Not wanting to do what the other car websites are doing, Michel set up as more of an automotive hub for Kuwait, not merely just a place to buy used cars. He wants it to be a place where consumers can come for everything car related. So as well as being able to sell your car completely free of charge via (you can of course also buy the cars too), the site also posts all the current automotive campaigns and offers from the various press sources. It also serves as a directory for car dealerships, car service centers, spare parts, used cars, insurance companies, financing companies, taxis, car rental agencies – pretty much anything you could want in relation to the automotive industry. In Michel’s own words, is an online automotive directory.

It couldn’t be easier to sell your car through the site. You can simply open a free account and upload pictures, specifications and any details about the car. If you’re in the market to pick up a new (second-hand) car then searching through all the cars for sale on makes this a breeze of a task. You can refine your search criteria through brand, model and even sub-model. You can further tweak the search by adding year parameters and even which car dealer. So if you have a very specific car in mind will help you pinpoint the exact car you want.

But Michel hasn’t lost the personal touch or the attention to detail he employed during his humble beginnings. The website is his baby and he does everything himself. With help from a friend he built the website and uploaded all the data and subsequently did all the marketing and PR for the site. He goes around showrooms to introduce the website to dealers so they can make use of the platform to benefit from further reach and a larger client base online. He also still manages the Facebook page and updates the twitter feed almost hourly with offers and deals. 


So whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or merely need some information –  is the place to be! Find their Facebook page at R or follow them on twitter @yabeelaMOTOR.

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Cars in kuwait
Posted By: Abufahed on 2012-07-26 04:24:39
The Facebook page is cool I have him actually I enjoyed it very much up until the time he started displaying people's cars on his Facebook page. It's annoying and I removed it from my Facebook. Regarding the website it's a good idea to point out that there are 100s of websites that offer this same service in kuwait q8showrrom, car something another and then there is q8car which is basically the standard that everyone uses which Is so popular that its not worth merntioning. I wish yabeela all the best but in terms of becoming the one stop shop for buying and selling cars it's going to require a lot more than some Facebook likes. I would like to see more content and less cars on there Facebook page. I really used to enjoy your page before and now its annoying.
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