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When: October 16-19, 2014
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A WORLD ELECTRIC ~bazaar goes cruising
By bazaar staff, May (2012) edition of bazaar
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Cleansing travels with the Early Bird
Cleansing travels with the Early Bird

You may not know who Bianca Simonian is, but you’ve probably wolfed down one of her damn tasty breakfasts at the Early Bird Cafés in Fahaheel or Jabriya. We all know the tribulations and difficulties we can face trying to live a healthy lifestyle here in Kuwait. As an LA native Bianca sometimes misses her health-crazed home town, but she’s always trying to introduce her health-conscious mind-set to her adopted home. So when she arrived back from Thailand, where she’d dedicated herself to a seven day cleansing and purification program, she couldn’t wait to tell bazaar all about it, spreading the word to all you readers.

This was her experience.

Every time I visit Thailand I have to overcome obstacles. It’s like I’m being challenged by a higher power – I have to prove I’m worthy of reaching paradise. In the past I’ve experienced minor nuisances such as the Malaysian lady who wouldn’t stop jabbering or the Thai child inexplicably shouting out in Italian on my last flight. But this year I thought I would have to give my life to prove my worth. Traveling through a sandstorm, the pilot tried twice to land in Doha and it felt like we were in the spin cycle of a washing machine each time. I didn’t know which way was up or down. When the guy a couple of seats over started praying, I thought I was toast for sure. We eventually got redirected and landed without incident in Al Ain. And I thought sandstorms were annoying in the city…

With a feeling of accomplishment I arrived in Thailand and then on to Atmanjai in Phuket. Browsing through the brochure on my arrival, I learned that at Atmanjai Wellness Center, they believe the key to purification is not simply about cleansing the body but also about clearing the mind, too. This kind of cleansing program can help with type 2 diabetes, skin problems, irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach problems, too. While I was there a man with severe eczema saw his skin almost clear up from the cleansing.

I had opted for the Raw Cleanse which focuses on colemas twice daily and cleansing drinks; one with magnesium oxide, bentonite clay, psyllium and one with honey and apple cider vinegar. I would also be drinking herbal tea throughout the day, a vegetable broth in the evening and taking a cleansing blend and herbal nutrition supplement daily. This would be paired with daily yoga sessions and massages.

I couldn’t wait to rid my body of all those toxins.

Day 1:

After the ordeal of getting here today I was filled with fatigue. Early morning yoga started the day after my first cleansing shake. In the afternoon I walked around Rawai and Instagram’d; so much to see. A self-administered colema brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘letting go’ by the way! During the day I met expat bankers living in Singapore, A Lebanese film director, an artist from San Francisco, and a couple from Australia on their routine bi-annual cleanse. I took an evening meditation class and early to bed.

Day 2:

Still adjusting to the daily routine today. Did yoga again in the morning and a swim in the afternoon. Had a fair amount of energy still, so feeling pretty good. As I’m writing this I realize I can smell cigarette smoke on everything I own (of course, no smoking allowed here).  

Day 3:

Didn’t sleep much at all last night and woke up exhausted; was told that the third day is the toughest as your body is eliminating the toxins. Managed to make it through the day sticking to my cleanse though. The weather was fantastic and I was told I was radiating after a healing session which helped me get through the day. I took a sauna which was a bit too much with the heat and the detox. Ran in the morning today and swam in the afternoon but looking forward to my yoga session with Julie tomorrow who mentored me on my last brief stint in Thailand.

Day 4:

Felt much better today. Realized that I’ve not really been hungry since being here. We are always putting something into our body like shakes, teas, broth or raw vegetables. Didn’t get to tan today as it poured down. Julie cancelled the yoga and so went for a run in the morning.

Went to a raw food “cooking” class where we made cheese out of cashews, crackers out of flax and veg, pad thai from zucchini noodles (delicious!) and met a lot of seriously quirky people. Must be something about raw food that attracts these kinds of people. What does that say about me?

Day 5:

Lost two-and-a-half kilos so far! My blood pressure has also dropped considerably. It rained again today but it made my morning run so liberating. I swam again in the afternoon.

Day 6:

Finally got to see Julia today for my hour-and-a-half private yoga session. I ran again in the morning and ventured into town with a couple of fellow cleansers in the evening. Three kilos of weight shed so far!

Day 7:

Last day. Took a walk in the morning and squeezed in a final few sessions of energy work before heading off to Bangkok. In Bangkok I took a hot yoga class the next day. It was on the nineteenth floor of a building downtown and heated to between 45 and 50 degrees Celsius. I was the only white girl among about forty Thais. In Thailand I never feel like I don’t belong.

I love the bliss that Thailand provides – the magic of the place. I left feeling blessed by the sanctitude that this magnificent country breathes. I have brought back what I learned there and look forward to using it to bring success to 2012. When I was in Thailand I realized that nothing is forever and I found comfort in that impermanence. I will shine a different colored light from now on and live like the old “new” me.

Let it be.


Follow Bianca and her adventures on her blog  or visit  to find out more about her yummy breakfasts.

For more information about the cleansing programme visit .


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