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bookworms, unite!
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Testing new delights

By bazaar staff, April (2012) edition of bazaar
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Bibi Hayat for November
Bibi Hayat for November

November has three locations at the Al Tilal Complex. They have things by November, which sells flowers, gifts and home accessories, hand-selected from around the world. Then of course they have the November Bakery, where they take the finest ingredients and turn them into fabulous confectionery creations and finally, their third location is where their office is based, but also where you can go to experience a tailor-made event solution. This would be November Events.

November recently had a tasting of new delicacies and bazaar was invited, with a horde of hungry bloggers, to sample and offer feedback. The tasting brought together all the elements of the ‘November experience’ from the décor to the design and finally, the food itself. As Bibi Hayat, Founder and Creative Director, told us before we sat down, she was trying out a few new things in an attempt to deliver healthier takes on baking so some of the items would feature unusual ingredients - apple sauce and prune puree instead of butter, almond flour instead of flour. It would be our job to try and discern those desserts that she’d played with from the traditionally baked ones.

The room that awaited us was one of glistening glassware and shimmering candlelight. The warm and welcoming ambiance generated was one of chic luxury and tasteful elegance. After being given pen and paper and asked to take a seat, we were asked to sample each new dessert and write down our thoughts (good or bad). From our feedback two or three items would make it from the tasting and onto the menu at November Bakery. I suppose there are worse ways to spend an evening.

First up was the ‘Hasooni’, named after Bibi’s brother as it is his favorite dessert - banana nut cake with a sweet cream cheese frosting. Then we tried their homemade Oreo cookies, created as so many recipes call for Oreos and they don’t want to be forced to rely on other brands for their own creations. Then came a pair of truffles, one lemon coconut and one Mahalabiya date. The former was my favorite dessert of the evening and I really hope it makes it onto the menu! Chocolate chip cookie cheesecake fused two great desserts in new way and the mountain of Rice Krispie balls added a new dimension as we were asked to pluck one from the display. The chocolate fudge brownie was one of the desserts featuring prunes instead of butter and honestly, it’s not noticeable. The coffee crumble served as a pick-me-up as it was packed with espresso and was delicious. Topping it all off was a strawberry and raspberry chocolate parfait.

So next time you’re in Al Tilal Complex drop by November Bakery and see which items made the cut and are on sale. Then pop around the corner and pick up a few things for the house at things by November. And if you’re planning an event, then you’ll be hard pressed to find the attention to detail and sheer luxury of November Events


November Bakery, things by November and November Events are all based at the Al Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh. For more information visit  or call 2225 3445.

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