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bookworms, unite!
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bookworms, unite!
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A WORLD ELECTRIC ~bazaar goes cruising
Haute ID

By bazaar staff, March (2012) edition of bazaar
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The Start

With a naturally emanating fashion sense that oozes personal style and elegance, it is quite obvious that Marwa Morsi loved fashion since a young age. The polymath also loves to write, research, and share her views. She’s that friend of yours who goes on to write her travel reviews, the patient researcher and experienced customer. She states, “I spend hours on end web-surfing, reading magazines, blogs, looking up products, trends, and basically whatever happens to catch my attention. When I’m interested in anything, I will conduct a full-fledged research mission to find the best offering on the product/service I want in terms of price.”

Over time, and definitely with the expected experience gained from trial and error, Marwa became the go-to gal for all things fashionable. Her friends would always rely on her for advice on fashion, travel, beauty and diet. Marwa states, “After a suggestion from my sister to catalogue all of my thoughts on fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle on a blog, I really liked the idea because it would allow me to combine all of my passions about fashion and beauty along with writing and research.” Taking almost a year to build up her courage to start blogging, Marwa took the time to organize herself, managing her time between work, and her social life, yet that didn’t help with the fear factor of putting her personal views out there in the blogsphere. However, once she did gather her wits and courage to start, Haute ID became her ultimate creative outlet, allowing her to reach an unlimited number of people with simply one click. She exclaims, “My ultimate satisfaction with blogging comes from knowing that I was able to help others in some small way. I love it when I get the feedback from my readers about a post that they found helpful or useful in one way or another.”

The Haute Effect

Haute ID isn’t simply about presenting fashion news and trends as they appear on the web, but looks to offer practical solutions to problems women face on a day to day basis. An age old dilemma many women share is finding that magically perfect pair of jeans to flatter their figure, and Marwa effectively endeavored to find the best pairs after compiling a list of over 100 styles, visiting each and every store to try them on herself in the process. Afterwards, she wrote the hit review on the best fitting jeans based on her opinion and experience. This is reflective of her nature at problem solving, as she works as a banker by day, “When I have any dilemma of sorts when it comes to style and beauty, I research and experiment until I find the best solutions, then I write about it.” One might be quick to quip that there are many sources on the internet for women to rely on, yet what clearly differentiates Haute ID is Marwa’s desire to personalize her post, covering only what she personally tests and conveying her message in an honest, genuine tone that easily emulates a quick gossip session between the average group of girlfriends.

Haute Highlights

A one-stop online destination for everything related to fashion, style, shopping, beauty, and lifestyle. Based on Marwa’s empathetic understanding of the predicaments that beauty- and style-seeking women face daily, combined with the hectic tempo of our modern lifestyles that bombard busy women with endless information about endless product offerings, Marwa’s main aim with Haute ID is to diarize her style journey in the hopes of simplifying things for her readers by providing the right short cuts.

Readers are presented with the latest style trends, beauty tips, product reviews, online sales and deals, health and diet tips, based on Marwa’s well-researched experience. Although Haute ID may cover high-end brands, Marwa still caters to women on various budgets, Marwa states, “If it’s stylish and trendy, then you’ll find it on Haute ID, regardless of its price tag and label. At the end of the day, we all love getting our favorite brands (high end or not) for less, so I also provide shopping deals that achieve that fine balance of fashionably financial chic!”

When looking to the future, Marwa believes that she is still getting her feet wet at blogging, yet the humble fashionista has some exciting projects under her belt. She adds, “I just hope that Haute ID will remain interesting to my readers and followers in the long run, as I hope to build credibility. In this very moment, I’m so happy that I am fulfilling my passions, as Haute ID is now my favorite hobby, it’s my baby.



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