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By Jiahui Tan, February (2012) edition of bazaar
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Breakfast and Brunch
Breakfast and Brunch

Located in an inconspicuous corner near Marina Mall is a well-kept secret, Breakfast and Brunch. The budding establishment is the creation of Jumana Al Othman. Recently out of college and equipped with a Masters in Food and Nutrition, the fresh-faced Kuwaiti has ventured into a field that few of her counterparts have taken. Conceptualizing, designing and even cooking her own food, Jumana deftly juggled these tasks on her own during the initial phase.

Having spent eight years in London, Jumana wanted to bring a slice of England to Kuwait. Its cozy setup is reminiscent of an English country home. Replete with wooden finishing and the liberal use of pastel shades, its warm and inviting interior eagerly beckons hungry diners.

Set to join the healthy food revolution, Breakfast and Brunch aims to create an awareness about the benefits of eating right. And Jumana plans to lead by example. By simply replacing less wholesome food with healthy alternatives, she has come up with an entire menu of healthy eats! To get children into food, she has also made the unique decision to let children cook their own meal. Who would have guessed that eating can be fun, too?

Breakfast and Brunch is also big on corporate social responsibility and giving back to society. At the end of each day, leftover food is packed and given to the poor in the neighborhood.

Rather than being an anonymous face behind her restaurant, Jumana prefers a more personal approach. Even though the cooking has since been relegated to her capable staff, Jumana is not one to rest on her laurel. She is constantly on the move, talking to patrons and making sure that their every need is met with satisfaction.

But nowhere can Jumana’s influence be felt more than in her menu. For a small cafe, we were pleasantly surprised at the size of the menu. “Variety makes it easy for everyone to eat healthy,” Jumana said wisely. Best described as an extension of her adventurous personality, her carte du jour is a catalogue of all the things she loves. Yet, amidst all the tasty morsels, you can sense her quiet dedication to healthy eating.

And as any nutritionist will tell you, eggs when eaten in moderation, are a great source of proteins and vitamins. Unexpectedly, most of the items feature eggs; two sunny side ups, cooked to just the right amount of runnyness. The Millionaire Club sandwich, with crispy toasted whole wheat bread stuffed with turkey bacon, eggs, cheddar and their special B&B sauce was certainly comfort food for us. Alongside, the accompanying hash brown has been surreptitiously replaced with a healthier version; no breadcrumbs for crust and baked instead of fried. Dusted with just a touch of Arabic spices, it tasted better than the original recipe.

Another crowd pleasers, is the Arabic omelet which comes with generous toppings of halloumi cheese and olives, then dusted with a dash of zaatar and sumac. A personal favorite was the baked egg with tomatoes and herbs. It arrived in a piping hot pan that incidentally also came with a banana cover to protect customers from burns. The tomatoes and onion sauce was carefully simmered to give the sauce the right consistency, and perfectly seasoned with a mixture of thyme, basil and oregano. The dish is then topped with two eggs, finished off in the oven and eaten with crispy toast.

For desserts, we had difficulty making up our minds due to their equally substantial dessert menu. In the end, we decided on the pancake balls, which like their namesakes are balls of crunchy pancakes filled with a choice of Oreos, blueberry mascarpone or Nutella chocolate. And you must be warned, popping these tasty morsels can get quite addictive, as you sip on a cup of warm Gernas Milk.

You may be wondering ‘what in the world is Gernas Milk?’ Gernas Milk, as Jumana explained, is milk infused with a variety of spices. Based on a secret recipe, I guess we’ll never know what is inside. However, it does taste like a lighter and less sweet version of sahleband all we care about is that it is pretty darn good.

So far, what I have covered is but a glimpse into their comprehensive menu. With so many delectable bites waiting to be sampled, a visit to Breakfast and Brunch will certainly be more than just an occasional affair.


Breakfast and Brunch is located in Salmiya, near Marina Mall, next to The ONE. For more information please call 2571 5362 or follow them on twitter @BandB_kuwait.



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