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bookworms, unite!
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bookworms, unite!
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A WORLD ELECTRIC ~bazaar goes cruising

By Hamad AlSarraf, June (2011) edition of bazaar
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The Borders of Reality, by Hamad AlSarraf
The Borders of Reality, by Hamad AlSarraf

You can always cross the borders of reality and it doesn’t have to be in a dream.

Art can take you into many unseen places, and feel the unfelt before energies that flow around every work of art. Energy is everywhere, within us and around us. We can be in different places at the same time. Our energy is far more stronger than we can ever imagine, it can be felt by others, wherever they might be.

I always love to wear my headphones, and listen to the music I love, while taking photographs, walking, breathing and feeling grateful for so many things. Lifted up a step above the ground I fly with my senses floating somewhere with the energy that I sense.

But there was this moment where I walked, and the music was the mixed energy of emotions in the back streets of Khan El Khalili. I didn’t concentrate at all. I just let go. There was no heading but to be lost within those narrow paths that take you from one street to another. You just find something about your self with every step you take, and you only remember; walking towards the person you never knew. You.

Its not a search, its just the joy of being lost, not worried where this path might lead, you just keep walking.

“The best thing about getting lost is what you find along the way. Here or there; I’m just going. Anywhere I end up, I’m just free” – Calvin Klein AD

You can choose to take with you memories of what you have found, and some you prefer to keep hidden.

Photography is the bookmark of my heart, and the passport of my soul.

With a photograph I have chosen to take, I left a bookmark in that place with my heart and soul, and I have chosen to reveal these memories now.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and how many photographs have changed the world. They have echoed through history, and through the existence of who has taken them into the eternity of their memories, passed onto a generation after the other; Art. My wish is to take photographs that change the world.

We never know in what form that moment would be. It’s not a goal or a step that needs to be taken. It’s a passion with a strong belief that is expressed with what we feel and think. As we take those steps one after the other.

I lived a difference that can never be forgotten. Cairo was one of the most important phases of my life. The people I met, the others that somehow transferred into non-others, have taken me with their simplicity, back into the reality of life. It wasn’t something they have said or done, it simply was the reflection I saw of myself while being with them.

No one but you can take you from one state into another, and with art we take our selves into unknown boundaries, unlimited expressions of hidden emotions.


For more information about renowned photographer and writer Hamad AlSarraf, please visit

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