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bookworms, unite!
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bookworms, unite!
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Are you on the list?

By bazaar staff, March (2011) edition of bazaar
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Everyone wants to be on the list. Being on every guest list is what socialites aim for; show me a socialista and I’ll show you someone that loathes being out of the loop. Craving the finer things in life and racing to be the first to announce the “greatest spa” or “best coffee” in town is exactly what they aim for. What if there were a place where all this could be at your fingertips and just a click away? This is where comes in. Three young men with a vision set out to give everyone in Kuwait a chance to not only be in the loop, but to indulge in the finer things in life. Meshari Al-Zaid, Omar Al-Haider, and Wenayan Al-Wenayan wanted the “trendsetters and tastemakers” of Kuwait to channel all their magic towards bringing to their devout followers the finest, coolest places and things.

Every trendsetter’s worse nightmare is to find out that someone beat them to the next big thing. Understanding that perfectly, Meshari, Omar, and Wenayan got to brainstorming ideas of how to bring the trends closer to the trendsetters and presenting to Kuwait the coolest places to see and be seen. Crafting a website to cater to those very needs, came to life. So what does the website have to offer? Everything hip and exclusive is exactly what they have to offer. As a member, you are chosen to decide what you’d like to try out. As a vendor, you get the chance to show off your best deals and offers to those that will spread the word; the members. So go on and sign up to get the latest news about everything happening around you.

When you’re a member, you get the chance to nominate businesses you love to The List. If The List develops a “crush” on them, they will get contacted and added to the website giving you and all members a chance to experience their services on a whole new level. Coming up with offers and deals that last for a week or till the offer sells out (which they promise will most likely happen first) is the vendor’s job. By doing so, they’re giving the members a chance to try them at special prices made exclusively for them. The reason it works this way is simple, word of mouth makes you or breaks you, and The List know that quite well. If your business is getting the positive buzz necessary, then you’re guaranteed to be a smash hit amongst the elite.

Through fun editorial write ups, your business will be promoted in a way that will get the message through to the members and at the same time keep them entertained and intrigued. Not only should you opt to be the best, but you should also focus on being the most original and unique business or service. After all, The List brings the best to the best and trendsetters enjoy their announcement of all things new and fresh. When deals are posted for the week, members get the chance to purchase them online, and vendors are guaranteed to receive full payment. Upon purchase, the member has a choice to either print out the “deal ticket“ or display it on their BlackBerry, iPhone, or iPad screen at arrival.


To be in the loop as a member or vendor, log onto to sign up for all things exclusive and hot.



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The list Kuwait
Posted By: Kuweight 64 on 2011-03-08 23:42:54
Congratulations to the entire team behind the creation of website This would give everyone on the list a wonderful opportunity to know and attend events happening in Kuwait and I have already signed up! Best wishes,
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