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By bazaar staff, July (2010) edition of bazaar
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Mohammed Al-Ragom
Mohammed Al-Ragom

When he first moved back to Kuwait from the States, he had a vision of bringing the true essence of IT back with him. Upon setting up the company, he decided to expand on his services to include internet solutions as well. Shortly after, he realized that it would be much better to transform the use of the internet from a dependency on laptops and the hassle that comes along with the dreadful crash of a hard drive, to something much simpler; send all your information to the clouds. A strong believer and faithful follower of the green movement that’s taking the world by storm, Mohammed Al-Ragom joined the masses in moving towards a paper-less office. From there, Remote Access was born in 2002.

Since not very many service providers cater to the small and medium d companies, Mohammed saw it fit to develop services with those companies in mind. These companies employ staff members dedicated solely to their IT department rather than subcontracting those services through a third party. Others find it easier to bring in someone every time they have a problem with their computers and internet. Realizing the problem behind that, Mohammed wanted to help those companies and offer the services they seek. From the little things such as setting up their network connections to the more complicated routine checkups and fine tunings. “I’ve wanted to come up with a solution for the past five years to make things simpler for everyone,” states Mohammed, “I wanted to shed the traditional IT ideology where the customer calls and is given a product, to a service that provides a comprehensive IT solutions package at the same price.”

What is cloud computing exactly? Cloud computing is the notion of putting all your information on the web. What it actually does is simple; if your computer crashes, you don’t stand the loss of crucial data. Instead, the idea of cloud computing helps you keep everything organized and safe since it’s posted online and made downloadable in order to resume working anywhere, anytime. His vision is to push all your information “onto the clouds” since going green and backing up everything up on the internet, or the clouds, has become all the hype. Mohammed wants to create a virtual office that makes all the companies’ data accessible all the time from anywhere, be it from your phone or from another computer. “I hate paper,” adds Mohammed, “Paper just drives me nuts.” He tries to eliminate the use of paper from everyday life to help reduce people’s carbon footprints on the environment.

Mohammed offers quality open-source software that’s completely free to the customers, and the only time they pay is when maintenance and support are needed, which in return costs a lot less. His package is not only safe and secure; it’s also simple, user-friendly, and easy to manage. His company offers a remote checkup service; meaning they can remotely access your connections to ensure that everything is running smoothly and provide updates without having to physically be there. Still, they don’t have access to your documents and data which means that your privacy is ensured. This service is to basically check if for instance “printer number three in the office is running low on ink, then my guy would show up to change the cartridges.” “You can always call one number and you don’t have to worry about it,” Mohammed adds, “your internet connection, your PC, your printer, everything is managed remotely.”

For company websites, he doesn’t simply buy the domains and sets them up, rather, Mohammed lets the client buy their own domains, so they remain under their control rather than his, and he simply manages them. Upon completion, he shows the client how to update and upload new information to the website so that they have full control throughout the future. Still, Remote Access gives them the support they need down the line. He’s constantly researching what’s new in the world of IT and software to make sure that he offers only the best products available. Offering instant support to the clients, Mohammed has twitter, Facebook, and Blackberry Messenger groups that do exactly that.

Even with the remote services he offers, if you still need the gratification of having someone come in and check out what’s going on with the services, Remote Access sends someone to do just that. They don’t search for complicated solutions to offer, they seek to offer the simplest and best solutions. Everything is tested before hand to ensure that it works the way it’s supposed to before being offered. 


Do your part and reduce your carbon footprint with Remote Access and send your data to the clouds by calling 2574 0201 or 5584 8141. Or email them at                                                                                        or log onto for more information. 

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