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bookworms, unite!
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bookworms, unite!
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A WORLD ELECTRIC ~bazaar goes cruising
Where internet auction services are in reverse 

By bazaar staff, July (2010) edition of bazaar
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In the past, auctioned items were given to the highest bidder. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 21st century, and everything from the way we get around to our shopping habits have changed. So why do we still expect to pay obscenely high prices for auctioned items? The answer is simple, we don’t have to anymore.

With Anayabe (translates to “I want”), your auction biddings are in reverse. Instead of bidding a higher price, you bid lower. The aim of the website is to sell you brand new, quality electronics at unbelievable rates. Those that joined the auctioning network have managed to purchase electronics worth hundreds of dollars or more for prices like two or three cents! There is a catch though; your bid must be the lowest unique bid. Simple? On the contrary, you must get creative to get it right.

Reverse auctions have been around for a while in Europe, allowing people to purchase things for cheaper than usual. Risto and his partner found that this idea could be implemented in the Middle East to give people that same chance. Anayabe started in March 2010 to cater to the needs of members of the GCC area in terms of purchasing top quality electronics at cheaper than cheap prices. Apart from that, all items come with a full warranty purchased locally to ensure the best service. Currently they cater to five countries; Kuwait, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. So rather than pricing the items in local rates, they are priced in US Dollars to make the process easier for everyone. Payments to the site are made via MasterCard, Visa, and the CashU service is available for those that don’t wish to share their card details.

To get the item you want you must bid not only low, but uniquely as well. If for some reason, someone bids your exact same bid, you are no longer unique. The good thing is you can keep bidding till the allotted auction time is over. You are automatically notified if you are the holder of the lowest unique bid, and upon being outbid you receive an email notification informing you so you may rebid as you please. Still, don’t forget to check your status on the website to check if you’re still the lowest unique bidder in order to increase your chances. Joining this website is free of charge; you get three bids upon registering, and twenty bids upon becoming a fan on facebook. If you run out of bids though, you will need to purchase them since you can’t join in on the fun without bids! Other than electronics, you are also given the chance to purchase biddings as well.

Since you pay for the right to bid, Anayabe is able to afford bringing the best quality products to be sold at super cheap prices. The experience itself is rewarding. Just the thrill of bidding for something, not knowing whether someone will outbid you or not, and trying to cut out anyone that stands in your way is exhilarating. Everyone gets a fair trial though, if your bid ends up being a winner and you purchase something, you’re not allowed to bid again for the remainder of that week in order to ensure that everyone gets the chance to win something. All items are shipped straight to your door in the event that the bid you made was successful; and all you pay for is the bid you made and the shipping expenses. 


Get into the reverse auction scene by signing up on or email

For more info on CashU log onto 
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