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bookworms, unite!
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A WORLD ELECTRIC ~bazaar goes cruising

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bookworms, unite!
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A WORLD ELECTRIC ~bazaar goes cruising
By Shabana H. Shaikh, February (2010) edition of bazaar
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At the word “Go”, two teams of exuberant young women broke into a frenzied run for their SUVs. War was declared. One minute we were these well-mannered girls at Coffee Republic in FTZ and the next moment, we were racing like zombies through the parking lot, decoding puzzles, searching for clues and talking all at once! For the next three hours, the world around us faded into oblivion, while we starred in a localized version of ‘The Amazing Race’. The last sane thing I heard Dhari say, just before everything turned into a script of ‘Transporter’, “Remember: play it smart; don’t play it hard.”

Discovered through a popular blogger’s site, Dhari Al Moawad, Founder and Planning Director of KLUE, has been a welcomed change to my usual choice of subjects. At only 20, Dhari has an enterprising mind and spirit to match. Klue, which he launched in February 2009, organizes customized adventurous games, where participants have to be prepared to race across the country led on by cryptic clues and undertaking daring feats, in order to win the game.

I was instantly tempted and decided to give it a shot. Besides, there is no better way to write about a game without having experienced it first hand, is there?

That is how I landed with a group of vibrant Kuwaiti premedical students, and embarked on a bizarre game that remains a surreal memory. I sat transfixed as one of the girls took charge of the wheels and navigated roads expertly, while the rest of us in the back seat decoded puzzles to arrive at a clue that would lead us to the next point of rendezvous. The rush of excitement and a sense of escapism from the mundane, made it worth the money, but divulging too many details will only spoil the suspense for you!

“I was a bit surprised,” says Dhari, flashing a charming smile that contrasts distinctively with the seriousness of his eyes, “When 90% of my clients turned out to be women! Guess they thrive for some adventure, too.” As long as necessary caution is exercised, Klue is indeed an adventure of a kind.

Klue stands for the word “clue” as you pronounce it with a ‘K’ for “Kuwait” and is open for anyone above 18 years of age. “As a matter of fact, most of my gamers fall in the age group 25-40, which is pretty awesome because it shows popular appeal,” explains Dhari. In spite of his youthful age, Dhari is determined to operate Klue professionally. He is meticulous with planning, constantly on the look out for fresh game ideas and most of all, is concerned with customer satisfaction.

“That is why I came up with the Loyalty Card, where repeat players get 50% off on their third game and play the fourth one absolutely free!”

In December 2009, ‘Thouq’, a regional Arabic magazine rated KLUE among the Top 50-most interesting things to do in Kuwait.

This year Dhari plans to raise the bar a notch. “So far, games are played among friends on a personal level. While this will continue to remain our popular feature, I am now planning on having competitions where players will be strangers teamed together to solve a game for a prize,” shares Dhari, full of enthusiasm.

Talk about young, scheming minds! Thanks Dhari, I had fun!


To learn more or book a game log on to or email Dhari at


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Posted By: Ahmed on 2010-02-08 23:26:06
interesting thing to do , new and exciting . . . . . Good Luck Dhari.
Great article, subject & writer!
Posted By: Peace! on 2010-01-30 23:36:23
I just love to see our young people using their creative talents especially combined with the necessary business acumen to establish a local business. Possibly even into a global venture. Very nice story & well written by Ms. Shabana Shaikh. Once again proving her capacity to write on a variety of subjects & to do them each justice. Dhari & of luck.
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