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THE BISTRO MAIS ALGHANIM: bazaar goes dining ~ 

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THE BISTRO MAIS ALGHANIM: bazaar goes dining

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By Graham Baker, January (2010) edition of bazaar
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To all fast food fiends who find fun in the food courts, you need to sit up and pay attention to the arrival of a slick Mexican restaurant that opened up for service in early September 2009 on the second floor of The Avenues, located just up the escalator from Pinkberry. In fact, you could give yourself a double treat and take the spicy main course at Amigos, and finish off with deliciously cool frozen yogurt at Pinkberry as we did. What joy, with so much good stuff on offer in such easy reach; boy are we the lucky ones!

Kuwait has lacked a really good Mexican place for a while now, and Alshaya have spotted that gap in the market and have done us lovers of the nifty nacho, tasty taco and bulging burrito a favor by bringing a quality fast food joint into the arena. It is not just fast, it is good. You will love the prime quality meat on offer, and the salsa, guacamole and salads scream freshness and call out “eat me” as you cast your eye over the neat selections on offer.

Pit stop shoppers or Mexican food lovers should aim to get this experience into their lunch, snacking or dinner Rota.

Fast food it is at Amigos, so expect your order within 2 to 5 minutes depending on what you order. You can choose good healthy stuff here with plenty of flavor too. Often, with fast food you get cheap food which means, by definition, cheap ingredients. Basically, you get what you pay for in this world, as we all know, but we all love a bargain too and boy are you getting one at Amigos. What stunned my friend and I was the quality of meat on offer. This is not a diner defined by cheap cuts bought in bulk to facilitate a fast buck. The customer is getting great ingredients which makes for a good, filling and economic meal available whenever you want to eat according to your schedule.

We turned up late one afternoon, and if you want to catch a fast food place that is not performing up to par, then that is the time to suss them out. In the less discriminating joints, food will be tired and unappealing to the eye, and questionable for the stomach. And obviously, you should give those places the swerve. However, at Amigos at the dead time of 4.30 pm when the food court was barely inhabited, we found the food to be fresh and appealing to the eye and even better on the taste buds! We also found Amigos doing business whilst many of the other places were barely staffed, so even in the quiet times Amigos has its fans. Speaking to a couple of customers I asked them why they had chosen Amigos when they had so many options to choose from and no queues to contend with. The answers were simple; “I just love Mexican food and I love it here!” and another said he had been to Amigos many times and loved the food and the prices. So do not take the positive view just from me!

Right, let’s run through the options available. You are getting the good stuff that has kept companeros going all day south of the border for centuries. Nachos, fajitas, tacos and burritos are the choices, and we tried them all. My friend and I chimed into our favorite, which was the nachos with chili con carne. Now those of you who are Mexican buffs will spot something a little strange straightaway: Chili con carne on a nacho rather than just minced meat solo as the option? Well, it was deemed, for local taste, that the chili would work better, and I am not going to disagree. The chili con carne was excellent as the topping for the nacho. It had spice and flavor, and as we all know cheap meat in a chili is the biggest turn off in the world. Amigos however is not using cheap ingredients, so you get excellent flavor from the premium meat. This would be a great choice for sharing as the portions are big, and it offers diners fun finger food just made for the chatter and gossiping of a quick snack! My friend is pretty picky on some things and Sour cream is one of them. She wants plenty of it, and Amigos did not disappoint her. The guacamole and salsa were stripping fresh and tasty too on this winner of a dish.

Now, if you go the burrito route, then be warned: you need to be hungry for this is a lot of food. You can take either the Spanish spicy rice option, or go with the excellent cilantro lime rice as I did, to my intense satisfaction. Topped with chicken, steak or guacamole with cheese or sour cream then this big boy will sate your appetite for hours!

The tacos were a delight. They are super crispy tacos generously filled with salsa, lettuce and the same choices as with the burrito topped again with sour cream or cheese. You will need more than one of these, but they were gorgeous too. My friend was feeling sated by the time the tacos came round and ended up boxing a few, and the good news is that they travelled well till she got home to feed her taco loving son who gave them a big thumbs up too. So dine in or box out, providing you eat them relatively quickly. This stuff will travel!

I passed on the fajitas but my friend loved hers and though it would not worry me, she thought the bell peppers were too chunkily cut for her taste. I told you she was picky! But she gave them a sincere nod of approval overall. Non-meat eaters are going to be fine here as well because all they need to do is go for the salad nacho option or just tell them to leave the meat out of their fajita, taco or burrito.

As with all fast food outlets, Amigos does combo options and I saw a few customers going down this route, and it truly is good value for money. You can choose your degree of spiciness, and for me the medium spicy was just perfect. Still, if you love those chili peppers firing up your throat then take the brave route! But then you will probably need to slide down to Pinkberry for a cooling off session!

I’m generally not a fan of food courts, but a lover of great food, and I unequivocally give a huge muchas gracias to Amigos for giving Kuwait a really tasty option. To other food snobs like me, don’t snub the food court when you’ve got a really special nugget in there! Go visit Amigos mi amigos!


For South of the border authenticity, head out Amigos. Located at The Avenues Mall, Phase II, Food World. For more information please call: 2495 4730.


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