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By bazaar magazine, bazaar goes dining
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Notorious for their breakfasts, freshly baked bread served in wicker baskets and gourmet open sandwiches, PQ (Le Pain Quotidien) is a well-loved spot whether you choose the Marina Crescent with its breathtaking view, or at the popular Palms Beach Hotel, or The Avenues location, where we all like to enjoy a healthy bite after shopping. PQ is a Belgian rustic dining experience, decorated with wooden chairs and tables giving the place a simple and natural ambience, reinforcing the countryside sentiment. Everything combines to create an atmosphere that is simple and natural. Wicker baskets, the pastries, the jam pot, the communal table, the walls coated with sand and ochre colors, the soft lighting, the large blackboard on which the day’s suggestions are written up in chalk, the classical music, the organic coffee served in a bowl, the originality of the open sandwiches, salads and soups. It is all these things, which distinguishes PQ as a place that will welcome you warmly in every visit and offer you something truly unique.

With a newly revamped menu with plentiful mouth-watering choices, PQ allows you to indulge in food that is healthy, full of goodness and made out of the simplest of ingredients. The best soup in town can be enjoyed at PQ with their one-of-a-kind organic bread bowl keeping your soup warm and cosseted in naturalness. Indulge in the flavorsome aromatic Carrot and Chickpea soup infused with rich spices or the infamous Lentil & Lemon soup that will instill the warmth in your body. This is not just any soup - this is fresh, made from scratch with the freshest of ingredients one that tastes just like your favorite homemade soup, and the best thing about it is that you can eat your bowl once you’ve finished it!

PQ are exceptionally creative with their salads, using diverse ingredients that will take the bore out of eating a salad. The Smoked Salmon Salad with cracked wheat, zesty capers, fresh dill and spring onions or the Atlantic Shrimp Salad with avocado, mango and sun-dried tomatoes are deliciously distinctive options. PQ also gives the Caesar Salad another meaning all together with crispy romaine lettuce, beef bacon, freshly shaved parmesan cheese, crunchy croutons and succulent chicken strips – absolutely delicious.

Meat lovers will relish at the two latest hot specialties offered at PQ. We unreservedly recommend the tender Braised Beef with wholesome chunky root vegetables and sautéed potatoes, skillfully cooked in a meal- cast iron pot for hours to ensure the meat is cooked to perfection; and the Moroccan Style Lamb is for those with unique taste-buds, served generously with chickpeas, dates and apricots with nourishing organic quinoa on the side. The Garlic and Rosemary Chicken is the ideal option if you’re in the mood for chicken; delicately seasoned with fresh rosemary that gives this meal a truly distinctive taste and served with perfect sautéed potatoes and a crisp side salad. Using the finest of ingredients, PQ’s dishes will truly provide you with a meal to remember. The desserts are not to be missed; especially the baked cheese cake with different toppings, the lemon tart, caramel tart, éclairs, spiced apple and pear cake and of course the Belgian Chocolate Brownie served with vanilla ice-cream and rich chocolate sauce – utterly divine!

PQ’s added advantage is its retail corner offering customers the chance to enjoy these organic unsullied products with their multiple benefits. PQ’s organic and non-refined breads are exceptionally popular offered in different varieties; whole wheat, rye, sourdough peasant rye, 5-grains, baguettes, and their interesting stone-ground walnut bread. Choose from their organic coffees and assortment of teas attractively packed in jars. Go for the well-loved Earl Grey or for the antioxidant Brussels Breakfast and the Peppermint Herbal Tea known for its fresh taste and antibacterial remedial benefits. PQ’s organic jams and honey are the perfect accompaniment with their fresh breads; with honey options of Acacia, Field & Hillflowers or the unique and tasty chestnut honey. Start your day with PQ’s organic handmade granola enriched with omega-3 for an ultimately nutritious and satisfying breakfast. Delight your kitchen cupboard with the rich extra-virgin olive oil, the mountain wild capers, piquant sun-dried tomato spread, natural black olives or tasty olive paste. With so many exclusive options, you will want to share these delights with your friends and family. Mix and match to create a beautiful gift basket loaded with nutritious goodies.


A truly unforgettable Belgian dining experience, PQ offers organically sourced cuisine full of natural and wholesome flavors in a homey inviting ambience. Visit this warm and welcoming place, take a seat on their communal table and indulge in ultimately nutritious and satisfying food that will make you undeniably want to come back for more.

PQ, owned by M.H. Alshaya, is located at the Marina Crescent in Salmiya, at the Palms Beach Hotel in Salwa and at The Avenues. Opening hours are from 7:30am till 12am. For more Information please call 22242424 (No reservations).

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