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Suit fashion for your passion

By bazaar staff, March (2010) edition of bazaar
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Austin Reed - Kuwait
Austin Reed - Kuwait

Straight from the United Kingdom, Austin Reed has officially landed in Kuwait. Founded in 1900 in London by Austin Reed himself, the business has since spread its stores all around the U.K and finally debuted in Kuwait by opening its first store. Starting out only fashioning men’s suits, Austin Reed has then ventured onto greater grounds by introducing casual wear using only the best fabric available. For now, the Austin Reed shop in Kuwait only offers the men’s line of clothing.

With 300 outlets in the United Kingdom, Austin Reed has always made it a point to expand to the world. Opening outlets on ships as well as airports, their goal is to make their clothing available to the world. Slowly but surely, they will expand their shop here in Kuwait by adding the women’s collection as well. So ladies, be alert, Austin Reed’s women’s clothing will be available in the near future. Ranging from two piece suits to jeans and sweaters, Austin Reed, Kuwait has all the accessories to go along. Cuff links, ties, and socks come in a variety of styles to choose from. Anyone in the corporate world aged 25 and above would love the items as they are unique. Different colors and styles is what Austin Reed aims to offer to separate itself from other retailers. Rather than sticking to the universal colors designers tend to conform to, Austin Reed makes suits fit for all seasons and personality types. The store makes it easy for the picky shopper with their wide range of selections, as well as making it easy for gifting purposes.

According to Hanan Al Kalooti, the Assistant Buyer at Austin Reed Kuwait, “Our targets are the fashion oriented businessmen.” If you’re in search of crisp lines, fine quality, and design details in the clothing you wear, then Austin Reed is the place to be. “Austin Reed offers high street products,” Hanan goes on, “If you compare it to other designer brand, it’s much cheaper and we have a wider range of suits that we can offer.” Some of you have heard of clothing with personality, well then Austin Reed is the place to get them. They offer suits that are made to tailor to the personality of the wearer. Offering evening, formal, and casual attires along with polo’ and jeans which are their specialty, so it’s guaranteed to fit your every desire.

When it comes to fabric, Austin Reed knows their stuff. Not only do they make the clothing with great detail, they strive to find the details that people would look for in the fabric itself to use in their tailoring. “We have many different types of fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, silk, and even angora,” Hanan adds. An interesting fact about Austin Reed’s collections, they have wrinkle-free clothing. This is perfect for all the bachelors and businessmen with extremely busy schedules that can’t seem to find the time to iron their clothing! “If they don’t have time to iron or wash their shirts, they would still look good the next day,” says Hanan.

Just like their other outlets, the Kuwait store will definitely have all the latest collections that tailor to the styles demanded in Kuwait. “Our goal is to establish brand awareness in Kuwait,” Hanan adds, “We want to have a good relationship with the customers that walk in.” “So far we’re getting good feedback from the customers that have been to the store in England since they know the brand,” says Mayada Samad, the Store Manager. “Basically we would like to create a relationship with the man himself in order to give him a feel of creating that modern man business attire,” Hanan continues, “We want our customers to feel confident as he wears the suit wherever he may be.”


Austin Reed is located in the Avenues Mall, Phase I, across from VaVaVoom. For more information please log onto:


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