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bookworms, unite!
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A WORLD ELECTRIC ~bazaar goes cruising
By bazaar staff, September (2009) edition of bazaar
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Zayan Team
Zayan Team

Zayan Real Estate has hit the Kuwaiti market with a bang, bringing with it levels of progressiveness which are sure to shake grounds in this sleepy desert town. Founded in February 2009, Zayan’s techno-savvy approach to the property business makes it easier to regulate, buy and sell residential and commercial real estate. A process which once consisted of haggling with brokers, roaming in the heat from one location to the next while never quite relying on the accuracy of information provided on any given property, has now been replaced with an up-to-date data system on all properties managed by Zayan, and it has been made available right on the internet to all property seekers and sellers. 

Zayan’s website is easy to use, and was created in-house using sleek, minimalist design and edgy color combinations. Each property managed by Zayan is detailed on the website according to its pricing, specific utilities, and recent photographs of the exteriors and interiors. What really sets Zayan apart however is its risk management service. “Our priority is to make life easier for our clients, and our risk management service makes them feel safer. We tell them the positives and negatives of each property while providing them with information on real estate that is best suited for their specific requirements in terms of their finances, family-status and location needs. You could call it a crisis management option as well since we help them control the possibility of any mishap with their property search or sale,” said Mohammad Al Bahar, the company’s managing director as well as its resident risk management expert.

Along with Vice President Abdullah Ajrash, Marketing Director Shareefa Al Omran, Project Manager Hussain Al Yousefi and team web technician and project manager Khaled Al Kandri, Mohammad and his team have so far succeeded in creating a local real estate company which defies the chaos that traditionally came along with Kuwait’s real estate market. “Our aim is to change the market by creating more regulation and normalcy, modernizing the methods people use to find property, and creating more transparency throughout the entire system so that people feel more confident of the sales and purchases that they make,” said Mohammad.

“A home is a very personal thing. It’s perhaps the biggest and most important acquisition any individual and family will make, and it’s our aim to make sure that our clients are provided with the most professional service possible while deciding on important matters regarding their homes,” said Abdullah. Zayan’s headquarters in Kuwait City also receive clients who would like a personalized consultation, and the offices and staff are indeed welcoming and easy to talk to. “Back in the day you had to walk from one place to the next, dragging your feet in the sand while you searched for that perfect place,” said Hussain, adding, “and now that’s no longer necessary. When I get married, I want to be able to rest assured knowing that I can take care of my wife and find a home for us while making sure that she feels at ease throughout the search.” Zayan is actually the Arabic word for leisure or luxury, and the team picked that name specifically to signify the quality of service the company represents as well as the standard of housing and living they aim to provide their clients.

Commenting further on the company’s approach to real estate services, Mohammad said that high on the list of their work ethic is their respect for women in the career world. “I think women are smarter than men in many ways, and having Shareefa onboard has taught us how necessary it is to encourage the presence of women in the workplace. She handles things in a detail-oriented way which facilitates our business and makes it more successful, and in fact, her presence also makes it more comforting for female clients to approach us without having to rely on other men in their lives,” said Mohammad. “All in all, we believe in progress and moving towards a way of doing business that is honest, transparent and efficient,” said Mohammad.

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